100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Who is Crayon Shinchan?

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Third Young Master Ye inched closer, his cold eyes seemingly dangerous. His tall and slender body locked Cheng Anya in the small space tightly.

The smell of perfume was faint and it faded along the way. Therefore, Cheng Anya had butterflies in her stomach as she could smell the clean scent of Third Young Master Ye.

“What did you say?” His deep voice sounded very cold.

Cheng Anya huddled desperately until she could no longer shrink back. Ye Chen’s delicate features were right in front of her and his cold eyes reflected Cheng Anya who was small and scared.

Although Cheng Anya was usually very calm, she flustered. Her heartbeat quickly and she stared at him, dumbfounded.

“I was just casually asking.”

Her whole body was stiff as a firm breath surged over. Her face went red and she turned her head uneasily.

She did not like a living thing that was so threatening.

Once he came closer to her.

Her heart seemed like it no longer belonged to her, beating quickly. She was tensed all over.

There was a cold fragrance on Cheng Anya’s body. Her face was red and her lips were tender. Ye Chen could clearly hear her heart beating out of control as he was so close to her.

His throat tightened and eyes darkened. Her tender red lips seduced him and he had the urge to kiss her.

He followed his heart and his Adam’s apple slid slightly. Cheng Anya’s heartbeat increased suddenly. He was really an evil person. Each and every move he made seduced Cheng Anya till her soul was gone.

“Miss Cheng, why is your heart beating so fast? Have you fallen for me?” Third Young Master Ye brushed his index finger against her face lightly.

This made her heart beat even faster as compared to being in contact directly because she longed for but could not get it. This was the most charming taste of being in love.

Ye Chen was an expert in flirting. How would a jerky Cheng Anya be his competitor?

Not being a competitor did not represent that she would indulge in infatuation. After hearing what he said, Cheng Anya’s bright and beautiful eyes had two flames of fury as she pushed him away. She put on her signature smile and said, “Boss Ye, are your thoughts all concentrated below? So what if my heartbeat is fast? My heart will beat quickly even if I am facing Crayon Shinchan.”

She was implying that Boss Ye was on the same level as Crayon Shinchan.

She thought that Ye Chen would be angry. However, he looked confused and pinched her chin with unwillingness and anger. He gnashed and asked, “Who is Crayon Shinchan?”

Chen Anya, “…”

(⊙o⊙)… Was he kidding? He was too outdated.

F*ck! What one hated most when quarreling would be when the other party failed to understand what one was scolding after so long. Was there anything more depressing than this?

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