Rebirth: Pampered Wifes Counterattack Chapter 93

Chapter 93: The Suspicious Fang Lilan

In the beginning, Long Shuhai seemed to care for her elder brother, Shaohua, her second sister, Manxue, and herself equally.

He also appeared to be extremely respectful and protective of her mother, Fang Lilan.

Once, during a family meeting, her second uncle even declared that since all of the Long family's elders had passed away, he would replace her father to care for the Fang family for the rest of their lives.

But she never felt that Long Shuhai treated her like a daughter. Instead, he genuinely seemed to dote on her second sister. It was as though Manxue was his true, blood-related daughter.

Long Shuhai did not only enter the Fang family. He also stepped into the Fang Group and began working there. He started off as a normal employee and after three years, he became a deputy manager.

And her elder brother, who had been the original deputy manager, was now locked up in jail.

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