Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Chapter 687

Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 693 - Exposed Adventure

From Anna, Nik heard that Harry had officially left the school. He had partnered up with a brilliant scientist, Dr. Otto Octavius to quoting Harry in a press release reform the way of science. The only thing that bugged Nik was that all of it happened in the week he left. However, Anna still kept that there's a big surprise in the school and once he reached Midtown High, he was a rather familiar figure with deep red hair walking into the hallway.

"Mj?" Nik looked at Anna for confirmation for he remembered clearly that Mary Jane didn't want to continue school. A rather poor choice, Nik thought, but he refrained from opposing her views directly. After all, when she decided to not attend school, Nik had just gotten rid of her 'blessing' that forced her in a ridiculous bikini with a slightly sentient bloodthirsty sword. Not only that, Mj, for the most part, was relieved that her family wouldn't be targetted by the Hand once again.

"Yep!" Anna grinned as Mj turned back, slightly startled by Nik's voice before looking away.

"Glad you're back," Nik smiled and waved as Mj walked a little closer before hugging her books a little closer.

"Ray... talked me through things. He can be pretty convincing," Mj awkwardly smiled. Whenever she felt that she and Nik were getting over their previous break-up, one look towards Anna would extinguish a bit of these feelings. However, not minding Mj's presence at all, Nik thought of a troubling notion.

'Ray convinced her... and he said he would meet me in the morning even when I'm here...'

The moment Nik felt a cold breeze, a hand spanked his butt from behind rather harshly with force that he felt even with his enhanced physique.

"Look at you! Well-rested, eh?" A sweet voice entered Nik's ears as he stood stiff. He was familiar with the scent and the voice as he sighed deeply.

"Surprise!" Anna cheered, attracting a few gazes from around her while Mj blushed at the action. Meanwhile, Nik slowly turned back and matched Ray's unusual pink-colored eyes. In fact, Nik's and Ray's pupils never seemed to attract the attention of viewers, rather their natural charm conquered the viewers' attention.

"A surprise would be Brian suddenly breaking through the ceiling with his spaceship," Nik conveyed to Ray as his smile grew brighter, "You..." recalling that being mean to Ray would accomplish... basically nothing, Nik sighed, "You're like an unwanted child, really."

"And I know plenty fathers who love such children," Ray grinned.


"So..." Nik sat on one of the tables. A white, palm-sized figure sat on top of his head, in fact, Gwenpool laid face first on top of Nik's head with her head resting on her palms and her calves swinging in the air as she enjoyed the awkward atmosphere. Gwen glanced around for a moment and seeing Spider-Gwen laying on the table with a rather dull gaze, the blonde regained her confidence. She looked at the new transfer Ray. Then his gaze fell on Cindy and Anna who were coming towards the table while chatting with a gleeful expression. Mj was already sitting with Ray on the opposing seats to Nik while Flash was dawdling around to try and have a chat with Mj.

The main attraction after Ray's appearance in Midtown High was Flash and Mj's fight. After Mj returned, Flash felt that he had been too foolish in breaking things off with Mj and tried to win her affection back by... bullying another student in front of her to be 'funny'.

Well, in conclusion, Flash didn't even have the courage to sit alongside his 'previous' group anymore.

In fact, the surrounding students considered this to be a group of rather well-renowned and pretty girls pulling Nik in their circle.

Quite conveniently, Ray decided to leave his real gender out of the equation.

"Ahh, I have a soft spot for persistent guys," Ray idly hung his face on top of her hands while winking at Gwenpool. The two consciousnesses fell stunned for a moment before Nik retorted with a sigh, "Should you really be here, sitting with us?"

"Where else will she go?" Mj spoke up while Cindy and Anna finally sat next to Nik.

"Hey, guys," Cindy smiled.

On the table, everybody had their inner circles already formed. Some were revealed to others while some weren't. For instance, Gwen's relationship with Pool and Spider. Nik's relationship with Cindy and Anna. Mj's professional partnership with Ray. Ray's and Nik's friendship.

Needless to say, there were plenty of suggestive glances on the table but Nik took his time to focus on his meal. Every meal was important to him as of this moment. In less than 3 weeks, according to Loki, she would let loose an army of something called Chitauri upon the world and Nik had started to imbued his meals with spiritual energy every single time. The progress was slow and steady but it showed effect.

"So? You still haven't told where you were for the week," Gwen coughed while Pool grinned and gave a thumbs-up.

"An adventure island. There was this... event. A group of people needed to complete the tasks and they would win the entire island," Nik smiled.

"Woah," Spider mumbled as Gwen looked towards Anna for confirmation.

"And he won!" Anna suddenly cheered, making Cindy stifle a chuckle while Mj's eyes widened slightly, too.

"You... won an island?" Mj inquired in disbelief as Nik shrugged, "Something like that. But what's more important is that I had fun."

"Screw that!" Gwen blurted as all the eyes focused on her, "Ehm... I mean... surely, you can invite us to your island, right?"

"Of course," Nik smiled. In the group, everyone knew that he had superpowers even if Gwen didn't know that he was Vanish. So, it was easy for him to take there but as things stood, he had to defend the territory from incoming attacks being planned by the government presently.

"Give me some time to... you know, get help and make the island, or at least, a part of it presentable. Then, I'll take all of you there for a ride."


"Are you blind?" Tigra screamed, "That blink means that an aircraft is approaching!"

Vertigo snorted, "I'm just as much in charge as you. Don't try to undermine me!"

"Oh, you s.l.u.t!" Tigra glared while baring her canines as Vertigo's eyes glowed with psionic energy, too, "shove your ego up your pretty brown ass and get out of my way."

The apartment had a small control room for the ease of understanding the various controls of the temple and its ability to affect the Savage Land. With the approaching aircraft shown on the temple's radar, Tigra was already ready to mobilize her team. Well, the slightly psychologically suggestive group of agents came under Tigra's command while the remaining tribals including Shanna and Ka-Zar came under Vertigo's command.

"Do whatever you want," Vertigo stepped aside with a roll of her eyes as Tigra observed Vertigo for a moment before sitting back in her seat.

"What now?" Vertigo inquired.

"Nothing. It's just an aircraft and two barriers are isolating the island. No need to worry," Tigra smiled. Of course, she knew that an approaching airplane at the end of the world could only mean one thing but she had just wanted to rile Vertigo and make her take some foolish action. Since neither actually did anything drastic, they sat in the same room once again silently.

Meanwhile, on the located private jet, Tony leaned back on his chair and pushed his finger against the 'service' button. Instantly, the chair leaned down completely and the lower deck mechanically opened for Tony as he was pushed into the armor dock he had installed within the jet. Instantly, the iron man suit enveloped him before he was ejected out of the airplane with a red suit enveloping him.

Inside the suit, the surface of the helmet lit up as Tony once again heard Jarvis's voice with the altitude shown on the extreme left of the holographic screen alongside the view of the outside world and the visible barrier projecting a strange signature of energy.

"Jarvis, I'm going under. Start the scan and I want to be kept posted about the build-up of the expedition team."

"Yes, sir."

"Alright... this is Iron Man," Tigra mumbled as the Temple finally caught images of the 'aircraft' approaching the island.

"This is the first time I'm seeing him live..." Vertigo mumbled in a similarly dazed manner.

"Nik did say that if any prominent hero reaches for the island, we should notify him," Tigra proposed.

"He's really not that prominent, right?" Vertigo countered, "We can just capture him and let Nik take control of him."

"If he wanted to do that, why wait until now? Vanish and Iron Man are rumored to know each other well," Tigra countered.

"How about we test the Barrier 's countermeasures?" Vertigo furrowed. She was not Brainchild and didn't have a strategic thought process. Instead, Tigra shook her head and thought carefully.

"Nik left two defense mechanisms. One from the temple and one from his own technique. Unlike others in consciousness city who are continuously developing the so-called spiritual tactics, we are still newbies and cannot offer any support to both the mechanism. It's appropriate to notify Nik now rather than regretting it later.

"Wuss..." Vertigo sighed as Tigra smiled before her tail swung and lashed right on Vertigo's wrist. "Call me a wuss again and I'll tear you, barbarian s.l.u.t!"

Both glared at each other.


'Tony?' Nik walked out of the school with a slightly dazed expression as he sent the news to Natasha. Since Iron Man defied the orders of government and is now trying to 'explore' the facts that the government worked so hard to hide, Nik was very eager to let them deal with him. In fact, he also wanted to use this excuse and get himself an entry into the expedition team.

"Hey," Cindy tapped Nik's shoulder before whispering, "You've been gone for a week, don't you wanna hang out more?"

"Movies?" Nik inquired readily. He inquired readily as Anna's ears twitched slightly before she mumbled, "Ahh... I shouldn't have agreed for extra practice..."

"Yeah, Gwen told me about it," Nik smirked before kissing Anna goodbye as he walked alongside Cindy.

"So? Do you also want to go to the movies?" Nik inquired at the troublesome being on top of his head.

Pool carefully thought her options. She had already known that Nik had an intimate relationship with many women, one of them was even their teacher Natasha.

"Are you going to the movies because you want to watch a movie?" Pool inquired.

"No, I want to watch a movie because I want to spend time with Cindy... and many other things," Nik replied.

"Good," Pool shrugged, "I'll just watch the movie in front seats then."

Whistling loudly, Pool somehow managed to 'summon' Spider, "I'm going out," Pool shouted, "I'll meet you in the apartment!"

"Whatever," Spider glared at Pool before looking at Cindy and Nik. Once again, she was forced to recall some rather indecent moments and she hurriedly ran back into the school where Gwen was going through her practice.

"Hey, Mj," Flash once again called out for Mj when suddenly, the talk of the school appeared in front of him. Smiling sweetly, Ray whispered, "You're Flash, right? Just come with me for a moment."

As Mj saw the interaction, she pursed her lips, and hurriedly walked out when she found Nik walking alongside Cindy. Seeing that he wasn't with Anna, she finally called out to him.


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