A Hundredfold Training System Instantly Upgrades 999 Chapter 1970

Chapter 1970: Cruelly Crushed

Xuan Xin stared at the golden divine sword behind Jiang Chen, his expression frightened.

The Nine Profound Formation Sect is one of the few super-large sects in Zhenwu Great Realm, and the inheritance of history is naturally very long.

Xuan Xin was the supreme genius of the Nine Profound Array Sect, and his knowledge was far beyond that of a man.

He once saw some records about ancient **** soldiers in God's Domain in an ancient book of the Nine Profound Formation Sect. Among them was an ancient **** soldier named Renhuangjian.

This man's sword is rumored to be the innate treasure above the divine king's artifact.

Even the great power of the Divine King Realm had to be afraid of it by three points.

The biggest feature of the Human Emperor Sword is that it depicts mountains and plants on one side, and the sun, moon and stars on the other.

The golden sword behind Jiang Chen is exactly the same as the mountains and grasses, the sun, the moon and the stars, almost exactly the same as the description of the human emperor sword in the ancient books!

"This guy's divine body vision actually condenses the legendary ancient gods!"

Xuan Xin's gaze was dull, and he almost couldn't believe his eyes.

Generally speaking, any cultivator in the realm of God condenses the vision of the divine body in the realm of the gods, and it is closely related to the condensed vision.

For example, some races with the bloodline of ancient gods and beasts may be able to evolve and grow into a real ancient **** beast.

Jiang Chen's divine body vision can condense the adult emperor sword, and must also have some connection with the ancient **** soldier emperor sword!

"Human Sword?"

Xuan Xin's sudden exclamation also made Jiang Chen's eyes narrow slightly.

Since the true spirit realm condensed the divine body vision, Jiang Chen had never understood the vision he condensed.

Now Xuan Xin called his divine body vision the Human Emperor Sword.

this moment.

Jiang Chen almost immediately thought of the Human Emperor Seal and the Imperial Palace of the forces that belonged to the Ancient Emperor Tianzun.

This human emperor sword is also related to that mysterious human emperor palace.

And he might also be able to condense the divine body vision exactly the same as the human emperor sword because of the blood of the Jiang family of the human emperor palace.

"Jiang Chen, no matter who you are, you dare to kill me, the Nine Profound Formation Sect, today I will take you back to the Nine Profound Formation Sect to make a case!"

Xuan Xin stared at Jiang Chen tightly, his expression extremely sharp.

Although Jiang Chen has an extraordinary background and strong strength, he is naturally not a vegetarian as a genius who breaks through the star.

As long as the ancient emperor Tianzun behind Jiang Chen does not show up today, he will definitely capture Jiang Chen back to the Nine Profound Formation Sect.


Xuan Xin changed his hands into a mysterious gesture, black and white energy surrounded him, and then turned into two black and white divine dragons, with the power to destroy the world and kill Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen stood proudly in the void, his heart moved at will, and the golden divine sword that went straight to the sky behind his back, like a collapsed pillar of heaven, fell against Xuanxin.


A trace of sacred and ancient aura brewed from the golden divine sword, as if the sun and moon void was suppressed by the golden divine sword.

"not good!"

Feeling the terrifying power in the golden divine sword, Xuan Xin's heart was inexplicably cold, and his expression couldn't help but change drastically.

But it is too late now.

I saw that golden divine sword crashed down, and the whole world was shaken by it.

The incomparably dazzling sacred sword light spread out in the void too.


The black and white divine dragon that Xuanxin condensed was the first to bear the brunt, almost instantly shattered under the sacred sword light.

The squeaking sound of his whole body continued, and the formations of formations emerged out of thin air, and then shattered out of thin air under the sacred sword light.


Even though Xuan Xin had condensed three defensive formations all over his body, he still could not withstand the impact of the sacred sword light.

I saw him pale, and his figure receded.

In the end, Xuan Xin had to take out a silver jade talisman with mysterious runes circulating and turned it into a round of silver light, blocking the sacred sword light.


Even so, Xuan Xin's entire body was beaten back by the sacred sword light for more than three thousand feet before barely stabilizing his figure.

"It deserves to be a divine body vision related to the ancient **** soldier Emperor Sword, it is really terrifying!"

Xuan Xin forcefully suppressed the churning aura in his body, and his heart was also terrified.

Although he also knew that Jiang Chen's divine body vision was very strong, he still didn't expect it to be so terribly powerful.

With the strength of his one-star venerable, it was impossible to resist it at all.

If it were not for the use of a Tianzun Jade Talisman at the last moment, I am afraid that even if he is not dead, he will be severely injured by Jiang Chen's blow!

As the supreme genius of the Nine Profound Formation Sect, Xuan Xin hadn't seen the gods of heaven.

When he was still in the Super Rank Celestial God, he even fought against the God Rank Celestial God of the True Martial God Sect.

Although the god-ranked deity was also very powerful, it was definitely not as defying as Jiang Chen in front of him.

Although this son is also a god-level god, his combat power is even more terrifying than a normal god-level god. Regardless of whether it is an ordinary earth-sage or a one-star sage, I am afraid that few people can compete with it.

"Ha ha"

"Xuan Xin, it seems that you, the One-Star Venerable of the Nine Profound Array Sect, are nothing more than that. Try another trick with me!"

"Qianlong formation, give me town!"

With one move to repel Xuanxin, Jiang Chen didn't give Xuanxin any chance to breathe. He directly used the etheric sacred dragon figure to stimulate the strength in the body, and evolved a Qianlongzhen sky figure that traverses the sky, and went to suppress Xuanxin. .

"This is... a vision of the **** king level cultivation technique?"

Feeling the horror of Jiang Chen's attack, Xuan Xin's pupils suddenly shrank, where he dared to hesitate.

The origin of the vast realm **** surging from the body, and then turned into black and white two qi that is several times larger than the previous one, swimming in the air, and the surging vitality and death are also interwoven from the black and white two qi.

that moment.

The entire sky above Guhuang Mountain was transformed into a world of black and white.

This black-and-white world is a world of Array Dao supernatural powers that evolved from Xuan Xin's fusion of divine body vision and the origin of realm gods.

This blow gathered Xuan Xin's lifelong strength, enough to destroy the sky of thousands of miles.


Just when Xuanxin Nirvana World had just condensed, the sky map of Qianlong Town, which covered the sky and sun, also collided with the Nirvana World.

A splendid firework bloomed from the void, turning the entire sky into chaos.

Xuan Xin was in the Silent World, looking at the gradually dissipating Qianlong Zhentian map, he was also slightly relieved.

His fully concentrated array of magical powers extinguished the world, and finally blocked Jiang Chen's attack.


Before he had time to be happy, a more terrifying energy in the void was brewing out of thin air.

Xuan Xin's expression changed, and he could not help but suddenly raised his head and looked into the void.

I saw a picture of Long Xiao Nine Heavens with great divine might, which had quickly condensed in the void.

"Not good... the second vision of the God King's exercises!"

Xuan Xin was in horror.

The first vision Jiang Chen displayed earlier had forced him to use all his strength. Now that this second vision is several times more powerful than the previous vision, how can he resist it?

this moment.

Xuan Xin didn't even mean to continue fighting, and as soon as his figure flashed, he wanted to escape from the scope of Long Xiao Nine Heavens Chart.

But it was too late.

With the power to suppress the sky, Long Xiao Jiutiantu instantly blasted Xuanxin's dying world to pieces, and then fell fiercely on Xuanxin's body.


Under the terrifying power of Long Xiao Jiu Tiantu, even if Xuan Xin's physical body is not weak, and he has a world god-level treasure armor body on his body, it is still unbearable.

I saw his physical body exploded on the spot, exploding into countless golden bones and blood, splashing in all directions.

"Master Xuanxin... is dead?"

Xiaoyue Dizun stared blankly at the situation in the sky, almost unable to believe his own eyes.

This is the supreme genius of the Nine Profound Formation Sect, an extremely rare one-star Venerable in the Zhenwu Great Realm.

Even if you look at the real world of Zhenwu, a Tianjiao figure who can rival Xuanxin, that is one of the few.

Such a star venerable was so cruelly crushed by Jiang Chen, the Celestial God Realm!

Although Jiang Chen is a god-level **** who masters the power of the Eight Dao, he is not so powerful as to be so terrifying, right?

Xiaoyue's face is like ashes.

He originally thought that this time with the Nine Profound Formation Sect as a backing was a great opportunity to avenge Jiang Chen and the Purple Tiger Clan.

However, Jiang Chen's strength was beyond imagination.

Even Xuan Xin, who was much stronger than him, was ruthlessly crushed by Jiang Chen.

Such a horrible existence, even in his heyday, is not an opponent at all, let alone the severely injured body now?

Xiaoyue Dizun regrets extremely in his heart.

If he had known that Jiang Chen was so abnormal, he said that he would not easily lead the Silver Moon Wolf Clan back to Guhuang Mountain under Xuan Xin's instigation.

If you are a little careless today, I am afraid that the Silver Moon Wolf Race will be in a situation where it will never be restored.

"What a pervert..."

Jin Huo Di looked at Jiang Chen, who stood proudly in the void, for a long time, it was difficult to recover from the shock.

This guy's combat power is too strong.

The Silver Moon Earth Sovereign, whose strength was almost the same as his, had no power to fight back in front of Jiang Chen.

Even Xuan Xin, the enchanting genius of the Nine Profound Formation Sect, was ruthlessly crushed by Jiang Chen with a thunderous means to reach the existence of a one-star Venerable.

Thinking of his choice when facing Jiang Chen, Jin Huo Dizun couldn't help feeling fortunate.

Fortunately, there was no enemy with Jiang Chen, otherwise, I am afraid it will really bring disaster to the Zijin Tiger clan!


Jiang Chen stood proudly with his hands in his hands, looked calmly at a place ahead, and said lightly: "Xuan Xin, I know you are not dead yet, do you get out by yourself or do you want me to invite you out?"


As Jiang Chen's words fell, only Xuan Xin's illusory figure slowly condensed from the void of space.

He stared at Jiang Chen ferociously, and the cold voice that contained endless killing intent was also rippling between this world.

"Jiang Chen, you dare to destroy my physical body, this son must cut you a thousand swords to vent my hatred!"

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