A Hundredfold Training System Instantly Upgrades 999 Chapter 1971

Chapter 1971: Into The Sacred Goods The Fist Breaks The Sky

Xuan Xin stared at Jiang Chen fiercely, and on top of his illusory palm, a scroll with a faint blue light appeared from the palm of his palm!

On this cyan scroll, there are countless formations and runes circulating, and it should be a formation.


Above the cyan formation, there was an extremely fierce sword aura.

Even with Jiang Chen's current strength, he felt a hint of danger from the blue formation.

Jiang Chen's heart couldn't help but shudder.

Tianzun array map!

This array map, in all likelihood, should be the array map made by the Nine Profound Array Zong Tianzun-level Array Dao powerhouse.

"Jiang Chen, this is an array made by my Nine Profound Formation Sect Heavenly Sovereign-level powerhouse. You are proud to be able to die under this heavenly honor array."

Xuan Xin's eyes were cold, and immediately with a move of his palm, he unfolded the cyan pattern in his hand.


that moment.

A sacred aura above all living beings suddenly diffused from the blue formation.

Numerous cyan sword auras that tore through the sky rose up from the cyan formation, and then gathered in the void into a huge cyan sword formation.

Above the cyan sword formation, a very terrifying kendo power is faintly brewing.

"Tian Zun formation, I didn't expect Xuan Xin to have this kind of hole cards!"

Looking at the cyan sword formation activated by Xuan Xin, Xiaoyue Dizun's face couldn't help showing a look of ecstasy.

Xuan Xin urged the Tianzun formation, which was created by the Tianzun-level powerhouse of the Nine Profound Formation Sect.

This array of images activates the gathered cyan sword array, which is almost equivalent to a blow from Tianzun.

Then, no matter how enchanting Jiang Chen is, he would never be able to withstand a blow from the gods with the strength of the god-ranked god?

"It turned out to be the Tianzun formation..."

Venerable Jin Huo Di looked at the cyan sword formation that overwhelming the sky in the void, and his pupils suddenly shrank.

This time Jiang Chen is afraid it is dangerous!

Xuan Xin urged the cyan sword formation condensed in the Tianzun formation, but it truly belonged to the power of the Tianzun level powerhouse.

Even an earth-senior-level expert whose cultivation base reached the pinnacle of a middle-ranked realm **** could only be killed in seconds under this level of power.

Although Jiang Chen's combat power is better than that of the pinnacle, but it may not be able to compete with the true power of the heaven.


Under everyone's gaze, the cyan sword formation slowly revolved, and a cyan long sword exuding endless power also emerged from the cyan sword formation.

The cyan long sword zoomed rapidly in the void, and almost turned into a cyan giant sword that stretched across the sky and suppressed thousands of miles in the blink of an eye.

Even strong people like the Golden Fire Earth Sovereign and the Silver Moon Earth Sovereign are all palpitations and dare not look directly.

It seems that everything in a radius of a thousand miles must be surrendered under this huge sword.

"Jiang Chen, aren't you very arrogant? No matter how evil you are, you are destined to fall under this heavenly sword today!"

Xuan Xin stared at Jiang Chen with a sneer, as if in his eyes, Jiang Chen was already dead.


Just as Xuan Xin was speaking, the cyan giant sword that crossed the sky, with the power to destroy everything, pressed down towards Jiang Chen.

The void above Jiang Chen's head was constantly collapsing.

The terrifying blue sword light seemed to crush the world where the ancient emperor mountain was.

Looking at the cyan giant sword that suppressed thousands of miles of heaven and earth, Jiang Chen's expression did not change at all.

I saw him standing upright like a gun on the void, and the loud laughter of that heroic dry cloud also instantly resounded between the heaven and the earth.

"Ha ha"

"Xuan Xin, you are too high to see the Tianzun formation in your hand."

"Even if your Heavenly Sovereign of the Nine Profound Formation Sect is here in person, I am not afraid. With a small Heavenly Venerable formation, how can you kill me?"

As the laughter of this heroic dry cloud fell, Jiang Chen's blood exploded to the extreme, and the Emperor Sword of the Divine Body Vision Man also condensed from behind again, colliding with the cyan giant sword that was gathered in the formation that day.

That moment.

The world in a radius of thousands of miles suddenly darkened, as if plunged into chaos.

In this chaotic world, there is only a dazzling golden divine sword, violently clashing with a cyan great sword that overwhelms the world.

Bang bang bang...

The void exploded, chaos tumbling.


The Heavenly Sovereign Sword Formation offered by Xuan Xin is ultimately the power of a Heavenly Sovereign-level powerhouse.

With Jiang Chen's current strength, Rao's divine body vision condensed with all his strength, but it is still difficult to contend with.

I saw the blue giant sword rumbling down under pressure, and the terrifying power directly caused Jiang Chen's divine body vision to continue to shatter from top to bottom.

In that situation, it was as if the Tianzhu collapsed and the end came.

"Jiang Chen is afraid that he will lose."

Looking at the devastating cyan great sword in the void, Jinhuo Dizun couldn't help but let out a slight sigh.

Tianzun is invincible.

Although Jiang Chen was incomparable in combat strength, he could defeat the Earth Venerable with a flick of his fingers and wave his hand to suppress the One-Star Venerable, but his cultivation was still in the Heavenly God Realm after all.

Even though the god-ranked deity had already broken the limit of the deity realm, but compared with the titled deity, the power was not at the same level.

If Jiang Chen could break through the Saint-Rank Celestial God, he might be able to use the power of the Celestial God Realm to contend with the Tianzun formation in front of him.

It is almost impossible for the gods to fight against the power of the Tianzun level powerhouse.

"Jiang Chen, don't fight fearlessly. How can you resist the power of my Nine Profound Formation Sect Heavenly Venerate level powerhouse?"

Xuan Xin looked down at Jiang Chen condescendingly, with a cold smile on his lips.

No matter how evil Jiang Chen can do?

In the face of absolute power, all resistance is futile.

The only ending for Jiang Chen today is that his deity is destroyed under the power of this Tianzun formation!

"is it?"

"I've said long ago that even if your Nine Profound Formation Sect Heavenly Sovereign comes in person, you can't kill me, let alone a mere Tianzun formation?"

"Today I, Jiang Chen, entered the sacred product, breaking your heavenly image!"

Seeing that the Emperor Sword of the Divine Body Vision Man continued to shatter, Jiang Chen's expression still didn't panic. He laughed proudly, directly stimulating the origin of time in his body, and quickly condensing the power of the Ninth World.

The power of the Tianzun-level powerhouse is indeed strong to a very terrifying level, which is definitely not something he can contend now.


Jiang Chen did not hesitate to mobilize the origin of time, condense the power of the ninth world, and broke through the realm of the holy god.

Because of the system, Jiang Chen didn't need to accept the baptism of Heaven's Tribulation at all. Breaking through the Saint Grade God was only completed overnight.


Nine different world powers whizzed out from Jiang Chen almost at the same time, and then quickly gathered on Jiang Chen's fist, turning into an extremely bright chaotic fist, and blasted towards the blue giant sword.


The Chaos Fist shot across the sky, with unmatched, unimaginable terrifying power, and slammed on the blue giant sword.

The collision of the two terrifying forces caused a huge black hole to appear in the void.

Behind the black hole, it seemed that the sun, moon and stars fell, and the world collapsed. There seemed to be a world, which was annihilated in the hands of the two.

After a fist and a sword were intertwined in the void for a while, I saw Jiang Chen's chaotic fist getting more and more prosperous. On the contrary, it was the blue giant sword that was condensed in the formation that day, after all, it was water without a source.

At the beginning, the cyan giant sword could still contend with Chaos Fist with its powerful strength.

But with the passage of time, the power of the cyan giant sword became weaker and weaker, and was finally completely crushed by the Chaos Fist.

Fists turned out.

Not only smashed the cyan great sword with one punch, but even destroyed the Tianzun formation in the void, and the remaining power was only blasted on Xuan Xin's soul.


Xuan Xin let out a scream, and his entire body was once again shot and flew thousands of feet away.

His originally illusory figure, under Jiang Chen's fist, almost became almost transparent, as if it would dissipate out of thin air at any time.

Xuan Xin played a magic formula to forcibly freeze his soul so that his almost illusory soul would not dissipate.

He raised his head to look at Jiang Chen, who stood proudly like an invincible God of War, and there was an incredible horror in his eyes.

"Sacred Deity, you... You actually broke through the Saint Deity?"

Xuan Xin originally thought that his own Heavenly Venerable Formation was sacrificed. As long as the Ancient Emperor Heavenly Venerable behind Jiang Chen didn't make a move, Jiang Chen would definitely die.

However, he didn't expect Jiang Chen to condense the power of the ninth world at the critical moment, and with the power of the holy god, he punched his heavenly formation with one punch.

The sacred Celestial God who masters the power of the Nine Dao, this is the ultimate realm of the Celestial God Realm of the God Realm, and can be a powerful person of the Celestial God Realm.

Such a character, even in the history of Zhenwu Great Realm, has never existed before.


Jinhuo Dizun, Xiaoyue Dizun and others are all Jiang Chen staring blankly in the sky, and it has been a long time for them to recover from the shock.

They didn't expect it.

Jiang Chen faced the formation of Heavenly Sovereign that Xuanxin sacrificed, and directly condensed the power of the ninth world, broke through the sacred **** of heaven in one fell swoop, and broke the formation of Heavenly Sovereign with a thunderous blow.


How could there be such an evil existence in this world.


Just when everyone was stunned by Jiang Chen, the sky suddenly became surging, and the thunderous and mighty thunder contained in the sky, also rolling out above Jiang Chen's head.

This is Jiang Chen's celestial calamity for breaking through the sacred gods.

Just now, he gathered the power of time and tried his best to confront the Tianzun formation, but the blink of an eye didn't even trigger the Heavenly Tribulation.

Now that he broke the Tianzun formation with a punch, the Tianshen Jie gradually appeared.

"Haha...Jiang Chen, in order to break the heavenly formation, you forcibly broke through the holy gods, if the divine calamity comes today, you are also destined to die!"

Looking at the power of thunder that was constantly brewing above Jiang Chen's head, Xuan Xin couldn't help laughing wildly with triumph.

The divine calamity of the holy product was already very terrifying.

But Jiang Chen forced a breakthrough in the battle, and the power of the divine calamity was affected by the Tianzun formation, and it would definitely increase exponentially.

Not to mention that Jiang Chen has just gathered the power of the ninth world, and has not yet fully stepped into the holy god.

Even if the titled Tianzun is here, facing such a terrifying thunder tribulation, I am afraid that he will have to hate on the spot.

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