A Hundredfold Training System Instantly Upgrades 999 Chapter 1972

Chapter 1972: Kill Xuan Xin Silver Moon Wolf Clan Surrenders

Shengpin Tianshenjie, and it's an enhanced version!

This guy wants to survive the catastrophe in front of him, I am afraid it is not easy.

Jin Huo Di Zun stared tightly at the power of thunder that was brewing rapidly in the void, and couldn't help but squeeze a sweat for Jiang Chen in his heart.

For many practitioners, divine calamity is a series of calamities in the process of their practice.

There is no shortage of practitioners in God's Realm, and because of some unexpected reasons, they fell under the divine calamity when they broke through.

The Heavenly Tribulation Jiang Chen had to face was far more powerful than the Heavenly Tribulation faced by ordinary people.

Generally speaking.

It is almost unnecessary to break through the world god's calamity of the world gods to break through the world gods' calamity.

The sacred tribulation that Jiang Chen is facing now is two levels higher than the super-grade tribulation.

From this, one can imagine how terrifying the power of the Holy Product Celestial Tribulation would be.

not to mention

Jiang Chen broke through the Saint-Rank Celestial God in the battle. Influenced by the Heavenly Venerable Array that Xuanxin sacrificed, his power is probably more than twice as powerful as the ordinary Saint-Rank Celestial Tribulation.

Even with Jiang Chen's strength, such an enhanced version of the sacred Heaven God Tribulation would be a life of nine deaths.

Even with the eight million years of experience of Golden Fire Land Respect, I have never heard of anyone who can survive the enhanced version of the catastrophe in battle.

"This son... is really terrifying as a monster,"

Xiaoyue Dizun looked at the situation in the void with a dull face, and his expression also looked horrified.

Fortunately, Xuan Xin used the Tianzun formation to force Jiang Chen to forcibly break through the holy God of heaven.

He can only pray that Jiang Chen will fall under the saintly heaven and **** calamity, otherwise they will be buried in this ancient emperor mountain forever today.


Under everyone's gaze, after the Lei Jie in the void rolled over Jiang Chen's head for a while, it did not fall to Jiang Chen as they expected.

I saw that Lei Jie came fast and went fast.

Just blink of an eye.

The billowing thunder in the sky and the thousands of miles of thunderclouds covering the sky and the sun disappeared without a trace.

"Lei Jie just dispersed, this... how is this possible?"

At that moment, everyone was staring at this scene blankly, almost unable to believe their eyes.

They thought.

Jiang Chen provokes the holy product of the God Tribulation in the battle, absolutely nine deaths, the probability of passing the God Tribulation is almost zero.

But no one thought of it.

This seemingly fierce and mighty sacred God Tribulation, it turned out that the thunder was loud and the rain was small, and it rolled over Jiang Chen's head for a few times, and then it was gone.

"Ignore the laws of heaven, you... are you the legendary ancient supreme divine body?"

Xuan Xin took the lead in recovering from the shock, and he thought of something instantly, that incredible scream also resounded above Guhuang Mountain.

Hearing Xuan Xin's scream, Jin Huo Di Zun and others also suddenly realized.

It is no wonder that Jiang Chen dared to break through the holy gods in battle, and did not fear that the thunder tribulation would be affected and become stronger. It turned out that he possessed the legendary ancient supreme divine body, and even the tribulation had to avoid it.

"Hehe... you only know now, but unfortunately it's too late."

Jiang Chen smiled coldly, flipped his palm lightly, and a dark and deep black square mark instantly condensed in his palm.

"Jiang Chen, you...you can't kill me."

"I am the first genius of the Nine Profound Formation Sect and the heir of the Nine Profound Formation Sect. If you kill me, the Nine Profound Formation Sect will definitely live with you."

"As long as you are willing to let me go, I guarantee that the Nine Profound Formation Sect will never confuse the river with your well, and will not pursue you for killing the Nine Profound Formation Sect."

Looking at the black square seal on Jiang Chen's palm that seemed to swallow the soul, Xuan Xin screamed in horror on his face.

Although his body was destroyed and his soul was also severely injured, he did not completely fall.

As long as you return to the Nine Profound Formation Sect, take some treasures that restore the soul, you can recover the soul, and then reunited with the body, you can return to the peak.

Although this process will take at least a hundred years or even thousands of years, there is at least hope.

But once his spirit is completely destroyed by Jiang Chen, it will really disappear from this world forever.

"Really? I want to see, kill you, how can the Nine Profound Formation Sect do anything to me!"

Jiang Chen's faint voice fell, and he flipped his hand to shoot Xuan Xin.


The black square seal rose in the air, and instantly turned into a huge huge seal in the void, like a black meteorite, suppressing Xuanxin.

The first type of Soul Destruction Seal of the Human Emperor Seal is the nemesis of all soul bodies.

With the strength of Jiang Chen's current sacred deity, he can easily kill even Xuan Xin's soul is at its peak.

not to mention

Xuan Xin's spirit had already suffered severe damage in the previous battle, and was already extremely weak.

Under the suppression of the Soul-killing Seal, Xuan Xin had no resistance at all, and before even screaming, he was completely swallowed by the energy of the Soul-killing Seal in the blink of an eye.

Killing Xuan Xin lightly, Jiang Chen's gaze fell directly on Xiaoyue Dizun and others below, slowly stepping down from the sky.

"Big...sir forgive me!"

"For a while, I was confused by the Nine Profound Formation Sect and came to Guhuang Mountain to find your trouble."

"As long as the adults are willing to let us go, I would lead the Silver Moon Wolf Clan to submit to you, and I will respect you from now on!"

Seeing Jiang Chen coming straight towards them, Xiaoyue Dizun's complexion instantly turned pale, and he quickly begged for mercy with a panic on his face.

this moment.

Where can Xiaoyue Dizun care about dignity and face.

If he doesn't obediently kneel down and beg for mercy today, I'm afraid the Silver Moon Wolf Clan will become history in the realm of Zhenwu.


Jiang Chen's talent is rare in the world, and now he has broken through the legendary sacred deity. Even a general titled deity might not be able to easily win him.

It is not unacceptable that he leads the Silvermoon Wolf Clan to surrender to such a heaven-defying existence.

Jiang Chen glanced at Xiaoyue Dizun, and said indifferently, "Let the people of the Silver Moon Wolf Race leave. You stay and do something for me."

Now that he has broken through the holy God of Heaven, and a mere silver moon wolf clan, he naturally doesn't need to worry about it.

Since Xiaoyue Dizun was willing to surrender, he could just ask Xiaoyue Dizun to do something for him.

"Thank you, sir!"

Xiaoyue Dizun was suddenly overjoyed.

Since Jiang Chen asked him to do business, it meant that he had accepted his surrender and was willing to let go of the Silver Moon Wolf Clan.

If they can perform well in front of Jiang Chen and get Jiang Chen's approval, the Silver Moon Wolf Clan is even equivalent to having a powerful backstage like Jiang Chen.

By the time.

Don't say it's the Purple Golden Tiger clan, even if it's a super big sect such as the Nine Profound Formation Sect, if you want to move their Silver Moon Wolf Clan, you have to weigh it.

Thought of this.

Xiaoyue Dizun quickly ordered the people of the Silver Moon Wolf Clan to return to the Silver Moon Wolf Clan, and he stood behind Jiang Chen respectfully like a servant.

Seeing Xiaoyue Dizun surrendered, Jinhuo Dizun's eyes did not show the slightest contempt, but a hint of envy appeared vaguely.

Jiang Chen not only has an extraordinary identity, he is also a sacred deity who can compete with Tianzun.

Once Jiang Chen breaks through the realm of the gods, he will be the legendary three-star Venerable. I am afraid that even the general titled Heavenly Venerable will be hard to match.

Xiaoyue Dizun led the Silver Moon Wolf Clan to seek refuge in Jiang Chen. It was definitely a very wise decision.

If it weren't for the right timing, he even wanted to lead the Purple Tiger Clan to seek refuge in Jiang Chen.


Jinhuo Dizun has secretly decided that even if he does not seek refuge in Jiang Chen, the Purple Tiger Clan must have a good relationship with Jiang Chen, and must not choose Jiang Chen as an enemy!

After subduing Xiaoyue Dizun.

Jiang Chen didn't continue to stay at Guhuang Mountain, and he took Xiaoyue Earth Zun back to the Purple Tiger Clan, and then found Lu Qingling.

"Qing Ling, I will leave the Purple Tiger Clan soon, and I am here to discuss the Qinghu Clan with you today."

"I wonder if you lead the Qinghu clan to continue to develop in the realm of Zhenwu, or do you want to return to the realm where the Qinghu clan was originally located?"

"If you want to stay in the realm of Zhenwu, I can guarantee that the Great Realm of Zhenwu will have a foothold for your Qinghu clan. If you want to return to the original realm, I will also satisfy your wish."

Jiang Chen didn't talk nonsense, and asked straightforwardly.

Lu Qingling was silent for a while, then looked up at Jiang Chen and said, "Master Jiang Chen, I still want to return to the original realm."

Although the Zhenwu Great Realm is good, it is not a shelter for the Qinghu tribe.

Even with Jiang Chen's arrangement, once Jiang Chen left, it would be difficult for them to survive and develop in the realm of Zhenwu with the strength of their Qinghu clan.

not to mention

The Blue Tiger tribe was defeated in the war with the Tianling Leopard tribe. Although they came to the real martial world, there are still some members of the Blue Tiger tribe and their forces, and they will definitely live in dire straits.

She must return to the realm where the Qinghu clan is located and revive the Qinghu clan!

"Well, this one next to me is the ancestor of the Silver Moon Wolf Clan, Xiaoyue Earth Sovereign. I will ask him to accompany you on a trip to help you revitalize the Blue Tiger Clan."

Seeing that Lu Qingling had made the choice, Jiang Chen didn't say much. He tilted his head to the Yinyue Di Zun and said: "Xiaoyue, you can take a trip to the realm where the Qinghu clan is located for me."

Xiaoyue Dizun quickly nodded and said: "Don't worry, your lord, the subordinates will definitely help this lady to revive the Qinghu clan."

"This guy... turned out to be the ancestor of the Silver Moon Wolf Clan, Xiaoyue Earth Sovereign!"

When Lu Qingling heard Jiang Chen's words, there was also a touch of horror that could not be concealed in her beautiful eyes.

She has been in Zhenwu Great Realm for a while, and she has also heard about the Silver Moon Wolf Clan.

This is a powerful race that is not much different from the strength of the Purple Tiger Clan.

Now Jiang Chen was only going out for a trip, and he actually subdued the ancestor of the Silver Moon Wolf Clan Xiaoyue Di Zun.

Thinking of Jiang Chen wanting Xiaoyue Di Zun to help her, Lu Qingling's face couldn't help showing an expression of excitement.

Although the Tianling Leopard tribe defeated the Qinghu tribe, there was no earthly superior power in the tribe.

If Xiaoyue Earth Sovereign, an Earth Sovereign powerhouse, would help her, she would defeat the Sky Spirit Leopard Clan and revive the Blue Tiger Clan, it would be almost just around the corner.

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