Young Master Lu’s Lovely New Bride Chapter 663

Chapter 663 Is It My Fault That He Doesnt Like Others?

Chapter 663 Is It My Fault That He Doesnt Like Others?

Lu Boyan looked at Su Jianan, and there was a touch of tenderness blooming in the corners of his eyes and eyebrows, and there was a faint smile full of love from the bottom of his eyes.

He replied in an almost doting tone, "Of course I will."

The lower his voice was, the more certain it sounded. There was a kind of charm that attracted peoples attention. It was fascinating, which made people hold no doubt towards it.

Su Jianan seemed to be immersed in Lu Boyans love. The smile by the corners of her eyes became gentle and satisfied, and the warmth of being loved was almost overflowing.

One of Xia Milis sentence just now was quite right.

She was luckier than many people.

The reason why she admitted it was that she really couldnt find a proper explanation to explain her encounter with Lu Boyan.

"Mr. Lu, Mrs. Lu" A reporter protested. "If you keep behaving like this, well call the police on behalf of the single people!"

Su Jianan pursed her lips and smiled. "Then lets go back to the main topic." She was stunned and suddenly asked, "Hey, the main topic what is it?"

She had really forgotten about it.

The reporter teased, "Mrs. Lu, are you drunk by Mr. Lus words?"

"Um" Su Jianan nodded. "Its very likely!"

The reporter reminded Su Jianan of what they were discussing just now. Su Jianan finally remembered it, and her face looked innocent again. "See, Mr. Lu doesnt like anyone he met later. You really cant blame me. He just likes me."

Lu Boyan liked her, just like the fate that was destined for them in the unknown.

Whether she knew Lu Boyan when she was ten, or she knew him until she was twenty years old, or she didnt meet him until she was thirty years old. Lu Boyan would always fall in love with her, and they would always love each other.

The time and place they met was not the main reason why they knew each other and loved each other.

It was not the right time that mattered in meeting the person who attracted you.

Hearing this, the reporter stopped asking Su Jianan or trying to get something shocking from her mouth. Instead, they wanted to know from the bottom of his heart, "Mrs. Lu, its almost time for the interview. In the end, do you have anything to say to us?"

Su Jianan thought for a moment and said slowly,

"In fact, we may meet the person we love the most in our lives at any time. Some people are lucky enough to enter the hall of marriage at a good age. Some peoples destiny come a little late, and they may meet that person after the best seasons.

"I hope the latter doesnt compromise with time, dont do what youll regret.

"I hope that you fall in love with someone because he has a very good and attractive character, not because he appeared at a certain time, and we choose to be with him just because of the appropriate time when he showed up.

"Its unknown when the right person will show up. If its not the right time, well have to wait."

In the ears of the young reporters, Su Jianan was clearly responding to Xia Mili saying that she was too lucky.

However, in the ears of the elder single reporters, Su Jianan not only responded to Xia Mili, but also gave them suggestions about relationships as an experienced person.

This suggestion was full of blessings.

The reporter who had taken photos for Su Jianan and Lu Boyan asked directly, "Mrs. Lu, there are plenty of rumors about Mr. Lu and Miss Xia on the Internet. Many people are actually very curious about your reaction. Do you have anything to say about it?"

"Yes." Su Jianan smiled slightly and held Lu Boyans hand tightly. "Compared with those news with unknown sources on the Internet, Im actually more willing to believe in my husband."

In other words, she didnt care about the rumors about Lu Boyan and Xia Mili on the Internet.

Lu Boyan had already said that he and Xia Mili were only connected commerciallyjust this sentence could break all the rumors on the Internet.

Lu Boyan had such an identity and background. As his wife, Su Jianan was not suspicious at all. On the contrary, she trusted him completely.

The reporters seemed to know why Lu Boyan was so loyal to Su Jianan, so they did not say anything more. They just pressed the shutter again and again, recording the sweet moments of them.

Luo Xiaoxi looked at the reaction of the reporters from a distance, and she already knew who the reporter would be partial to on tomorrows newspaper.

She glanced at Xia Milishe was talking happily with a group of businessmen.

"Well, laugh as you like. You should laugh as much as you can tonight."

In the next few days, Xia Mili should not be able to laugh anymore

On the other side, the interview time of the reporters had ended. Shen Yuechuan came over and led them to go to the media reception area to eat.

The media all loved Shen Yuechuan, who was always smiling. They asked him in a low voice, "Youve known Boss Lu for a long time. Do you know whats going on between him and Miss Xia?"

"Hasnt Boss Lu already responded?" Shen Yuechuan shrugged. "Even if you suspect Boss Lus words, you can also observe his interaction with Jianan. Do you think their world can accommodate a third person from their behaviors?"

Hearing Shen Yuechuans words, the reporters were clear in their mindsit was time for the turbulence caused by Xia Mili to calm down.

After the reporters left, Su Jianan accompanied Lu Boyan to meet a few friends. Finally, someone came to call Lu Boyan, saying that he was going to talk to him about something.

Lu Boyan held Su Jianans hand and asked her, "Shall I take you with me?"

Su Jianan knew nothing about business. Even if she followed Lu Boyan, she could only stand aside with a blank mind.

She shook her head. "I want to go up and see Xiangyi and Xiyu."

"Thats fine." Lu Boyan reminded her. "Remember to contact me if theres anything strange."


When Su Jianan went upstairs, she happened to meet Xiao Yunyun.

Xiao Yunyun complained with boredom, "I dont know any of my moms friends. But I still have to say hello to them one by one and answer the same questions over and over again. I quit! I might as well go upstairs to see Xiyu and Xiangyi sleeping!"

Su Jianan knew that it was boring, so she took Xiao Yunyun upstairs.

When the bodyguards at the door saw Su Jianan, they pushed the door open for her in advance, and the two of them returned to the room smoothly.

The two little guys were still sleeping. Aunt Liu and Nanny Wu stayed by their side at all times, taking great care of them.

Seeing Su Jianan come back, Aunt Liu stood up and said, "Mrs. Su, dont worry. Xiyu and Xiangyi are very quiet, and they havent woken up. You can rest assured to greet the guests downstairs. Ill call you when they wake up."

Su Jianan smiled and sat down gently beside the bed. She looked at the two little guys and said, "Its not that Im worried, I just want to come up and have a look."

In fact, with Aunt Liu and Nanny Wu taking care of the two little guys, she couldnt be more relaxed.

However, she just wanted to take a look, just one look would be okay. Otherwise, she would feel empty in her heart.

Perhaps in the past month, she had gotten used to seeing these two little guys all the time when she was awake.

"I have also experienced this kind of mood," Aunt Liu said, "when I just became a mother, I felt uncomfortable when I was away from my daughter for a minute. But when I looked at her, I felt that the whole world was safe."

Xiao Yunyun blinked and looked at Su Jianan in confusion. "Cousin, is that true?"

"Yes." Su Jianan nodded. "Its almost the same mood. Thats how my aunt took care of you when you grew up. However, as a daughter, you shouldnt be able to feel your mothers mood."

" Maybe."

Xiao Yunyuns tone was full of uncertainty.

She really, couldnt feel it.

After staying in the room for more than ten minutes, Su Jianan asked Xiao Yunyun to go downstairs together since the two little fellows didnt seem to wake up soon.

Xiao Yunyun shook her head. "Im full. I dont want to go downstairs anymore!"

Su Jianan did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Did you just come to eat?"

Xiao Yunyun pointed to the two little guys in bed and said, "Im full, so I can take care of the two little babies instead of you! You can go now. Ill stay here and watch them."

"Then Ill go down."

Su Jianan walked out of the room, took a turn at the end of the corridor, and saw Xia Mili coming out of the elevator.

She had known for a long time that this encounter was inevitable.

However, it still caused a headache for her.

Xia Mili was not surprised, nor did she feel timid. She went straight to Su Jianan.

At the same time, she calmly looked at Su Jianan from top to bottom.

Even if she didnt want to admit it, she couldnt deny that Su Jianan was indeed very beautiful.

She was born with a perfect oval-shaped face. Her skin was white and flawless, like a boiled egg which had just been peeled, full and shiny. In addition, she had delicate facial features and a pair of amorous peach blossom eyes, but she still looked harmless and innocent.

What was even more rare was that the delivery of two children did not affect her good figure at all.

She wore a white evening dress, and her whole person was holy and elegant like an angel. Through the close-fitting dress, the lines of her body were graceful and attractive, inadvertently attracting the attention of others.

It was hard not to fall in love with such a woman.

It was not strange for Lu Boyan to fall for her and even be obsessed with her.

Xia Mili walked toward Su Jianan with firm steps and finally stopped in front of her. "Mrs. Lu."

Su Jianan smiled gently. "Miss Xia."

Xia Mili was a little surprised. "You know me?"

To be exact, Xia Mili was surprised that Su Jianan wasnt pretentious at all.

This was Su Jianans childrens full-moon party, and she was the hostess. With this identity, Su Jianan could pretend that she didnt know Xia Mili, and then arrogantly waited for her to reveal her identity. In the end, she slowly said "oh" to show her disdain.

Su Jianans natural reaction was completely beyond her expectation.

Su Jianan looked calm. "Of course I know you."

Xia Mili put on a fake smile. "Do I have to thank the reports a few days ago?"

Su Jianan said, "I already knew you before your name appeared in the domestic medias report."

This time, Xia Mili couldnt hide her surprise at all. "Dont tell me that you intentionally inquired about the scandal between me and Steven when you went to Columbia University to study."

Su Jianan did not answer Xia Milis question, but pointed out, "Its a scandal when its related to the word truth. But theres nothing between you and Boyan, and theres nothing between you and Boyan. It can only be called a rumor when its completely fakeoh, this is what Boyan said."

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