Infinite Fusion System Of The Heavens And Worlds Chapter 1768

Chapter 1768: What Is This Ability

Even if Butterfly Ninja knew that Gao Fan could deal with Immortal Kawasiya,

But she wanted to see how Gao Fan did all this.

After all, Gao Fan did it on her twice before,

She was controlled by Gao Fan without not finding a trace.

Noble ability is too weird!

So at this time, Butterfly Ninja widened her flashing eyes, staring at Gao Fan.

Trying to see even the slightest flaw in Gao Fan's body!

But the next second, Butterfly was stunned.

Because Undead Kawasumi's body suddenly stagnated and stopped directly in the air.

What's more weird, the wind blades in the sky caused by the undead Kawasami's swinging sword also hovered motionless in the sky.


For a while, everyone was dumbfounded.

You know, that's the wind blade!

Every time Shimi attacks, a wind blade is generated,

But after the wind blade is released, whether it can hit the target or not, it will eventually dissipate.

After all, the essence of wind blade is wind, it is air,

Once the power of wind breath given by Shimi is lost, the wind blade will turn into air and disappear.

But now, Shimi, together with her wind blade, hung directly in the air,

For everyone, such a scene can only be described in two words strange!

This... this is so unscientific!

The immortal Kawamiya was suspended in mid-air by Gao Fans control laws.

Raise his hands high and hold the Sunwheel Knife tightly in his hands.

He gritted his teeth and tightened every muscle in his body.

Even the strength to suckle has been used, just to be able to break free of this strange control force.

But he found that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get rid of this terrifying power at all.

He felt that this power seemed to directly control every cell of his body.

I can still feel my body is my own,

But it seemed that his body was no longer his own.

That kind of feeling made him very frightened and powerless!

And looking at the slightly mocking smile on Gao Fans face,

Shimi knows that this kind of power is the power of Gao Fan, right!

What kind of power is this special?

Is it possible that Gao Fan is really a ghost, and now it is a powerful blood ghost technique to control one's own power?

Shiki Yoshiya looked at everything in front of her, her eyes bright and colorful.

No one knows better than him that Gao Fan is not using blood ghosts.

In the hearts of Tomioka Yoshiyuki and Butterfly Ninja, when they reported that Gao Fan had the ability to control from the air,

Tomioka Yoshiyuki and Butterfly Ninja have also said that the superior ability may be blood ghost.

Blood ghost is a spell that ghosts can only possess.

There are many manifestations of blood ghost art. After a thousand years of development,

There is also no clear definition of the classification of blood ghosts.

Noble ability, indeed suspected of possessing blood ghost.

However, the use of blood ghost art requires ghost blood, and the ghost must first show its own ghost form.

And Yoya Shiki has used his abilities to predict that Gao Fan is not a ghost.

So Gao Fan's ability is definitely not blood ghost art.

Therefore, when Yoya Shiki Yoya saw Gao Fans ability,

Will show such an excited expression.

A guy as strong as Gao Fan appeared among humans,

I'm afraid it won't be long before Guiwu Tsuji Wumai will be completely destroyed!

"Haha, is this the breath of wind?" Gao Fan smiled jokingly, slowly spreading his hands.

In the next second, those wind blades that were originally suspended in the sky seemed to be attracted.

Instantly became smaller and entered Gao Fan's palm.


Everyone was shocked again,

Gao Fan actually took the wind blade released by Undead Chuan Xuan Mi into his own hands?


What is this special ability?

Gao Fan's face was indifferent, he is also a man with the law of wind,

He can use the law of wind to take everyone to fly in the sky,

If Wind Blade can't control it, what is it like?

"Actually, your Breath of Wind still has room for improvement."

When Gao Fan spoke, everyones eyes were attracted by the wind blade on his palm.

I saw those wind blades in Gao Fans hands, let Gao Fan knead,

Dozens of white wind blades quickly turned into a wind blade glowing with milky white light.

This wind blade gives everyone the feeling,

It was more solid and powerful than the wind blades before.

At this time, Gao Fan released his control of Immortal Kawasiya.

Undying Chuan Shimi fell to the ground, staring at the wind blade in Gao Fan's hand with a look of horror.

The Sunken Knife in his hand hung down naturally, without any thoughts of attack.

Because, according to his understanding of the wind, Gao Fan's hand is much better than him!

Gao Fan faintly looked at the immortal Kawamiya, "Since we have the fate,

I will let you see how strong the wind can be. "

While talking, Gao Fan waved his hand.

Throwing the wind blade in the palm towards a small mountain in the distance.

After leaving Gao Fan's hand, that wind blade instantly transformed into a monstrous giant blade tens of meters long in the air.

In a moment, the huge blade pierced diagonally across the middle of the small mountain bag, startling a group of birds.

Afterwards, after Feng Jian split the clouds in the sky, it gradually moved away.

Disappeared in everyone's eyes.

Everyone was astonished, just cut a cloud?

This looks so big wind blade, it seems that the attack effect is very ordinary.

Only the immortal Kawamiya, staring at the small mountain in the distance at this time.

Because no one knew better than him what Gao Fan's milky white wind blade meant.

Wind is essentially air.

The appearance of the wind blade is essentially the result of air compression to a certain extent.

After so many years after Mikakawa mastered the breath of wind,

Naturally, I have tried countless times to compress the air to form a stronger breath of wind.

But the problem is that the compression of wind is too difficult.

In the first two years, he has made progress in the compression of wind, making him a pillar of wind.

But when the wind compresses to a certain level, it is too difficult to compress it further.

So since then, he has hardly made any progress in wind compression.

But just now, Gao Fan showed him a hand,

Directly compress all the wind blades he released into a small wind blade.

This wind blade glowed with milky white light,

This compressed density has far surpassed Undead Kawasami's accomplishments in this regard.

Others can't see the difficulty, can he still not see it?

So just when almost everyone thought that the wind blade that Gao Fan threw out was nothing but this,

Undead Chuan Xuan Mi stared tightly at the small mountain that was cut across by the wind blade.

He knows very well that it is definitely not that simple!


Next second,

The hill is moving!

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