Infinite Fusion System Of The Heavens And Worlds Chapter 1769

Chapter 1769: The Bewildered Nine Pillars

In the horrified eyes of everyone,

The trees growing on the hill, where they were chopped with the blade of the noble wind, all slid to one side.

And soon everyone discovered that not only those trees,

The whole small mountain bag also slid to the side!

After a while, with a bang, the mountain bag was completely gone.

The original small mountain bag has been directly turned into a slanted flat top mountain.

At this moment, everyone on the court was stunned.

Gao Fan threw out a wind blade and cut off the mountain bag directly!

Is this Nima still a human?

Unsaid Chuan Shimi was tight, his eyes fixed on the scene in front of him.

Big beads of sweat fell from his head one after another.

At this moment, he realized how small his previous strength was!

Tomioka Yoshiyuki and Butterfly Ninja are already dumbfounded at this time!

Only then did they discover,

What a horrible perversion did he bring back to the ghost killing team!

While everyone was still in shock, Yoya Shiki, the delivery house smiled again and said, "Mr. Gao Fan, please come in for a comment.

Nidouzi and Yae's father, they will take care of it. "

"It's easy to say." Gao Fan smiled faintly and entered the room.

Smoothly, closed the door of the room.

Whether it is Yoya Shiki or Gao Fan,

They are not afraid that under the current circumstances, the Nine Pillars will still deal with the two ghosts Nidouzi and Dad that Gao Fan brought.

After all, the power of Gao Fan is really weird!

The nine pillars are not stupid, they are not uninteresting.

Undying Chuan Shiya looked dull, and looked down at the sun wheel in his hand.

He raised his head and glanced at the Pingdingshan that seemed to be cut off in the distance.

His eyes were filled with despair.

Your own power is a joke in front of Gao Fan!

If Gao Fan wants to kill himself, just move his finger!

Butterfly shook her head helplessly, with a self-deprecating smile on her face.

She was staring at Gao Fan, but she couldn't see anything.

Originally, she wanted to see how Gao Fan made the move through observation.

In order to think about whether there is any strategy to deal with it.

But now it seems that it is simply wishful thinking.

Tomioka Yiyong frowned, and didn't know if Gao Fan was a good person or a bad person.

I dont know that I brought Gao Fan here this time,

It is right or wrong to let Gao Fan and Yoya Shiki Yoshiya speak alone.

Yae and Tanjirou looked at Pingdingshan in the distance with both faces awkwardly, their whole bodies stiff.

The other pillars have been petrified in situ,

Until Gao Fan and Shiki Yoshiya entered the room, they did not recover.

For a while, the scene was silent,

Even the delivery house Shiki Tianyin and her two daughters looked at Pingdingshan in the distance.

after all

This scene is too shocking for everyone, too subversive!

"Kang Dang."

At this moment, Lianzhu Ganlu Temple Mili loosened her hand and dropped the Sunwheel Knife in her hand to the ground.

The people suddenly recovered, and they looked at Ganlu Temple with vigilant expressions.

"That..." Ganlu Temple's face was blushing, and he lowered his head and picked up the Sunwheel Knife on the ground.

Smiled at everyone with embarrassment,

"Haha, sorry, everyone go on, go on!"

After finishing speaking, she pretended to calmly looked at the distant Pingdingshan, and did not dare to move.

At this time, everyone, where did they have the mind to see the Pingdingshan that Gao Fan made,

They all looked at the closed door of the room.

Everyone is worried about what Gao Fan will do to Yoya Shiki.


Undying Chuan Shimi furrowed his brows and looked solemnly at Shiki Tianyin, "Do we really need to look at the lord?"

The other columns also looked at Tianyin at the same time, the same question.

"Everyone, don't forget the unique abilities of the birth house-shiki family." Tianyin's face was indifferent and smiled slightly.

"Since the master is willing to invite Mr. Gao Fan to our base, it must not be a bad thing."

After hearing this, everyone nodded.

As pillars, they also know the abilities of the delivery house Shiki clan.

Immortal Kawamiya also gave a stunned look at this moment, right!

Why did he forget about it!

The Ogashiki clan has the power of an unknown prophet!

Yoya Shiki who has such power,

How can you encounter unpredictable danger?

If Gao Fan is the enemy, how could Yoya Yuyashiki call Gao Fan?


Undying Chuan Shiya's face felt a little fever in an instant.

This person is really lost today!

He now showed the same expression as if he had eaten a fly, not to mention it was uncomfortable.

"Shimi, you don't have to do that."

Weimingyu Xingming came to Immortal Chuan Minya and said softly,

"After all, haven't you also tried out the power of Gao Fan for the lord?"

"I think the lord must have even anticipated this battle between you and Gao Fan.

The lord did not stop you, because he knew that Gao Fan would not do anything to you!

Secondly, I think the lord also wants us to see the power of Gao Fan with our own eyes. "

Immortal Chuan Minami was slightly surprised, "Really?"

"Yes, that's it!" Shiki Tianyin, Shiki, smiled.

"As early as in the letter sent by Mr. Tomioka and Miss Butterfly, the owner already knew some information about Gao Fan.

So everything is just like what Beimingyu said, everything is under the control of the master. "

"Now, everyone, please be quiet and wait a long time."

The nine pillars bowed to the sky, their expressions respectful, "Yes!"

In the room,

At the sign of the delivery room, Gao Fan sat on the floor at the table.

In front of Gao Fan, the tea was already brewed.

The delivery room Shiki Yoshiya was supported by his son, with a faint smile on his golden paper face.

"Mr. Gao Fan, Tomioka Yiyong and Butterfly Ninja respect you very much in their hearts,

Seeing it today, it really deserves its reputation. "

"Haha... I'm overwhelmed." Gao Fan smiled faintly.

"But the owner of the birthing house Shiki asked me to come here, probably not just to praise me in person.

If you have anything, just say it straightforwardly. I don't like to be circumstantial. "

Yoya Shiki nodded slightly, "Since Mr. Gao Fan is so direct, then I will ask directly.

Who are you? "

Gao Fan looked indifferent, "I'm just an ordinary person, what's wrong?"

"Ordinary people?" Yoya Shiki, shook his head.

"Tell Mr. Gao Fan the truth, our maternity house family has an ability to predict danger in advance.

So no matter what kind of danger comes, I will have an early warning. "

"Father..." Hearing his father's words, Yoya Shiki Yoya's son gave him a surprised expression.

After all, this is the secret of the Miyashiki family,

Even among the nine pillars, not many people know so far!

How can you tell outsiders casually?

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