Infinite Fusion System Of The Heavens And Worlds Chapter 1770

Chapter 1770: Gao Fan Has A Showdown With The Delivery House

"It's okay, Teriyaki." Shiki Yoshiya waved his hand.

"I believe Mr. Gao Fan is his own, and it doesn't matter if he knows about it."

Teriya is the name of the son of Yoya Shiki.

In the original work, after the death of Yoya Shiki,

It was Sanya Shiki Teriya who commanded the Demon Slayer Team to complete the final battle with Demon Mai Tsuji Mime.

After that, Yoya Shiki, the birth house, ignored his surprised son and looked at Gao Fan faintly.

"When I received a letter from Tomioka Yoshiyuki and Butterfly Ninja,

I risked my death and used that ability to predict in advance. "

"It took many years of life, but the information was very limited.

That's why I can't wait to invite you to come. "

"Even Oniwu Tsuji No Misery I can detect one or two, but investigating you has caused me serious injuries.

So I am curious, who are you? "

Gao Fan was slightly surprised when he heard this.

He thought it was weird before, how could Yoya Shiki's body become so seriously ill,

It turned out to be because this stuff is dying!

"Haha." Gao Fan got up and stood with his hand, "In this case, it seems I can only showdown.

Actually, I am not a person of this world. "

"Isn't a person from this world?" The father and son of Miyashiki were dumbfounded.

what does this mean?

"Yes." Gao Fan nodded, his face calm.

"I come from a world called the Great Continent, a world that is countless times larger than this world."

"The power I use is also the power of the Great Continent,

So it is much stronger than the power of this world,

Even if Guiwu Tsuji is in front of me, it is like an ant. "

"I am the master of the Great Wall, my purpose in this world,

It is to rule this world, and finally integrate this world into my continent. "


Hearing Gao Fan's words, both the father and son in the delivery room were completely dumbfounded.

Gao Fan's words, although they may not fully understand.

But Gao Fan's ambition made them feel shocked.

After all, Gao Fan actually said to rule the world!

Such a thing is beyond their imagination.

After all, in their three views,

Destroying the ghost dance Tsuji without misery is a task that takes thousands, or even ten thousand years, to complete.

They never thought about unifying the world or something!

After all, in their eyes, this world is really big!

Although they think Gao Fans words are too incredible,

But they don't know why, and they feel that Gao Fan's words will definitely come true.

Moreover, Tanya Shiki Yoshiya almost believed Gao Fan's words!

After all, he encountered an unprecedented backlash when he predicted Gao Fan.

Even Guiwu Tsuji Wu miserable never made him so embarrassed.

It seems that apart from the saying that Gao Fan is not a person in this world,

Yuya Shiki can't think of other reasons.

"Then..." Yoya Shiki, her face was solemn and her voice trembled, "Then how do you plan to house the creatures of this world?"

Gao Fan's face was indifferent, and he smiled slightly, "Apart from those ghosts, no one will die."

After all, the mission of this world is: build a country, unify the world, and completely solve the problem of ghosts!

Therefore, Gao Fan does not intend to let go of any ghost,

Even a kind ghost must become a human being.

After all, he must completely solve the ghost problem to complete the task.

When Yoya Shiki heard the words, his eyes suddenly lit up, "So, you have to deal with Oniwu Tsuji, right?"

"Of course." Gao Fan looked calm, "The Fanji continent is a continent ruled by humans.

I will never allow creatures like ghosts to enter! "


Yoya Shiki gave a cry with excitement, and then coughed violently in the next second.

The people outside, look at me and I look at you, and the voice of Yoya Shiki Yoshiki's "great" was very real.

Everyone wondered what kind of thing it was to make the lord happy like this!

"Father, don't get excited."

Teriya Shiki Yoshiya's son Teriya immediately stepped forward to support Yoshiya Shiki.

Helped to pat the delivery house Shiki Yoshiya on the back, looking worried.

Of course, he is not only worried about the body of Yoya Shiki,

After all, Yoya Shiki's appearance has believed in the evil meaning of Gao Fan!

Do you believe this?

Hui Riya felt that his father was not shocked.

"It's okay... ahem, I'm just... so happy..."

Yoya Shiki, pale, but still smiling.

Gao Fan waved his hand gently, and a jade bottle containing the medicine pill appeared on the tabletop.

"Take this pill, although it is not enough to heal your pain, but it can make you more comfortable."

This is a healing pill produced by the system,

Yoya Shiki's injury was caused by his frequent use of the power to predict the future.

This kind of backlash is, in principle, a backlash from the origin of this world.

If Gao Fan has the law of life at this time,

Of course, you can directly restore Yoya Shiki's body, but he doesn't have it now.

Therefore, this medicine can only be used to curb the injury of the birthing house Shiki Yoshiya.

"Is this an elixir from the Great Continent?" Yoya Shiki Yoya looked shocked.

"Hui Lizai, hurry, give me this pill to try!"

"This..." Hui Riya naturally hesitated very much.

He could see that Yoya Shiki was convinced of Gao Fans identity, and he even dared to eat whatever Gao Fan gave him.

But Hui Riya is very unwilling to believe Gao Fan's nonsense!

Seeing that Teriya Shiki refused to move, Yoya smiled slightly, "Thiriya, you dont have to worry about this medicine.

Because with the strength of Mr. Gao Fan, if you want to disadvantage us,

It's not too troublesome to administer medicine. "

Gao Fan smiled lightly and kept silent.

After Terriya was slightly astonished, he no longer hesitated to give the pill to the delivery room to Shiki Yaoya.

After all, as Yoya Shiki said, if Gao Fan wants to disadvantage him, he really can't do it.

With Gao Fan's power to level a mountain with his hands, is it so troublesome to still need medicine?

At this time, Yoya Shiki could not wait to pour a single eye out of the jade bottle and swallow it.

He cant wait to know Gao Fans pill that he brought from another world.

What kind of magical power is contained.

The pill melted in the mouth of Shiki Yaoya,

It instantly turned into a warm current and began to spread into the body of Yoya Shiki.

"Um..." Yoshiya Shiki let out a long breath.

He closed his eyes calmly, and felt the warm current in his body with his heart.

That feeling is unspeakable, but it brings unprecedented comfort to Yoya Shiki.

Over the years, due to his efforts to maintain the operation of the ghost killing team,

This body is almost exhausted, and it can be said that it may face death at any time.

But with the pill that Gao Fan gave, Yoshiya Shiki felt that he could be rescued.

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