Evolution Paradise In Doomsday Chapter 1380

Chapter 1380: Anxious Rice Empire

"Kill, kill!"

The bear empire warriors who have obtained the original magic weapon can rise up on the battlefield.

In order to improve the efficiency of killing, these original soldiers were organized into 20 different legions, each of which had 1,000 9th-tier original soldiers and 10,000 8th-level original soldiers.

The soldiers who have obtained the original magic weapon will never encounter enemies that can stop them on the battlefield.

At the beginning, each regular army regiment with more than 10,000 people was equipped with half of the reserve and half of the logistics force, but the killing efficiency of the original gods was too high, so the number of reserve and logistics soldiers rose sharply.

Three days later, the number of logistics troops was 10 times that of the regular army.

There is no way. When the regular army fights, you only need to hack the insects to death. That is a one-shot job, but the logistics soldiers have to dissect the insects and carry them. After all, the crystal nucleus in the insects and the materials in key parts are still very valuable. Yes, in this way, the pressure on the logistics forces is actually greater than that of the regular army.

Even if it is 10 times the number of troops, the logistics soldiers are too busy.

Of course, many accidents occurred during this process.

That is the people who fight with the original soldiers, especially the soldiers who fight with the 9th-tier original soldiers, the casualty rate is very high.

In addition to the powerful offensive ability, the 9th-tier original divine weapon will also form a vitality armor on the body, which can resist most attacks, and it is very rare to die directly.

However, they can't stand their waves!

For the 9th-order primordial weapon, the consumption speed of the elemental force is several times that of ordinary weapons.

More importantly, in the course of the battle, due to my own strength is too large, it is easy for the user to have a mentality that I am already invincible in the world, and I can't even notice the consumption of the body.

So although few people died directly in battle, many died when their vitality was exhausted.

The difference between the Yuanli cultivation system and the bloodline cultivation system is also reflected here.

It is also an 8th-level powerhouse with the bloodline cultivation system, even if the vitality is exhausted, it takes a lot of effort to break the defense for the 7th level, at least if it does not hit the key, it can only be supported for a long time with physical strength.

As for the Yuanli cultivation system, after the Yuanli is exhausted, Tier 6 wants to kill you with just one shot.

Relying on physical strength, it can also last for a period of time.

But regardless of the combat consciousness, the level first drops by two and a half major ranks.

This is the meaning of the human sea tactics.

Of course, this is not to say that the Yuanli cultivation system is weak. With the same environment and resources, the strong bred by the Yuanli cultivation system can treat the blood cultivation system as pets.

This is something later.

In short, although the Yuanli cultivation system is not weak, its inherent flaws cannot be compensated. Even Chu Feng used trickery to compensate.

Therefore, the number of deaths due to exhaustion in three days exceeded 70,000.

After seeing this casualty figure, Grant's face turned green.

Only then did he understand that Chu Feng specially reminded him of the precautions, how dangerous it was.

But can he blame Chu Feng?

About half of the manuals for these weapons are devoted to this drawback, but you don't take it seriously.

Moreover, even the user himself did not take it seriously.

If you have the strength, you can just cut it. Why do you calculate so clearly?

If Chu Feng deliberately cheated him, he really couldn't say it.

As long as you follow the instructions in the manual, retreat in advance and give the weapons to your teammates for use before 80% of your vitality is consumed. Is this kind of thing hard to do?

No, as long as you want to do it, you can do it.

It is the soldiers of the Teddy Bear Empire who are unwilling to do it.

Who can blame this?

"If the order is passed on, the next batch of users of the magic weapon must have a calm personality, strong control over the original force, and a keen insight into the battle situation, to be qualified to use the magic weapon. Among the users of the magic weapon, Strictly follow the requirements for users to increase their military merits to a higher level, and the rewards of their family members and the compassion of their comrades in arms."

Grant had no choice but to give such an order.

However, in such a chaotic battlefield, how many points can his orders be executed?

"These magic soldiers are fortunately rented, and they must be returned in the future."

Sogda, who successfully destroyed the 15th Worm's Nest on the battlefield, made up his mind after looking at the casualties of his comrades.

Even if Chu Feng sells these weapons to them, he must refuse.

Now is the moment of life and death, any method can be used.

But these weapons are too easy to breed pride, making people addicted to strength and unable to extricate themselves, and even lose their minds.

Maybe you can say that they are not firm in their minds.

However, don't be too demanding of people.

Who has come from a disaster like the zombie robbery, who has no desire for power yet?

However, when the war on the Bear Empire was in full swing, the Mi Empire was anxious.

Although the casualty data of the Teddy Bear Empire is very ugly, the results are good!

With countless sacrifices, the seven core survival bases of the Teddy Bear Empire were all recovered, tens of thousands of insect nests were destroyed, and now they are gradually regaining lost territory and living space.

More importantly, in this process, countless crystal nuclei were harvested.

"The weapons of the City of Dawn are so powerful."

"Chu Feng is willing to give such a weapon to the Mao Xiong Empire?"

"I heard it was rented."

"Why don't they use it themselves?"

"I heard they have them themselves, and they are too much to use up."

No one knows how many weapons the City of Dawn has.

But the weapons of the City of Dawn, only you can't buy, and none of them can't sell.

With the money in place, you can sell as many weapons as possible.

Moreover, it is said that the City of Dawn also has a deal with the highest plane. This deal is not a secret deal of theirs, but the kind of deal that has obtained equal trading rights.

Coupled with the first complete industrial system built by the City of Dawn, that is the guarantee of continuous benefits.

Huaxia controlled the insect plague for the first time. After receiving the support of Huaxia, the Bear Empire also stabilized and was still trying to regain the lost territory.

What about the Mi Empire?

Three of the 9 most important survival bases were lost. The casualties of ordinary survivors reached 50%, and the deaths of slaves were countless, all supported by biochemical beasts and biochemical beasts.

Fortunately, they have obtained the puppet technology of the underworld and the control technology of the demons of the demon clan. Otherwise, the country would have collapsed long ago.

However, they discovered strangely that the effects of biochemical beasts and biochemical beasts on insects seem to be gradually weakening!

"Although it is not entirely certain, from the results, this matter is basically true."

In the hexagonal building, a white general from the Mi Empire will report and shoot on the table, "Those bugs are cracking our biochemical beasts."

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