Evolution Paradise In Doomsday Chapter 1381

Chapter 1381: Arms Dealer

On a film camera and projector, a blurry picture was playing.

Tens of thousands of hideous biochemical beasts slew towards the swarm, setting off a killing storm.

However, the Zerg did not sit still.

The screen switched to the details. The four insects bite the biochemical beast from different directions, and then were torn apart by the powerful force of the biochemical beast. But at this moment, the insects that had been shining white light flashed across the biochemical beast. Throat of war beast.

The same picture appeared repeatedly in the projector.

Seeing this scene, the senior members of the hexagonal building were shocked.

"These bugs really have the ability to learn."

"If both the biochemical beast and the biochemical mechanical beast are cracked, we will have nothing to do."

"Never let this happen."

"But, are we going to negotiate terms with China in this way? You have also received the conditions of the Bear Empire. It is not aid at all, it is basically an exploitation of a country."

"We don't hope that in the future, we will bear debts that cannot be paid off forever."

"Never agree to the City of Dawn, or agree to such a condition."

"Instead of letting our future bear such debts forever, it is better to surrender to China now. Maybe we can still rely on our own value and get a good position."

"Don't even think about it, we are the beacon of human civilization, how can we subdue to others."

The high-levels of the hexagonal building were caught in a quarrel.

Surrender is a difficult word for them.

But it does not mean that they have integrity.

The real reason is that they can't keep their current position.

But if the country is really subjugated, do they still care so much?

Maybe some people will commit suicide because they can't accept the position gap, but most of them will still try their best to find a way out for themselves, trying to make a comeback.

There are even many people who have secretly contacted the people of China and the City of Dawn.

Do not seek to continue to be in a high position, but only seek prosperity and wealth for a lifetime.

"Good news, good news!"

Just when these senior leaders fell into despair, someone suddenly brought good news.

"Someone in the City of Dawn came into contact with us secretly, wanting to sell arms to us, and they are the magical soldiers of the City of Dawn, which is a higher level than those of the Bear Empire."


The silver-haired old man in the hexagonal building stood up, "Does the City of Dawn really have such people?"

He is not overestimating the integrity of the City of Dawn. He is mainly an emerging power, usually far from corruption.

Chu Feng had too much control over the City of Dawn, so he didn't need to do some small actions on weekdays, but when it came to arms, they didn't believe in the City of Dawn, and they couldn't even look after the arms.

"It's true, we have completed the first batch of transactions."

A burly blond man walked into the meeting room in a stride, and then waved his hand, a wave of spatial fluctuations appeared, and hundreds of weapons fell in the meeting room.

"Misius, this, this is true?"

The senior members in the conference room were shocked.

"I've personally tested these weapons. These weapons are all ninth-tier magic weapons for no reason. We spent the entire country to build three of them, but these weapons have become mass-produced rotten goods in the City of Dawn. "Misius said.

"But how can the City of Dawn agree to trade these things?"

The silver-haired old man was full of doubts.

"It's not because of the transfer of power in the City of Dawn."

Michels disdainfully said, "Chu Feng's position is too detached and he is not interested in power. The City of Dawn is a useful tool for him, but it does not mean that his subordinates are not interested in power either. Transcendence has caused the people around him to be seized of power. These weapons are the strategic reserves of the Suguang branch in the next two years. They want to use these in exchange for independent qualifications."

"Independent qualifications, then let them join us."

The silver-haired old man said decisively.

"Listen clearly, they want to be independent."

Michels corrected, "Although the city of Dawn has a transcendent status and great independence, it is part of China after all. What they want to build is a force that has an independent status for China and even the entire earth. Moreover, they have chosen the address, organized the manpower, and prepared the weapons, only to be able to be independent."


The executives were surprised at first, but then they became excited.

"Great, it turns out that the City of Dawn is not monolithic."

"There are also disputes within them. Maybe this is an opportunity we can take advantage of."

"Since this is an opportunity to differentiate the City of Dawn, we must not miss it."

"What are their requirements, we must try our best to meet them."

"No matter what the request is, we must agree to it."

"Since they have prepared so many things, what else do we need to do?"

The executives in the conference room are obviously very confident in their ability to fulfill their promises.

Michels said: "In addition to the necessary force and abundant resources, the development of a power must also have sufficient technology to support sustainable development. What they want is the results of all the genetic technology of our Mi Empire. All research materials with biochemical beasts, including all the crystal nuclei we have harvested in this war."

"What? Never agree."

"The results of genetic technology, that is our foundation."

"We have captured millions of research materials to establish a new era of genetic technology system. They just want to take these things away with some equipment. It's a dream."

"Never agree!"

"This must be the conspiracy of the City of Dawn. They simply want our scientific research results."

When it comes to genetic technology, the top executives of the Mi Empire jumped.

The lion on the other side opened his mouth, unexpectedly reaching this level.

The opening is the results of their research over the years, and it is also the only field of science and technology that leads the world.

If they easily agree, what direction they will take in the future is uncertain.

"In addition, they also want all the means for us to build a base in the end times, as well as Ark Technology."

After speaking, Michels added, "Although soldiers should not be involved in political matters, I still suggest that we should agree to it, because this is the only way we can contain Chinas energy, let us develop, and overtake China. Chance."

"Do you know what you are talking about?"

The seniors were angry, "Misius, listen carefully, even if we perish our country, lose our current status, and lose our lives, we will not hand over our genetic technology."

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