Evolution Paradise In Doomsday Chapter 1382

Chapter 1382: Trading In The Dark

"This is our Mi Empire's research materials on biotechnology and gene technology, please check it carefully."

Michels put a dozen large boxes out of his storage space. "Although there are only paper data, these things are enough for you to study for a long time. If you have something you dont understand, we can Send a dedicated expert to explain to you that our Mi Empire is a very friendly country. I believe we can always be good friends, Mr. Tao."

Tao Jinghua waved his hand, and several people who covered their faces took away all these materials.

After half a minute, some people appeared again, bringing a lot of weapons and equipment.

"Mr. Tao is honest."

Michels admired.

Tao Jinghua said: "I just believe that you dare not deliberately cheat us."

Misius didnt get angry: "Actually, Im very surprised. Where did you come from betraying Chu Feng? Chu Fengs strength is the strongest on earth. Even if you have the forging technology of the City of Dawn, With the support of human resources and the biotechnology of our Mi Empire, these things may bring you a lot of wealth, but they cannot protect your lives!"

"Chu Feng's strength is indeed strong."

Tao Jinghua leaned back slightly, his eyes unnaturally showing a trace of fear, and his fingers trembled slightly.

Such details, of course, could not hide from Misius' eyes.

However, he saw a trace of madness and excitement in Tao Jinghua's eyes.

"However, he is not truly invincible in the world. There are still powerful existences on earth that can compete with him."

Tao Jinghua spoke with fanatical self-confidence, followed by resentment, "Chu Feng is too pedantic. He clearly has the strength to unify the whole world and the prestige to conquer the entire human race, including the most powerful City of Dawn. Unwilling to unify the world, or even to continue to expand the City of Dawn, we have been with him for so long, and there is no room for promotion."

Misius remained silent, but there was waves in his heart.

It can be seen that this person still has fear of Chu Feng in his heart.

And he didn't have the kind of confidence that he would be able to survive.

However, this person is obviously a little crazy.

That is the madness that young people have talents but can't display.

However, he can also understand this kind of thing.

He was the first person to follow Chu Feng, knowing that Chu Feng's current strength and prestige are all at the forefront of mankind, and he is currently the only human being able to truly sit on an equal footing with the powerful race of the highest plane.

As long as Chu Feng is willing to unify the world, it is only a matter of time and cost.

But he is not only unwilling to unify the world, he is unwilling to continue expanding the City of Dawn.

Today's Dawn City has the most unique position on earth, has a strong military power, has the longest industrial system, and has the most sophisticated arms market and pharmaceutical market.

However, with so much capital, he did not even expand.

Those subordinates in the City of Dawn have no chance to improve.

However, under the suppression of Chu Feng's powerful strength, even if these people had two hearts, they did not dare to break out.

Once they are given an opportunity, the energy they can burst out is inestimable.

"So, behind you, there is a powerful existence against Chu Feng, is it Luo Xingyao of China?"

Michels greeted in a casual tone.


Tao Jinghua's eyes showed a trace of disdain, "His strength is not bad, but unfortunately he is too deeply influenced by the military's thinking. He will never do anything against China, and he will not fall out with Chu Feng, unless Chu Feng Prepare to betray China."

So, is it another person?

Misius was full of doubts, but he didn't dare to ask more.

This transaction was full of mysteries.

Even before seeing those weapons, he wondered if this was a trap specially prepared for them by the City of Dawn.

But after he checked the first batch of weapons, he found that there was no problem.

Now his staff are reviewing the second batch of weapons.

Not to mention that these weapons have quality problems. According to the price they gave, even if these weapons originally labeled as Tier 9 weapons, they only have the strength of Tier 8 weapons.

So when he ordered his subordinates to check, he simply checked according to the strength of the Tier 8 weapon.

In this way, the inspection efficiency will be greatly improved.

According to the signals sent to him quietly by his subordinates, there is no problem with these weapons at present, whether it is the strength or the degree of fit with the vitality, all far exceed the standard.

Of course it is not without flaws, but those flaws are the same as those in the manual. The first is the rate of energy consumption, and the second is all technical blind spots that they believe they can avoid.

This shows that this batch of weapons may be semi-finished, but the other party is still very sincere.

If you talk about the shortcomings of these weapons, they won't be shortcomings.

As for the outflow of biotechnology and genetic technology?

Misius sounded the faces of the high-levels in the conference room, and his heart was full of disdain. If it weren't for those high-levels who could squeeze the interests of ordinary survivors and use them to cultivate their own strength, how could he work for them?

When he also became a holy order existence, and it was a holy order existence of the space system, his strength would have a dramatic increase, and then it was time for him to control the military power of the Mi Empire.

The genetic technology, which is regarded as a treasure by the so-called high-levels, is basically a child's game in the face of the puppet technology of the Mozu.

The two realms of gods and demons, as far as the larger races are, have a perfect system for cultivating offspring.

Humans want to catch up in this regard, it is simply delusional.

In his eyes, it was the ambitious Chinese man in front of him that made him feel more pleasing to the eye. At least this young man had the courage to fight and challenge, even at the cost of life.

It is a pity that it is still difficult to integrate different countries and nations.

When I became a holy rank, I went to the southern continent to cut down the big tree that was in the way, and then it was time for me to control the Mi Empire. At that time, the Mi Empire will usher in a new life under his leadership.

"Slap! Slap!"

Michels clapped his palms. A dozen women with hot bodies, wearing various uniforms, came in with fruit plates and fine wine, and leaned toward Tao Jinghua.

"Mr. Tao, please take your time."

Michels got up and bowed to salute, then exited the room.

When he exited the room, he saw the Huaxia man in front of him gleaming, and he was relieved.

He doesn't expect beauty to be useful, nor does he expect to be the other's weakness. He is just confirming one thing, that is, the person's ambition and desires are real.

This alone is sufficient.

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