Super Supreme System Chapter 463

Chapter 462: : Shocking The Resilience Of Superheroes

boom! boom! boom! ! ! !

On the other side, Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Supergirl Kara teamed up to fight Garona, and the battle room has gradually moved away from Yang Chen and the others.

By this time, the battlefields of the two sides were obviously not in the same place, and neither side could see each other.

Garona was swept away when he saw Kara's heavy blow.

Garona's body was also always confused with a red mist, which made Garona's movements restrained and delayed!

Obviously, in the face of the combination of Kara's three superheroes, Garona was caught in a hard fight.

Fortunately, after Garona merged with the blood of the Hulk, she merged with her original bloodline talent and became more powerful, so that she could persevere under the cooperation of the three.

But it was a bit difficult for Garona to fight back, she could only support her!

"Ryan, tyrant, go to support Garona!"

In the distance, Yang Chen seemed to feel Garona's plight, or just remembered that Garona was besieged by the three, so in the bottom of his heart, he sent instructions to Ren and the tyrant to let them go to support Garona.

It's not necessary, Yang Chen doesn't want to recall Garona and the others into the monster space so early!

Because, although Yang Chen is not afraid to have a few more superheroes to besiege him, if there are too many people, it is not that simple for Yang Chen to hunt them one by one.

The best way is to let Garona and the others continue to drag the three of Kara, if Tyrant Ryan can get rid of them after they pass, that would be great!

Yang Chen is interested in the body of Superwoman Carla, and the same goes for the Scarlet Witch, but if they are killed, Yang Chen doesn't care, kill it!

Soon, Ryan and the tyrant received Yang Chen's instructions, and quickly supported Garona.

"Okay, one is dead. Guess who is next?"

After ordering Ryan and the tyrant, Yang Chen ignored them and raised his head to abuse Captain America and the others.

While watching them playfully, Yang Chen was actually already choosing who to kill next.

Just hunting Thor Tony did not succeed in hunting a talent, but it made him very unhappy, he did not believe that killing another one or hunting talent failed!

Captain America, the talent is Superman serum, far inferior to Superman's physique, pass it!

Flash, it's still not that easy, pass it!

Iron Man, pass it!

Atom, pass it!

Daisy, pass it first!

Fire storm, well, fire storm!

"You will only die next!" Captain America stared at Yang Chen fiercely.

"I won't let you kill anyone again!" Barry the Flash gritted his teeth and stared at Yang Chen, blaming himself for the death of Thor, the **** of thunder. He blamed himself for failing to stop Yang Chen.

The others did not speak, but their eyes were full of murderous intent.

The death of the Hulk made them very angry before, and now Thor, the **** of thunder, also died, and they suddenly became angry with the enemy.

Only the fire storm that was swept by Yang Chen just after determining the target, he couldn't help but tremble in his anger.

The fire storm seemed to have felt it too, and Yang Chen had set the target on them this time!

"Damn, you want to kill me? Come on!"

Fire Storm shouted angrily, and immediately threw out two groups of flames from both hands, shooting down towards Yang Chen!


Seeing Firestorm started, Bo Zhen female Daisy and the others also took action.

Bo Zhen's female hand Bo Zhen's wind blows out!

The energy bombs in the hands of Iron Man and Atomic Man blasted out!

Barry the Flash quickly circulated after a group of thunder and lightning gathered on his body, and also bombarded Yang Chen.

Finally, there was Captain America, and the shield in his hand was thrown at Yang Chen severely.

Attacks of various energies and colors, once again magnificently full of destructive thinking of Yang Chen bombarding.


In the face of so many terrifying attacks, Yang Chen has long been used to it, but with a faint snort, he chose Captain America's flying shield to meet him.


After kicking the flying shield of Captain America, Yang Chen used the power of the flying shield to refract his figure into the air.

The goal is naturally a fire storm!

Bang bang bang! ! !

Of course, before the refracted, Yang Chen could not completely avoid the attacks of other people. He was still bruised, but Yang Chen all resisted.

"How can it be"

Seeing that Yang Chen, who had just been hit hard, was able to resist their attack so hard, Captain America and the others were shocked again. Why did it seem that Yang Chen was not injured at all? Still as fierce as before!

"No, his recovery ability is amazing, and the injury he just suffered has completely recovered!"

Barry the Flash thought of something, and immediately exclaimed.


"How can it be?"

"Has the injury just recovered completely?"


Hearing the reminder of Barry the Flash, the Captain America and the others were shocked, and there was a sense of powerlessness and despair in their hearts.

Such a powerful enemy, can they really kill each other?

"His goal this time is the fire storm, protect the fire storm!"

"Even if he has amazing resilience, we just keep attacking, don't give him time to recover!"

However, even if they were shocked and desperate, they immediately revived, and one after another shot again to prevent Yang Chen from killing the fire storm.


With the lessons of Thor, Fire Storm was not so stupid. He directly confronted Yang Chen. Fire Storm immediately threw a fireball and flames to attack Yang Chen, and the figure retreated, not directly contacting Yang Chen!

"Huh, there is no one I want to kill that can be avoided!"

"Your speed is too slow!"

Seeing Fire Storm's movements, Yang Chen didn't care, just smiled proudly.

Among the superheroes who besieged him, except for Barry, the speed of others is not as fast as him. Want to avoid him?

Unless Yang Chen doesn't kill him!

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