Super Supreme System Chapter 464

Chapter 463: : Minus One More 7 More

"The Hulk is dead!"

"Thunder God is also dead!"

"And he also made the army of robots in Seaside City!"


The dignitaries of various countries, through satellites, or superheroes fighting with Yang Chen, already knew what was happening in the coastal city.

The robot army was created by Yang Chen. This fact left them silent. They had guessed it before, and the facts were actually the last thing they wanted to see!

Moreover, in the face of the siege of so many superheroes, Yang Chen could actually kill Thor, the **** of thunder, which shocked them to the extreme.

How can they deal with such a terrifying enemy?

Except for nuclear strikes, they can only rely on superheroes, nothing else.

Moreover, with the information they had, Yang Chen was at an astonishing speed, and the destruction of nuclear weapons was simply impossible. Yang Chen would be able to escape directly as long as he saw the nuclear weapons fall.

Even if Yang Chen didn't see the nuclear weapons fall, as long as the explosion happened, Yang Chen could escape quickly.

The spread of nuclear weapon explosions is not as fast as Yang Chen's. Then, except for Yang Chen's feet, Yang Chen cannot be destroyed without nuclear weapons.

"Such a terrifying enemy appeared!"

"There is no way, enemies of this level are no longer what we can eliminate!"

"It's all about superheroes!"

"Or see if we can know what the other person wants through conversation, we just need to satisfy him!"


The politicians of different countries are shocked and their attitudes are different, but they all know that they can't deal with Yang Chen, and they don't have that strength. They can only rely on superheroes!

Although I don't want to admit it, that's the truth!

boom! boom! boom! ! ! !

Yang Chen did what he said, and finally, after a few more minutes of fighting, Yang Chen chased after the fire storm.

Regardless of the fire storm that changed his expression, Yang Chen directly attacked the assassin after he approached him. He had already turned his hand into a knife and crashed down towards the heart of the fire storm.

"Do not"

Fire Storm screamed, but he could only stare his eyes wide, watching Yang Chen's attack helplessly.


Seeing that Firestorm is also going to follow in the footsteps of the Hulk and Thor, Captain America and others are all furious and stunned!

But they can only watch it.

Their attack did not fall, but Yang Chen didn't care at all, so his back was exposed to them, allowing them to attack.

Yes, they can continue to attack Yang Chen, and even severely inflict Yang Chen, but the fire storm that has been bullied by Yang Chen is dead!



At the critical moment, a flash of lightning flashed, and Barry the Flash appeared on the side of the fire storm, pushing the fire storm away at an unparalleled speed.


However, although the Flash just broke out very fast, it was almost enough to push the fire storm away, but the Flash himself could not escape. The figure was pierced by Yang Chen's hand knife and stopped in the air.


Then, he saw the Flash spurt out of blood.

Looking down at his abdomen being penetrated by Yang Chen's hand knife, Barry felt that he couldn't breathe.

"Yang... hurry up... wake up, I know you are still inside..."

He seemed to know that he was going to die, and Barry didn't feel much sadness. He just vomited blood and smiled at Yang Chen, as if he wanted to awaken Yang Chen, as if he had already awakened Caitlin!

Yang Chen couldn't help frowning upon hearing this!

To be honest, Yang Chen's heart trembled slightly in the face of Barry the Flash.

"Go away, I'm not the Yang you know! I'm the Dark Dragon Shadow now!"

After that, Yang Chen snorted coldly, and immediately threw Barry's body aside, slamming it into the distance.





Seeing that the Flash Barry was also killed by Yang Chen, Captain America and the others were furious again.

However, they are only left with anger, and more still feel a deep sense of powerlessness!

Facing such a tough Yang Chen, they really didn't know how to stop Yang Chen, let alone kill each other.

"Haha! Are you angry? Then come and die one by one, I will send you relief!"

Seeing the grief and anger of Captain America and the others, Yang Chen laughed quickly.

In fact, Yang Chen didn't kill the Flash Barry. It wasn't that his heart was broken. With Barry's recovery ability, he could still be rescued.

Of course, it may also hang up!

Yang Chen doesn't know if he can survive. Anyway, he has not received the system prompt, which proves that Barry can't die for the time being!

But he certainly couldn't stand up now.

Yang Chen didn't go to give Barry another blow, completely killing him.

It's up to Barry to survive or not!

In any case, some of Yang Chen's use of super power is still taught by Bari, so Yang Chen will not go to make another cut to Barry.


"I'm going to kill you!"



When Captain America and the others heard this, they were immediately angered by Yang Chen again, and they all forgot to see if Barry was really dead, and they all went to Yang Chen with red eyes.


Especially Firestorm, the Flash died to save him, how could he not be angry?


The whole person of the fire storm was burning with terrifying flames and slew towards Yang Chen.


Yang Chen just sneered. He didn't avoid the fire storm's attack at all. Facing the flames he bombed, he grabbed the fire storm.


Seeing that Yang Chen's right hand passed through the terrifying flames, it was directly caught on the neck of Fire Storm.


Captain America, who was so angry that he lost his mind, saw this scene and immediately waved the shield in his hand and smashed it at Yang Chen!

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