Super Supreme System Chapter 465

Chapter 464: : Superhero Head Headshot 8 More


Immediately afterwards, the shield in the hands of Captain America Steve flew out and failed to hit Yang Chen.


On the contrary, Yang Chen's other hand grabbed Steve's neck when it flew off the shield of Steve's hand.

At this moment, Yang Chen was holding one in each hand, a fire storm, and a Captain America, all of which were caught by Yang Chen's neck and fell into the air.


"Let us go..."

Firestorm and Captain America naturally didn't want to die like this, they were struggling desperately.

It's a pity that the two of them are far less powerful than Yang Chen, so they are naturally clutched by Yang Chen, and they can't escape!

They all felt that the breath of death was getting closer.

"You two attacked me very fiercely before, so now you both have to die!"


Yang Chen looked at the two superheroes struggling to no avail and laughed.


Then I saw Yang Chen holding the Firestorm in one hand and Captain America in the other, and slammed their heads in the middle.



Iron Man, Atomic Man, and Bo Zhen female Daisy watched Yang Chen's movements, and they all uttered in panic.


Unfortunately, Yang Chen would not obey them.

Under the violent collision of Yang Chen, the heads of Fire Storm and Captain America met, violently collided and exploded.


It was as if two watermelons collided violently, they were all broken!

You can't die anymore!

Watching Fire Storm and Captain Americas headshots, the remaining Daisy, Iron Man, and Atomic Man felt that the world had suddenly stopped.

They only feel surrounded by fear, as if they can't feel anything, they feel a strong chill from the bottom of their hearts!

Not only them, but everyone who saw this picture by satellite monitoring, watching Yang Chen kill two superheroes Firestorm and Captain America so brutally, they all felt a deep fear and despair, and their heads were all over. blank.

It was cruel, it was cruel.

Despair, everyone who saw this scene only felt a deep despair, the whole body was like falling into the abyss, cold and biting!

boom! boom! ! !

The bodies of Fire Storm and Captain America were thrown away by Yang Chen.

[Successfully hunted the monster "Fire Storm" and successfully hunted its talent "Fire Storm". Does the host choose to integrate with himself or specify to integrate with the contract monster?

[Successfully hunted the monster "Captain America", but failed to hunt for talent!

"Fuse to me!"

Regardless of the sluggish Daisy trio, after receiving the system's prompt, Yang Chen chose to integrate the talent of Fire Storm into his own body.

No matter whether it is useful or not, it will never go wrong with more integration, and it can make him stronger!

[Fusing talent "Fire Storm"...]

['Fire Storm' successfully integrated into the host, and the host has obtained this talent!

Super Monster Cultivation System: Level 3 (80/300)

[Number of contractable monsters: 18]

[Contracted monsters: Tyrant, Hungry Ghost, Rain, Cangjingkong, Giant Scorpion Monster, Vertigo, Starscream, Garona, Monkey King (dead), Little Dragon Girl, Duan Qi, Kaitlin, Diana]

[Host: Yang Chen]

Sex: Male

[Talent: Underwater Breathing, Ling Ming Stone Monkey Body, Dou Yun, Big Dipper Five Elements Fist, Wonder Woman Power, Fire Storm]

[Task: Savings before revenge! (Already available for submission)]

[Item: Invisible Card X1 (1/3) Fire Source...]


With the successful integration of the talent Fire Storm, Yang Chen quickly mastered this talent and how to use it.

Puff puff~~

Seeing Yang Chen's hands moved, two terrifying flames burned on Yang Chen, and the flames before the fire storm were exactly the same.

"Tsk tsk, Fire Storm has good super powers, very handsome!"

Yang Chen chuckled softly while controlling the new super talent.

It was also Yang Chen's voice that made the three Iron Man Tony, who had been sluggish, wake up.

Seeing that Yang Chen actually mastered Firestorm's superpowers, the Iron Man Tony trio became even more desperate!

They heard what Yang Chen said before that the Hulk ability of Garona was obtained from Banner. They still didn't believe it, because Garona was green before she transformed.

But now that they witnessed the fire storm in Yang Chen's hands, even if they didn't want to believe it, they knew what Yang Chen said was the truth!

Yang Chen can obtain the superpowers of the superheroes he killed!

What kind of terrifying ability is this?

Staring blankly at Yang Chen's ability to manipulate the fire storm, the Iron Man Tony and the three were completely desperate, and they didn't do any more. They didn't think they could kill Yang Chen at all.

Of course, not just them, but everyone who understood this scene by satellite monitoring was in the same mood as them, full of despair.

"How to play this?"

"Asshole, why does this terrifying ability appear on a villain..."


"God, did you abandon us God?"


"Oh? Don't you do it?"

Yang Chen looked at the totally desperate Iron Man trio, and the corners of his mouth suddenly curled up slightly!

This kind of feeling of being so powerful that it makes people feel desperate is really quite good, full of sense of accomplishment!

"It seems that you have realized that I am strong, now let's go, facing you who dare not even make a move, I am not interested in killing you!"

Afterwards, Yang Chen glanced at Iron Man and Atomic Man and said lightly.

Both of these superheroes rely on equipment, they have no superpowers themselves, they are not monsters, and there is no benefit to killing them. Yang Chen didn't bother to do it.

Let them go back alive and live in self-blame and fear!

Of course, this has to be that they are obedient and really get out when he is in a good mood.

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