Mmorpg: Opening Awakening Super God Talent Chapter 601

Chapter 600: : Blood Demon Special Occupation: Blood Demon

Count the spoils.

Two high-level strengthening stones, six intermediate-level strengthening stones, eleven low-level strengthening stones, plus five spiritual crystals, and thirty-seven crystal coins!

It's worthy of being an epic boss, it's so bold!

In addition.

There are eight pieces of equipment, one of which is directly epic grade, and the remaining seven pieces have no hips, all of which are gold grade.


Is the character explosion this time?

Pick up the only piece of epic equipment!

[Blood Demon Gauntlets]: Unidentified, Grade: Epic!


Was it still a handguard dubbed "Blood Demon"?

Is it possible that this is still a suit?

"Fuck, epic suit!"

Qin Luosheng's heart suddenly became hot.

If this set is collected, and it is sublimated with the miracle of stars, and it becomes a legendary suit in seconds, wouldn't it be going to heaven?


This is just thinking about it.

Didn't you see that Li Zhan died for the first time, and the first time he exploded, only one handguard was exploded?

This copy!

The burst rate will increase with the number of clearances.

By the time.

Even if you can infinitely brush the Demon Palace and fight infinitely, you will come up with a set of Gorefiend suits from him, but that grade is definitely horrible. Maybe, in the end, even if there is a Starlight Miracle, the accessories will still have a gold level.

"Forget it, let's watch it again, at least there is no time to think about any suits these days!"

Putting the blood demon handguards and a few other pieces of golden equipment into the backpack, Qin Luosheng shook his head, temporarily leaving them behind.

"It's been a long time since I saw special items such as scrolls. Before Gongsunzhuang gave a copy of "The King of Fighters", even though it was collected, it also allowed me to obtain a secondary combat career-the king of fighters. When I didn't use a sword, Its also nice to play with your fists."

Qin Luosheng unfolded the scroll and looked at it, "I don't know, will fighting this product give me a big surprise!"

"Blood Demon Sutra"!

Is it another scripture?

Qin Luosheng was overjoyed.

"Ding, your conditions are not met, "Blood Demon Sutra" cannot be used!"

? ? ?

what's the situation?

I took off my pants, so you tell me this?

"The "Blood Demon Sutra", it's incomparable!"

The hidden Blood Demon Sword and Sword Spirit suddenly jumped out and explained, "Unless, you are ready to become a Blood Demon!"

"What do you mean?"

Qin Luosheng was startled and asked, "What does it mean to be a blood demon?"

"It means it literally!"

The Blood Demon Sword said: "You just confronted Li Zhan, and the skills he used are the tricks recorded in the "Blood Demon Sutra"!"


Qin Luosheng was shocked immediately.

"The skill you just fought hard is the skill of "Blood Demon Sutra"?"

Swallowing fiercely, Qin Luosheng broke off his hand index, "Blood Demon Sword Realm, Sword Slashing Endless Three Thousands, Slashing Heaven and Swordsmanship,... all of these?"


The Blood Demon Sword calmly said: "These are just basics, and I don't have enough comprehension of the fierce battle, and I have injured my origin, and I have not recovered enough. I can only display this strength!"

Qin Luosheng stopped speaking immediately.

This Nima.

Old Versailles!

Is it good to be so realistic?


Even though it was uncomfortable to be forced by others in front of him, Qin Luosheng had to hold on because they were telling the truth.

As the weapon of the blood demon once second only to the demon king and the three major demon kings, and the head of the seven demon envoys, the sword cuts billions of living beings, destroys hundreds of nations and kills thousands of races, it does have that qualification.

"What are the requirements to become a blood demon?"

Qin Luosheng couldn't help asking.

He is not a pedantic person, putting on a powerful force and not using it.

Originally, the strength does not distinguish between good and evil, and he used the blood demon sword to become a sword slave. But Qin Luosheng, he definitely did not do so. This is not because he thinks too much of his own ability, but because he has already been in harmony. The Blood Demon Sword signed the contract, and in a sense, it had already accepted it.

If it is usual, Qin Luosheng might also take other external factors into consideration, such as those old and stubborn ideas, so he will not be so excited and put into action.


The decisive battle with Longyuan is imminent, and the more strength is the more chance of victory.

This is all about his duel. Once he loses, it is not just as simple as death, but is equivalent to directly deleting the number. This kind of perverted punishment cannot be lost at all.

"It's easy!"

Qin Luosheng asked, the Blood Demon Sword didnt mean to hide at all, and answered him generously: "One, enter the way of the devil, taking the blood of thousands of creatures as a sacrifice; second, grab the source and condense the blood demon for thousands of years. The core of the blood demon merges into the self, and the third is to soak in the abyss of blood for a hundred years to regenerate a core of the blood demon and become a new generation of blood demon.

Qin Luosheng:? ? ?

How do you call this tm?

Are you afraid that you are embarrassing me Fat Tiger!

If Lao Tzu has this ability, this means, this determination, I still need a bullshit?

Long Yuan directly killed Long Yuan, and the sky is high and the sea is wide.

"Don't you think about it?"

The Blood Demon Sword sensed Qin Luoshengs state of mind, and at the moment he gave up, he tempted and said: "This is the blood demon. It once swept the Destiny Continent and the All-Clan Army, possessing the power to slaughter hundreds of millions of living creatures. The stronger Gorefiend Lord might have already surpassed the three major demon kings and defeated the coalition forces on the front battlefield. Now it is the demons that dominate this land!"

"Stop talking nonsense!"

Qin Luosheng sneered: "You are still a little tender if you want to lure me into depravity. Even if you are telling the truth, don't forget that losers are always losers, and any excuses are pale and weak."

Blood Demon Sword:...

This sentence is really irrefutable!

History books are written by victors.

This is the most famous saying.

The failure of the demons is definitely not because a mere blood demon, a blood demon sword can turn things around.

Don't say that Qin Luo has become a blood demon now, even if the real blood demon arrives and swept in with the demon army, the scene of ten thousand years ago will be staged again, and he will be driven back to the demon world after failure, and even this time even the demon world. Can't go back.

after all.

The Destiny Continent of this period was not a piece of scattered sand that was caught off guard and couldn't concentrate its vital forces because of the ten thousand races' struggle for hegemony.

Even though the major races are working independently, at most some races have alliances and are not monolithic, but internal fighting returns to internal fighting. Once the demons, the outsiders who come with destruction and enslavement, set foot, all the races will unite for the first time. Get up, will not repeat the mistakes of the fall of mountains and rivers and the destruction of all races thousands of years ago.

"There is another way!"

The Blood Demon Sword hesitated for a while, but couldn't help but speak, "I use my essence and blood to turn into the Blood Demon Pill, for you to swallow, it can form resonance and cultivate the "Blood Demon Sutra", but it cannot become a blood demon, or it is It's only an entry-level blood demon. However, if you do this, you will lose your rare professional abilities. Even if you dispel the power of the blood demon pill, the lost profession will not return!"

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