I Am Loaded With Passive Skills Chapter 555

Chapter 541: Peak Contest Fine And Subtle

Is this a woman's instinct?

To be honest, Xu Xiaoshou was a little unbelievable and even the storyteller didn't see anything.

This girl, Lorere, was able to guess something from her silent behavior.

Go to the ancient book space to sit down?

Xu Xiaosui twitched at the corner of his mouth.

I just ran out of that shabby place with great effort, and now I am going in. Isn't it just asking for trouble?


But, my "saint slave" second child, how can your little girl be at the mercy of the movie?

"Stop it."

With a word, Xu Xiaoshou stopped Mu Zixi who was talking.


Mu Zixi raised his head, his big eyes a little more confused.

Xu Xiaoshou sighed, "I have said so much, but except for the last piece of information that is useful, basically, what you said... is all bullshit!"


A sniff sound fell.

A black line rose immediately on Mu Zixi's forehead.

"Cursed, passive, +1."

On the other side of Transsion, the spiritual connection was also shaken, and it almost didn't disconnect directly.

A faction of Ya Que silent!

"Feared, passive value, +3."

"Senior, I..."

Lou Leilei's hesitating voice appeared, she didn't know what she had said before, why did she provoke Sleeveless Senior?

Before she could continue speaking, Xu Xiaoshou interrupted her.

"After entering the white cave for so long, have you collected such a little information?"

He pointed to Mu Zixi, hating iron but not steel: "Not long after the old man entered here, he has already received much more information than you."


Mu Zixi Qiang stopped himself from jumping up and beating the opponent, and then forced himself to lower his head weakly.

Xu Xiaoshou, pretending!

I want to cooperate...

But that's disgusting!

This guy, deliberately!

"Cursed, passive, +1."

Xu Xiao received a big hand.

"The black falling scabbard has fallen on Yu Zhiwen's body. The little girl, as a celestial magic warlock, can comprehend the Thirty-six Heavens Sealing No Form by giving her time.

"When the time comes to cooperate with Lan Ling, I am afraid it will be difficult for everyone to leave here."

"The blockade here is already open. The more time passes, the greater the actions of the Secret Warlock will be."

"These factors, you have not considered all of them!"

Mu Zixi: "..."

"Cursed, passive, +1."

"Also, red dared to ban everyone here, do you really think they have only the strength that they have shown at this moment?"

"Knowing that the'Holy Slave' has entered the White Cavern, will they not be prepared at all?"

"And just what you said..."

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Mu Zixi disappointedly, "I didn't hear a word of the importance attached to the red clothes inside!"

"Feared, passive value, +3."

Tear Shuangxing's bitter voice came out, "Senior, we..."

"more than this!"

Xu Xiaoshou continued to interrupt, looking at the little younger sister who clenched her fist, and said: "You have already come into contact with ghosts and beasts, and Xin Gugu has also dealt with you. However, the existence of caramel, you forget Up?"


The storyteller was keenly focused.

The second child wanted to beat his apprentice to tell himself the three of them about the other existence of "Xuyue Ash Palace"?

Lorere's voice was completely missing.

The tears were also completely silent at the moment.

No one can see that the "old sang" at this moment is angry like a tiger, unable to touch the chrysanthemum.

"Feared, passive value, +2."

"Xin Gu Gu has no brains, who doesn't know?" Xu Xiaoshou continued.

"Caramel Sugar is the main strategist of the'Xuyue Grey Palace' operation. If nothing else, she is also in Lijian Grassland at this moment."

"And only these two ghost beast parasites dare to perform this operation. What does this show?"

"One, they have back-ups and are not afraid of the red forces at all."

"Two, they have a hole card. After these two organized and led ghost beasts are born in the form of a ghost beast, you are sure that their abilities can be the same as ordinary ghost beasts?"

"Master taught me the truth." Mu Zixi buried his head in front of his chest.

"Cursed, passive, +1."

"The predecessor taught me the right way." Tears Shuangxing hurriedly said, his words full of fear.

So strong!

It was just a short time from Qinglong County to the White Cave, and almost every clue found by Senior Sleeveless was from a major force.

It's still so specific!

Is this the strength of the true leader of the "Holy Slave"?

Do things so resolutely and vigorously, no time was delayed.

"Admired, passive value, +1."

"Suspected, passive value, +1."

Xu Xiaoshou never heard Lorelei's voice.

But looking at the movement of the information bar, she understood that as long as she did not answer the girl's question directly, she seemed to be afraid, but she would not give up.

"That's all..."

Xu Xiaoshou sighed and said, "Sit down?"


Mu Zixi lifted his head, "Do it?"

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly realized that the word "sitting" was not mentioned in the words of Junior Sister Fang Cai.

"Disciple, do you think we still have time to sit here, do we wait here?" he asked.


Mu Zixi's face flushed, what's this all about!

Why did Xu Xiaoshou suddenly... just like that?

Do do?

"That's not good..." She curled her fingers hesitantly, but promised.

"Of course not!"

Xu Xiaoshou immediately mounted the snake with the stick and said: "We are waiting, ghosts and beasts are waiting, red clothes are waiting!"

"Everyone is waiting, so why do you think that the assistance we are waiting for will be stronger than the assistance of red?"

"The old man alone can resist the equivalent combat power outside the Xiabai Cavern, but doesn't the other party know all this?"

"They will let us wait for assistance, while wandering in place, pacing and waiting for death?"


"Children can't fight and beat others, and they will even ask adults to help. Do you really think that all the spirit refiners present are stupid?"


Xu Xiaoshou sneered, "The old man has already entered here, can't it justify the emergency?"

"Still sitting?"

He shook his head disappointedly, "The old man can continue to sit in this deep pit, dripping tea and licking wine, and then, who will collect the old man's body?"



The mud on top of his head was shaken by the sound of low anger.

As soon as Xu Xiaoshou received his words, there was no sound in the pit.

Mu Zixi did not dare to speak.

Although she has many doubts.

But now, not speaking should be the best answer.

Because Xu Xiaoshou's remarks were obviously not addressed to himself.

"Feared, passive value, +3."

"Second, calm down, Luo girl didn't mean it, she was just worried..."

"Shut up!" Xu Xiaoshou scolded.

Mu Zixi shook with fright.


She raised her head, her big eyes filled with confusion.

I, I dont want to talk...

"Cursed, passive value, +2."

The voice of two lines of tears appeared in time, "Senior taught that it was our carelessness. There are crises in the white cave, and we really can't wait any longer."

"But the first seat..." Loray Lei's stubborn voice appeared.


This should be a head-beat sound.

In the next second, the girl's tone weakened.

"The predecessor's lesson is that the younger generation took it for granted and really can't wait."

"The second one makes sense, you two..."

The storyteller obviously feels that he needs to make a haha at this moment to dispel the anger of the second child.

But the words are not over yet.


Xu Xiaoshou was already staring at the direction outside, categorically cutting the railway.


Mu Zixi straightened out his chest bravely.

She has been panicked a long time ago.

"Master, how do you act?"

"Shut up and sit down." Xu Xiaoshou shouted angrily: "I didn't call you!"


Mu Zixi squatted down obediently.

"Cursed, passive value, +1, +1, +1, +1..."


In TRANSSION, the three tones overlap.

At this time, even the storyteller dare not say anything else.

Wait, really can't wait any longer.

The second child is right.

He was able to escape into the white cave immediately after the battle with Gou Wuyue, obviously he had discovered something.

But it is not convenient to say at this moment, that can only be done according to his will.

The side knocks are already obvious.

The Temple of the Holy Spirit is also called people.

And, if all the people here are at the level of Gou Wuyue.

No need for much.

Only two or three are needed to hold the second and elder brother.

The rest, "saint slaves", may not be able to escape!


The storyteller shouted immediately.


Hearing this sound, Xu Xiaoshou's hanging heart was also let go.

Perhaps not only Lorelei, but the storyteller also has a little suspicion in his heart at this moment.

But as Elder Sang, he should act according to his words and deeds.

Old Sang, is the kind of person who can let his younger generation question him?

Is it the kind of person who will explain in the face of doubt?

If so.

Xu Xiaoshou wouldn't have been forced to feed the "Emberlight Tinder" at that time, and even at this moment, he could fully understand the identity of this old guy.


Regardless of whether it is questioning or other things, all suppression!

This is Sang Lao's way of doing things.

Obviously, Xu Xiaoshou was right.

In "Holy Slave", the second child is the second child, and the seventh child is the seventh child.

Seniors are seniors, and juniors can only be juniors.

Senior officials crushed people to death.

As long as you are hard, others have to soften it!

"Still sitting?"

Xu Xiaoshou sneered inwardly.

Its pretty good if I dont feed you seeds. Dare to arouse my "saint slave" cock?


The communication time between Xu Xiaoshou and "Sheng Nu" and others did not last too long.

at this time.

Above Lijian Grassland, those jealous chasers finally calmed down after the devilish energy blew back more than ten people.

"Senior in red, can I take this'Four Swords'?" someone asked aloud.

"There is a problem with this devilish energy!"

"There is no way that you are controlling the big formation, secretly...what little tricks are you?" The speaker's voice gradually weakened.

Bald letter suddenly sneered.

"Little guys, if Hongyi wants the treasures of the White Cave, you can search them all before you enter this place."

"'There are four swords' expensive as a fierce sword, and also the old saber of the Eighth Sword Immortal. You can imagine its fierce and devilish spirit."

"It's your ability to win."

"I can't take it, it's swearing..."

Xin's eyes narrowed, "Be careful I kill you!"

Everyone who stopped chasing the sword suddenly shrank their necks.

Reason, it seems to be such a reason.


Looking at the "Four Swords" flying around again, everyone felt a headache.

This fierce sword can touch the ass, but no one can hold it!

I really want to hold it, the more than ten people who exploded in front are a lesson from the past.

A mere master, not even a throne, no one in the room can control this sword.


At this moment, "There are Four Swords" who became more and more confused in the air, suddenly a layer of white sword aura exploded on its sword.

It is clear.

This incompatible sword energy was not caused by the "Four Swords" itself.

Its weak momentum cannot be compared with the terrifying aura of Fierce Sword.

But in the same way, only such a moment of white sword aura appeared, which also slightly deflected the forward direction of the "Four Swords" and shot towards a certain point.


A place surrounded by red clothes.


Lan Ling's expression remained motionless.

But Lingnian caught the letter instantly and asked: "Does this sword intent... contain sword intent?"

Finally someone couldn't wait any longer and wanted to interfere with the situation.

Intuition told her that this must be the next big fish!


Xinwei shook his head slightly: "But the sword intent is very pure, about the pinnacle of Grand Master Mo, and he is in perfect control of the fire, so it must not be from Ye Luzi."

"Although it was only a moment, but it was an ancient sword repair."

"So, Gu Jianxiu present..."

Xin's eyes moved.

Lan Ling instantly put Ling Nian on the three swordsmen who were gathering momentum, and then raised his brows, "It's not them."

"Yes, it's not them." Xin nodded.

The Three Musketeers did not move.

Therefore, it is impossible for them to issue this sword aura.

"Can you find out the location?" Lan Ling asked.


Xin still shook his head: "That sword aura is only a cover up. What really changes the direction of the'Four Swords' is the power of the heavens contained in it."

"Throne?" Lan Ling asked.

"No, above the throne, maybe cut the way, or even higher!" Xin's voice became heavy.

Lan Ling's heart trembled.

Within the white cave, there are not many who can have the combat power above the cutting path.

"Holy slave?"

Xin realized something at this time, and immediately asked.

Lan Ling didn't answer, but looked at Yu Zhiwen: "The sword energy just now can track the spatial fluctuations?"

"It can be traced to the heavenly secret fluctuations, but it takes time." Yu Zhiwen replied.

"I ask, space fluctuations!"


Yu Zhiwen suddenly hesitated, and Xingtong swept away.

"No, the other party concealed it well, leaving no trace of half space at all."

Lanling immediately made a red lips.

Sometimes, covering up too well is an exposure in itself.

Even if the Dao Slashing of the whole Saint God Continent adds up, there are not many who can understand the rules of the space system.

Not to mention that in the small area of the White Cave, which can list almost all the combat power of the slashing level.

"Hei Ming!"

She waved to the distance, and Hei Ming could only walk slowly.

"The seventh commander of the'Holy Slave', the storyteller...your old opponent, hand it to you."

Lan Ling smiled and said: "This time it was not a sneak attack, but an active attack. If UU reading www.uukanshu.com still loses, you have no excuses."

Hei Ming: "..."

"Don't worry, I know you can't fight, and I will use the power of the big formation to help you." Lan Ling pointed to "Thirty-six days without formation".

The corners of Hei Ming's mouth hidden in the armor twitched, and he turned away in silence.

"Does this lock the candidate?"

Xin was confused when he heard it on one side.

I just said a few words, so did you find the person?

"How did you do it?"

He couldn't help asking aloud.

Hei Ming's footsteps came abruptly.

Yu Zhiwen also turned his head.

Lan Ling took a deep breath.

"Silly big guy, continue to do your business, no time to explain to you!"

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