I Am Loaded With Passive Skills Chapter 556

Chapter 542: The Realm Unfolds The Fierce World

"Come here?"

Lan Xinzi looked at "There are Four Swords" under the influence of the white sword energy, and shot straight in the direction where the two of them were hiding.

The first reaction is "Who can help me"?

After less than half a breath, she denied the illusion.

"Someone wants to take advantage of us and let us be the early birds!"

Lan Xinzi immediately turned around and said to He Yuxing.

With this turning, she realized that the man next to her had reacted a little wrongly.

He Yuxing's body trembled lightly, as if trying to suppress something.

His limbs clung to the stones embedded in the ground, but his back arched, as if he was about to eject into the air in the next second.

"sit down!"

Lan Xinzi suddenly panicked, "Don't be used, it's not time yet!"

"Sit, no, go..."

He Yuxings forehead burst into blue veins, and said hoarsely: "I feel the sword intent in the body of'There are Four Swords', it also sees me, it is..."

"Call me!"


Lan Xinzi's eyes were startled.

Next second.

The fierce sword speeding up seemed to finally end the confusion, and the excitement was shocked in the void.


In a moment, the void lines crack and the earth disintegrates.

The scattered black sword aura cut out from all directions, directly cutting the crowd who had not had time to chase from behind, and retreated again and again.

"There are four swords, something is moving!"

Everyone's eyes are hot.

Even if someone touched or even held the "Four Swords" before, it never reacted so violently once.

Now, just flying in a certain direction, there is such a reaction.

"There are four swords, what did you sense?"

Everyone is subconsciously alert.

According to this situation, wouldn't it be that the sword bearer of the fierce sword is about to come out?

What should I do?


Lingyuan isolated the fierce sword and sword intent, and everyone chased away immediately.

And at the same time, at this moment, on the way of the "Four Swords", a pile of rocks exploded, and a white figure flew into the sky.

"There are four swords, it belongs to me!"

The roar echoed in the void.

Lan Xinzi looked dumbfounded as He Yuxing rushed into the sky like this, and then under everyone's unbelievable gaze, he tightly grasped the "Four Swords" that passed by!


Not surprisingly, the demon energy that burst into the body at that moment exploded with a loud noise in the void.

"Puff, another idiot..."

The chasers behind stopped in a sneer.

However, the ridicule has not yet settled. When the devilish energy disappeared, a man half naked, his clothing was bombed to the extent that only blood cloth was left, standing with a fierce sword, his eyes full of sight!

"No, not dead?"

Everyone was shocked.

This is the first person who has not been battered to death by demonic energy after holding the "Four Swords"!

Not only that.

This man with a large number of magic patterns, the sword intent on his body, vaguely complemented the "four swords", and it was full of the same origin.

"He Yuxing..."

Lan Xinzi's beautiful eyes were full of shock, and she looked at the man standing with a sword in the void in a daze.

It has to be said that He Yuxing, who is flying with black hair in the sword aura at this moment, is accompanied by the magic pattern that spreads all over the body like a black snake, and has an unspeakable wild and unruly temperament.

He Yuxing raised "There are Four Swords" in the air with one hand.

On the cracked body, dark red blood beads ooze out.

The blood beads then gather in the crevices of the streamlined muscles, turning into droplets and dripping down the mermaid line.

"Go ahead and die!"

He turned the sword backwards.

After a word was settled, the sword intent broke into pieces and shattered the entire space like a gossip sword net.

To be honest, He Yuxing didn't want to take a sword.

Even if Lan Xinzi didn't say anything, he knew that he was being used.

But when the "Four Swords" shot straight in the direction where he was hiding, the sounds of the same origin were not something he could suppress.

He flew out.

Not voluntary, but also voluntary!


Take this sword, take it!

Only when the fierce sword really started, after feeling that that kind of hand had mastered the terrifying power that could destroy the world.

He Yuxing realized that all the previous worries were false.

Anyone, anything obstructing...

There are four swords, one sword can be cut!


Originally thinking of taking this opportunity to steal the man with the fierce sword, he took a short step and froze in the air.

"Really hold it?"

"Who, where did the guy who popped up, how can he be so face-to-face?"

"Not sure, but I know very well..."

The speaker looked at the gossip sword net spreading hundreds of feet around He Yuxing's feet, and the devilish energy on the cracks rushed out of it, and he couldn't help swallowing his saliva.

"I only know that one step forward, really...will you die?"


A light and shadow burst out from the stagnant crowd.

Some were shocked, and some did not believe in evil at all.

Everyone already knows the power of "Four Swords".

The cultivation base of the talented master in front of him, just suppressing the fierce sword's uninterrupted demon energy into the body, almost exhausted all his strength.

How could it be possible to still use the true power of the "Four Swords"?

"Pretend to be a god, and die for me!"

The fluctuation of the golden spirit element exploded in the void accompanied by the humming sound.

In an instant, the advancing person condensed a group of hot energy like a blazing sun.

"Firefly light..."

He Yuxing squinted his eyes, his eyes fluttering.

The hot energy in front of you...

At that time, this grandmaster might be able to cause harm to himself with this type of spiritual skill.

But at this moment, with "four swords" in hand, he even felt that he didn't need to use a sword at all.

One look can kill the opponent.


The palm is tight.

The "Four Swords" held upside down entered the body and the devilish energy stagnated, and then the surging sword intent that burst out in response to it, swept toward the rushing people like a wave against the shore.

However, He Yuxing's sword intent has not yet overwhelmed the visitors.

Since the sword of "There are Four Swords" violently opened a black circle, but the person in front of him stepped into the cage earlier.

Only for a moment.


The black sword qi exploded in the human body, like an inflated hedgehog, directly chopped the body into pieces of meat, and shot away.

It was He Yuxing's sword intent that followed him.


When the earth sank, the pieces of meat were directly pressed into the soil.


The scene was extremely silent for a while.

Just a tight hand, never even lifted the sword.

The person who sneaks into the attack will be destroyed?

"This Nima..."

Everyone was dumbfounded.

As long as there are eyes, it is not difficult to see that the power of the "Four Swords" itself has completely surpassed too many sword holders.

He Yuxing didn't even need the slightest movement.

Where the heart is, where the mind is.

This fierce sword can tear the enemy in front of him to pieces!

"Wait, Jianyi!"

Someone finally saw He Yuxing who was eclipsed by the light of "Four Swords".

Although his attack was slower than the fierce sword.

But the surging sword intent that pressed the pieces of meat to the ground...

"Grandmaster level?"

"This guy is actually a swordsman!"

Everyone's pupils shrank again.

Up to this moment, everyone looked away from the "Four Swords" sword and saw He Yuxing who was also staring at the "Four Swords" in midair.

Master Sword Intent!

It is not spiritual skills, nor is it other sloppy doorways.

This pure sword intent is only possible to comprehend it with an extremely deep insight into the kendo itself.

"Is it possible that the lowest bargaining chip to hold the'Four Swords' is the Grandmaster Sword Intent?"

Someone was startled.

If this is the case, then none of their clowns is qualified to touch that fierce sword.

Innate sword intent is hard to find.


"I'm sour."

He Yuxing looked at the group of people who were suddenly discouraged and didn't say much.

After the sword "There are four swords", it has already declared that he is invincible among his peers.

Why do you look at the ants in front of you more?

He turned his head and looked into the distance: "Senior in red, what has been said before, does it still count?"

Hong Yi said before.

If anyone can win the "Four Swords", they can even **** them to prevent them from being harmed in the white cave.

Everyone looked back.

At this moment, as long as the red dress nodded, then "there are four swords", everyone is out of play.

"Lan Ling?"

Xin also turned to look at Lan Ling.

Obviously, the consul in red should have come out to speak at this time.


Lan Ling did not answer, but tilted his head to look behind him.

Although it was only for such a short period of time.

But given this period of time, Hongyi can fully dig out the information of the person in charge of the "Four Swords".


A red dress stepped forward and said:

"He Yuxing, Grand Master Celestial State Realm, not long after breakthrough, Grand Master's sword intent, not long after breakthrough, one of the thirty-three people in the inner courtyard of Tiansang Ling Palace."

"The power of innate attributes is very special, it's a condensable imaginary sword, belonging to the top aptitude in kendo."

"The rest is not recorded in the data, but the magic pattern on his body, preliminary observation, should come from the'Sacrifice Falling Carving Tablet', that is to say, he has realized the sword intent of the Eighth Sword Immortal."

"This should be why he can master the'Four Swords'."

"Nothing?" Lan Ling asked.

"Nothing." Hongyi replied, "I have to send someone to the Tiansang Spirit Palace to obtain the specific information. Now there is only so much that can be given outside."

"Check it now!"


Lanling paused, then asked, "Where is the other one?"

She didn't say it straight, but Hong Yi already knew that she was talking about the woman in the place where He Yuxing had previously hidden.

"Ordinary Grandmaster, there is no threat."

Lan Ling nodded, waved his hand, and the red clothes stepped back.

She turned her head to look at He Yuxing who was still waiting, the corner of her mouth twitched, and she said loudly: "The promise of red clothes is naturally effective!"

With a rush, the rest of those who were still waiting immediately became anxious.

Isn't this response the same as declaring "there are four swords"?

With so many people here, they can only watch the man with a sword... leave?

He Yuxing's eyes couldn't help flashing a faint joy.

It is true that he is confident to face the other "Four Swords" contenders, but this fierce sword...

To tell the truth, the devilish energy that continuously enters the body is about to exceed the standard.

At this moment, he is also under load.

It is an inevitable result that we must continue to survive and die if the body explodes.

Hongyi can keep the promise, and he and Lan Xinzi can leave this Lijian Grassland in peace.

This ending couldn't be better.

"Thank you..."


Lan Ling interrupted him with a smile and said: "What we said earlier is that if anyone can be recognized as having the'Four Swords', Red Clothes can even **** him out of the White Cave."

"And you, have you really received the recognition of'There are Four Swords'?"

He Yuxing looked stiff.

As if responding to Lan Ling's words, he suddenly shook his chest and snorted, and the corners of his lips were filled with black and red blood.

"He can't hold it!"

In midair, there was a sharp-eyed voice and cried out: "This guy is also stubbornly bracing. Although he has got the'There are Four Swords', but the grandmaster's sword intent can only keep him in the first wave."

"How can it be so simple to get the recognition of'There are Four Swords'?"


"This guy is just dying. He smashed his blood, but he is not recognized at all. He is forcibly suppressing the evil spirit of the'four swords'!"

"Let go of the four swords, I'll change it--"

He Yuxing didn't even bother to talk to these speechless people.

This is also the sword in his hand, and everyone will follow the red shirt's words to go down.

The sword is on them...

The faces of this group of people must be another wonderful picture.

He stared at the red-clothed Lan Ling, and said deeply: "I didn't expect that the dignified red-clothed would actually play the so-called word game?"

"This is not a game."

Lan Ling shook his head complacently: "What we are looking for is the real sword holder of the'four swords', not the strong-willed person."

"Similar to you, Baiku grabs a lot of it, and the red clothes don't have to spend a lot of time protecting you."

"And before the'There are Four Swords' didn't really recognize the Lord..."

Lan Ling smiled and said: "It's just a higher-level treasure. Fighting is the only way to the birth of the most treasure. Our red clothes will not stop it."

Everyone in midair was directly excited.

Hong Yi's remarks simply affirmed everyone's qualifications for the "four swords" in disguise.

As long as the final outcome is not settled.

Even if the Magewen Man got the "Four Swords", he would not escape death!

The quality is the best.

The number, everyone added up, can't overwhelm this person who is dying by a fierce sword?

"A bunch of trash!"

He Yuxing was finally annoyed by the ugly faces of the people in front of him.

"'There are four swords' here, whoever wants it, come and get it!"

He slanted his sword slightly, the grandmaster's sword intent filled the sky, and the majestic devil energy evacuated from the sword, and poured into his body.


This moment.

All the swords of the spirit refiners in Lijian Grassland trembled, and even the famous swords were also implicated.

After entering the devilish energy of He Yu's body, after dormant for a few breaths, it finally burst open suddenly.

In an instant, the remaining devil energy in a radius of a few miles was summoned, and when it was soaring, it formed a huge black magic ball, enclosing a small half of the Lijian grassland.

"Boundary, boundary?"

Not to mention that a group of young people were shocked.

Even everyone in the red shirt was frightened by the power of the "Four Swords".

He Yuxing is just a grandmaster celestial state.

However, as soon as he grasped the fierce sword, he actually opened up such a realm that was not weaker than the throne realm?

"Seize the sword... right?"

The scarlet light suddenly appeared from the bottom of He Yu's eyes, UU reading www. uukanshu.com he hangs his sword in the air, lifts his hands empty, and is completely immersed in this area that belongs to the "four swords".

At this moment, he is the master!


"Coming to fight!"

Drink it.

He Yuxing pointed to a fist and nodded a little.

The black magic ball covering the small half of the Lijian Grassland suddenly shook and took shape.

The field is unfolding, the fierce world!


Suddenly, the black sword energy shot out from all over the void instantly tore the horrified group of people not far in front of He Yuxing to pieces of meat.

At this moment, Wan Lai was completely silent.

The blood spattered, the pieces withered, everything seemed serene and beautiful.

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