Pubg Nightmare Player System Chapter 414

Chapter 414: Invincible

"If I guessed right, you must have been sold

You want to live decently, but there are too many unethical worlds in this era

So you forgot the childhood book

Learned to co-exist

Learn to don't care

Because there are too many neuroses here"

Ye Lang is half-talking and half-singing, and his unique Sichuan-Shu style singing is accompanied by a strong taste of rivers and lakes. For a while, the audience on the scene felt like they were in an ancient world, looking at these people in their pockets. , The knight with a long knife.

This feeling is too strong!

The smell is too strong!

It's another classic singing.

"I will walk from south to north, and from white to black..."

Ye Lang's singing skills are indescribable. Even someone like Zhang Yue who has collaborated with top singers many times has to admit that Ye Lang's live skills are impeccable.

"This Ye Lang is so good at singing!"

Zhang Yue took a breath and shook his head again and again, "His lyrics are also very good, which rapper is not here, haha, I like it."

Wu Sige nodded, agreeing with this point of view. Ye Lang is too good at singing. On this stage, Ye Lang's singing skills are invincible. If there are such a finishing touch or two in his song every time, then The others really have no fun.

Suddenly, Reji's expression became serious, "Ye Lang is coming! He is coming!"

"If there are no distracting thoughts in your mind, you can cultivate righteous fruit

The gangsters in the past have to kill demons

When will I meet you, just if

I avoided the troubled times because of the fire all over me"

Hot Chicken suddenly remembered that when he went to boil Ye Lang's words all night last night, he found a pattern.

Whenever momentum and artistic conception are needed, Ye Lang will sing four lines of lyrics, which are also the most classic part.

"Trash Talk" has it.

At this time, a familiar scene appeared.

The audience at the scene took a breath of air, getting cold behind their backs.

"Too ruthless, this word."

"God, did I see the bandits."

"What bandit, that's a knight."

"Perhaps this is the rivers and lakes."

The rappers from Sichuan and Sichuan are all excited. They have long been interested in this form, but none of them are educated and the words are not enough.

There were thousands of thoughts in their hearts, but there was not enough ink. At this time, after a few words were sung by Ye Lang, they were all excited, with stars in their eyes, as if they were saying: "Idol, take me."

Pickled Jiao's face was green, and he passed the level easily, but the problem is that Ye Lang is too strong!

He felt that his rap worldview had been challenged, and he was beaten up, and was about to shatter.

Why are there people like Ye Lang?

How can rap sing like this?

Fatty is Ye Lang's opponent. He is the most uncomfortable. At this time, he just wants to eat a bowl of hot dry noodles made by his mother.

"You must not be brave and cruel, modest and prudent.

Im not afraid of death, anyway

Life is alive, how can there be no twists and turns in a lifetime

Pioneers who want to break the old rules

BCTRAP, my eyes are not on China"

Suddenly Ye Lang's voice increased, and his voice rose again.

Accompanied by the uniform swing of the dancer behind him, the overlord's pace, the sound of a musical instrument came up in an instant.


Known as the king of folk music, the flowing light in the musical instruments, the mudslides in the world's folk musical instruments, the sonic destroyers of Chinese and Western musical instruments, the voice of the overlord...na.

Ye Lang dare to use this thing?

Zhang Yue, the almighty king of lyrics and music, is now dumbfounded.

Pan Shuai hasn't closed his mouth for a long time.

How is it possible?

Is this person here to smash the scene?

What kind of arrangement is this, and the dancer?

What kind of lyrics are these, every word, just like we professional singers rubbing on the ground.

Reji's face is solemn, Ye Lang belongs to his group, but now he feels that he can't take Ye Lang at all, it's not that he can't take it, but he will drag Ye Lang's hind legs.

With the deafening suona, everyone is hi!

This may be the legendary intracranial storm!

At the scene, all the audience stood up and kept applauding.

Ye Lang continued to sing at this time.

"I want to walk from south to north, and from white to black. I want people to look at me, but they don't know who I am~"

Ye Lang and Suona made a sound together, and they even overwhelmed Suona!

At the moment the music fell, Ye Lang looked at the four judges.

The scene has turned the sky upside down.

"Ye Lang! Ye Lang! Ye Lang! Ye Lang!"

At this moment, I don't know how many people have been completely shocked in their hearts.

It turns out that rap can still be played like this?

It turns out that the so-called classics that they have always adhered to are just other people's classics and do not belong to this nation.

At this moment, the four judges also stood up and applauded wildly.

Even someone with average business ability like Wu Sige understands the special.

Ye Lang waved his hand and slowly moved to the background.

"Is it just a game today?"

"Yeah, but the promoted singer has to discuss with the instructor about the next track. You can't go, Mr. Ye Lang."

When the staff saw Ye Lang wanted to slip away, they were anxious. It was less than three o'clock, and Ye Lang wanted to slip away, which was obviously not right.

How serious the other people are about the game one by one, you just have to go after the game and don't want to know the result. Fortunately, the staff kept watching.

They are now afraid that if one is inattentive, Ye Lang will disappear.


At 5:30 in the afternoon, Ye Lang, Huang Xu, Reji, and Zhang Yue, the four of them began to discuss their new chorus in a huge studio, which will be used in the next round of PK.

"In this round of PK, according to the rules, the top eight singers in the PK ranking just now can enter. The other rankings, to be honest, have already been eliminated."

Hot Chicken said slowly: "So, four combinations, two mentors in each group, two players, eight people, leaving four people to enter the semi-finals, and continue to fight."

Ye Lang couldn't help asking, "Is this a bit unfair to the other players? After all, the level of the instructor is high or low."

However, Hot Chicken smiled, "Ye Lang, your question is very good, but since you are your chosen tutor, who is to blame?"

Ye Lang smiled, "Haha, then isn't Wu Sige's group over."

At this time, Zhang Yue's face changed, "Ye Lang, the instructor randomly disrupted the groupings. Reji and I will take you in one group. It is estimated that we will have to cooperate with the other two instructors to bring other groups.

"This... is fine, anyway, it doesn't matter, I'm here to win the championship, alright."

Ye Lang said lightly: "By the way, what do you choose for this song?"

Hot Chicken thought for a while, "I wrote a song before, "Mortal Song", I want to adapt it."

Ye Lang nodded, "Sure, listen."

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