Pubg Nightmare Player System Chapter 415

Chapter 415: No Ethics Show

Finally, when the night fell, Ye Lang drove home.

As soon as I sat down, Li Yu called.

"Ye Lang, there is bad news."

"Huh? What's the matter, Sister Li."

Li Yu sighed, "Ye Lang, today I met with the founder of Star Entertainment, who is also their biggest boss at the moment. This person is Yang Tian, who is very interested in you."

Ye Lang suddenly became cold behind his back, and the chrysanthemum tightened, "No, Sister Li, what do you mean? What makes him interested in me?"

Li Yu froze for a moment, and seemed to have no reaction.

"I am very interested in our studio. He wants to sign you to become his artist."

Isnt Star Entertainment the same company that Xiao Zhan belongs to?

This entertainment company basically represents the largest entertainment group in China. Are they interested in Yelang Studio?

"It's okay to talk about cooperation, other things are free."

Ye Lang said calmly: "Sister Li, the reason why I can make you and Teacher Liu Bo return to the entertainment circle is because of my own strength. If I sign with other companies, then my strength will be gone. ."

"Also, let him go away. This kind of person thinks about cutting leeks every day, and there is nothing good in his mind."

Li Yu was stunned.

At this time, Li Yu's phone heard a man's voice, "Ye Lang, are you crazy?"

"Crazy? Haha, haven't you seen me being more mad, you are Yang Tian?"

The other party was silent for a while and acquiesced.

"Don't worry, I have just entered the entertainment industry and want to acquire my studio. Now is not the time. At least we have to wait for our studio to become popular and the assets and value reach the peak."

Yang Tian is an old fox. He originally meant to start early when Ye Lang is not in the weather, and give Ye Lang a big contract, so that he can become a powerful fighter under his command, which is better than those little fresh meat. , Xiao Xian was unable to do so by himself, and after signing the company's big contract, he fell into disrepair, and the entire population monument was also declining.

Only fresh blood can solve this problem.

So he first thought of Ye Lang.

This is a real genius. Star Entertainment is not without genius, but genius has to wait for them to grow up. Genius does not mean that it has strong combat effectiveness and can bring benefits to the company in the big dye tank of the entertainment industry.

Only the genius who can fight is the key.

Ye Lang is undoubtedly a genius who can fight.

"I will consider your suggestion."

Yang Tian knew that Ye Lang had seen through his thoughts, it would be difficult.

But maybe, in the entertainment industry, like the stock market, the situation may change one day, and Ye Lang will be gone.

Fame is only temporary, and the time and place are right and people are needed. With Ye Lang's arrogant appearance now, he is afraid that he will encounter more difficulties.

Ye Lang hung up the phone directly, and he did not expect that Yang Tian would come to the studio and talk to Li Yu himself.

Ye Lang was lying on the sofa, muttering.

"Old fox, I'm afraid that the next step will not be a stumbling block? Ha ha, how can such a person who lives in a conspiracy all the time become a bigwig in the entertainment industry? When a capitalist, he really doesn't treat others as humans."

At this time, Ye Lang glanced at his third-tier ranking, and he was almost at the seventy-first position, and the distance to the top was only seventy people away.

"Ye Lang, come here!"

Ye Tan'er shouted.

Ye Lang poked his head out from the second floor, "What's the matter?"

"Ye Lang, "China Rap" premiered today, don't you know?"

"Premier! Fuck!"

Ye Lang's eyes lit up.

Sleepy give pillows.

On TV, Mango TV, Hot Chicken, Wu Sige, Pan Shuai, and Zhang Yue made a gorgeous appearance.

Then enter the audition session.

"Haha, I'm so ridiculous, what is this stuff for? Why don't you have a sense of rhythm?"

Ye Tan'er clutched his belly and laughed.

Ye Lang has a black line. It's not like that at the scene. Could it be that the editing has been excessive?

Sometimes, in order to create some special processes and increase the suspense and interest of the show, the director will use editing techniques to change some facts.

Sure enough, in the next moment, Ye Lang saw his character in this show.

Hot Chicken looked at Ye Lang's photo, "This man is super fierce and powerful. We look forward to Ye Lang's arrival to bring different effects to the game."

Wu Sige looked indifferent, "I like this atmosphere very much. I hope those people can come out of the underground. Of course, the competition is a big fire, and if they are real gold, they are not afraid of fire. As for the trainees, if they can be level. , I will choose them too. After all, being young is an advantage and everything can be learned."

Wu Sige didn't talk about Ye Lang, nor did he say anything else, but just said something that was not salty or not.

Pan Shuai, "Wow, this lineup is very luxurious, huh? This guy, wow! And Ye Lang! I'm going, I'm looking forward to it."

Zhang Yue was the only one who made professional comments.

"Ye Lang is very good at singing. I have heard his songs and I was shocked. When he signed up, we were also very nervous. After all, Ye Lang is already famous. Can he face the ferocious rap from the land? Singer, do you show a kind of calmness? However, I think I think too much, he is very fierce."

This is obviously recorded later and it hasn't started yet. How do you know that I am fierce?

Damn, this show is really engaging.

Ye Tan'er looked at Ye Lang: "Oh? They said you are fierce, why are you fierce? Let me see if you are fierce."

Ye Lang was speechless, "If you make me fierce, I will be fierce, dude, watch TV, concentrate!"

When Ye Lang saw that he was playing, the surroundings were extremely shifted and the language of the camera, Ye Lang knew that he was going to be portrayed as a great devil. Who else could challenge himself and kick himself off the altar? , That's the top rapper!

"I eat hot pot, you eat hot pot base..."

Hearing this sentence, Ye Tan'er smiled, "It's over, Ye Lang, what did you think of this sentence, I also specifically asked parents to pay attention to this TV show, you are going to collapse now."

Ye Lang's 10,000 question marks appeared on his forehead. No, you can just look at it for yourself. You can also ask your parents to watch it together?

"No, why is the situation I saw on the spot different from this one?"

"How can I be shaped so fiercely!"

Yelang wondered.

But this does not matter.

Then, what made Ye Lang even more shocked was the scene.

Ye Lang stood on the stage one by one and said, "You are here to fight for second place."

The entire Weibo exploded in an instant.

Ye Lang himself was dumbfounded.

This show, for the sake of ratings, has no morals?

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