Pubg Nightmare Player System Chapter 416

Chapter 416: The Program Group Has An Accident

On Weibo, everyone who watched the premiere was dumbfounded.

Especially Ye Lang's fans.

"No, Ye Lang is kind, kind and kind. How could he be so fierce? This show is shameless."

"Damn, I don't believe Ye Lang is so arrogant."

"Hehe, you Ye Lang fans, seeing is believing, don't many people say that when you haven't seen the show?"


Top search: "China Rap" premiered, Ye Lang's magical rap brainwashing.

There are countless comments below this hot search.

"Haha, I blow the air conditioner, you blow the air conditioner outside."

"I take the train, you take the train track"

"I marry a god, you marry a teletubbies"


Suddenly, the entire Weibo sentence-making contest started instantly.

At the same time, Ye Lang's attention has also increased a lot in an instant.

Hot search second: I eat hot pot, you eat hot pot base, why?

A group of netizens still have big brains, and they all have to know why they say that.

Ever since, an extremely fierce debate emerged.

"Isn't the hot pot base in Sichuan and Shu area just old oil?"

"Haha, who hasn't eaten hot pot base ingredients? This is the source."

"Yarn, how disgusting, but I like it."

"Haha, I think Ye Lang has done a lot of this kind of things before. He seems to have lived in Sichuan and Shu when he was a child, and then went to the north."


Hot search third: Yelang's third-tier top 50.

At this time, Ye Lang has entered the ranks of the top 50 third-tier stars.

A fledgling young dragon slayer, holding a treasure knife, through the thorns, relying on peerless talent, from an ordinary person to a famous anchor, from an anchor to an invincible world champion, from a world champion to a member of the entertainment industry , Entered the entertainment circle strongly and set up his own studio.

At this point, everyone has to admire Ye Lang.

"Congratulations to Ye Shen for becoming a top 50 third-tier star! Ye Shen's experience is legendary, too inspirational."

"Haha, congratulations, I think the reason why Ye Shen did live broadcast is to make money, and his purpose is to become a big star."

"Cut, it's like you know it alone. If you don't be an anchor, you can still turn the tide in the entertainment circle if you don't have the level of Ye Shen. Who can write a song like "Dong Feng Po" and who can play Chinese culture. Such a beep? That is Ye Shen."

For a time, Ye Lang's various songs, works, and classic live broadcasts were edited on Weibo and released as a whole.

Todays hot search, Ye Lang once again ascended the throne in the evening, occupying the top three.

Hot search fourth: Xiao Zhan fans attacked passers-by frantically and was sued. Xiao Zhan Studio responded: Fan behavior, please do not rise to idols.

This hot search aroused public outrage, and almost everyone was madly dissing Xiao Zhan during the day.

"You are an idol, a traffic star, what big name do you pretend to be? You also encourage fans to attack others every day? Shameless?"

"Comment? Haha, Star Entertainment is rich, right? Go and take Weibo?"

"Xiao Zhanniu beep, he is a big star, now he is no longer a passerby, fans are like crazy dogs."

But their voices were immediately criticized by Xiao Zhan fans in a uniform manner.

"Brother Xiao Zhan never wanted to be violent to anyone. He is a good person. Don't bully him."

"Guardian Xiao Zhan, the best brother in the world."

"Support Brother Xiao Zhan and be a sensible fan."

Ye Lang couldn't help laughing. Weibo is just a cesspit. Can people in the cesspit be cleaned?

Speaking of disturbing the situation and doing whatever you want on Weibo, dont you rely on yourself to be invincible in the cesspool?

Thinking of this, Ye Lang suddenly thought of something. With Yang Tians urinary sex, it is unusual for Star Entertainment to not take action on himself, especially since Yang Tians words today are basically threatening, otherwise how could he be in Li Yus office? So arrogant?

Money can do whatever you want, but it doesn't mean that the truth will not be known.

Ye Lang was lying on the bed, bored, turned on the live broadcast, and after scanning for a round, he fell asleep directly.


At the scene of "China Rap" the next day, when hot chicken saw Ye Lang, a look of embarrassment suddenly appeared on his face.

Zhang Yue also hesitated, seemingly unhappy, but embarrassed to say.

Wu Sige said indifferently: "Play well today."

Play well today? This sentence is interesting.

Although Wu Sige is young, he is also an veteran in the entertainment industry. There is something in his words.

So Ye Lang asked the staff on the side while putting on makeup.

When the staff heard Ye Lang's words, they were suddenly excited.

"Teacher Ye Lang, don't ask if it's okay, it's hard to tell."

"Why? There are still people unwilling to say it?"

Ye Lang felt more and more that someone was doing things.

"Hey, I'm a car make-up artist. Don't embarrass me. Besides, the big boss decides that no one can change it."

big boss? Ye Lang suddenly remembered one thing at this time. The boss sponsored by "China Rap" seemed to be one of the shareholders of Star Entertainment, so that means, this show is Star Entertainment?

What are they for? Wu Sige?

Ye Lang's mind is flexible, these doors and ways, can't trouble him.

In the entertainment industry, people with money and capital can naturally speak with wind. Small stars nod and bow when they see the big stars. It is not how respectful they are to the big stars, they may just respect the power behind them.

These forces can determine the life or death of any entertainment industry, and it is about food.


Liuzhou was furious, "What's the matter? You can do whatever you want if you have money? You even backed my director and bought the judges. What are you doing?"

"Haha, Director Liu, we are not to blame. I can only say that the show "China Rap" needs to be praised by people who are worthy of praise, obedient people, not those who are all stabs. People, if it is a person Hedgehog, then naturally you have to pull out the thorn to walk with others."

It was the producer and the person speaking on behalf of the management, Liu Qiang.

"Old Liu, tell me, what does Boss Yang mean?"

When Liu Qiang faced Liuzhous question, he just faintly replied: "Sorry, you can do whatever you want if you have money. These underground singers, just hold one and be a model. Do you need to be so serious? Yesterdays ratings were good, Yang The boss has decided to give you a budget of 5 million. You know this yourself."

If you know it yourself, it will be his Liuzhou's money.

But at the expense of a good player, Liuzhou disagreed.

"Don't worry, Boss Yang is just doing something. You don't have to worry about threats from public opinion. Weibo is our position. We can wash all the black, let alone this kind of uprightness?"

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