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Eighteen Years Of Legendary Wave summary:

After entering 2000, China’s Internet started a new round of wealth creation movement due to the rise of online games. In this wave of times, there have emerged many richest people in different years, hundreds of billionaires, and countless multimillionaires and million-level middle class.A gold rush dream for eighteen years. Su Qingyue went to Pingjing from a small southern city alone. He started as an ordinary department manager and experienced cold-heartedness. He also experienced love and hatred, burning incense and kowtow, cutting off his robe, walking on thin ice, trembling, and eventually becoming the top rich.His story is as exciting as the Hong Kong drama era, even more exciting than the era.This article involves game production insider and publishing, market public relations, operational activities, to the capital market, crazy mergers and acquisitions, gambling agreements, landing on Nasdaq and many other content.The actual cases and self-reflection in the article also have extremely important enlightenment for readers who are about to enter the workplace!This article is purely fictitious and any similarity is purely coincidental.- Description from MTL

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