Eighteen Years Of Legendary Wave Chapter 363

Vol 2 Chapter 360: : The Passionate Jiao Kejun

Still get up on time at seven thirty.

Su Qingyue has become accustomed to this schedule.

Going out with Amou, accompany her to have breakfast at the Chenghuang Temple.

I wondered, it was only a few days before the opening.

The company is short of a CFO.

Both he and Yue Lindao were still looking for them, but they never found a suitable one.

There was little contact with talents in this area before.

The other is Teacher Tian's team.

He was going to talk to Jiao Kejun.

There was a plan in his mind, and he went through it again in his mind when he was eating with Amu.

First, it is clear that Jiao Kejun will not agree to let the team go.

Because this is his lifeblood.

It is also the only employee with combat effectiveness in Focus now.

But the focus is now due to Gao Yanhai's aggressive advancement, which has led to a significant increase in the loss rate of "Three Kingdoms Heroes Free Edition".

The original good situation was destroyed.

Other products are not enough to support the entire company.

In addition, when the results were good at that time, he ventured into new projects.

In the words of Tian Zhong: "He is definitely in a bad shape now."

In that case...

Looking down and reviewing the plan, Su Qingyue felt that the plan was feasible.

For Jiao Kejun, it is fortunate that someone can help if it is all like this.

For himself, he fulfilled his promise to his brothers.

Also found a second team.

As for the grievances between them.

Su Qing thought that Jiao Kejun would let go in the face of interests.

As for myself, this is now the optimal solution.

Continue to eat with Amo.

Be prepared to call Jiao Kejun in about time.

Amo quickly finished eating.

Then they separated at the intersection of traffic lights.

Su Qingyue returned home.

When passing by the champion cake, I happened to see Dongshan coming out of the community.

The two said hello.

Back in the house, the legal counsel had passed the contract back to him.

The template contract of Xuanhuan.com is very reasonable.

There is basically no major problem, but there are minor changes in the text, Fan Shengnan explained the detailed reasons.

Email Qiao Zhen.

At nine o'clock, he wanted to call Jiao Kejun.

Just picked up the phone and called out the communication record.

About to dial out.

The phone rang suddenly, Su Qingyue was startled, and saw the caller ID pop-up on the screen: Jiao Kejun.

He was taken aback for a moment.

Ren bell rang twice.

Judging what Jiao Kejun did on the phone.

Then pick it up without hesitation.

The familiar polite voice came from the receiver, still so polite, polite to the point where I feel deliberate now.

"Qingyue, it's been a long time. How are you doing?" Jiao Kejun said: "How is your entrepreneurial business? I have been paying attention to it. I hope you can do a good job and just talk if you need it." He still kept himself. style of.

"is acceptable."

Understand that he is nothing but three treasure hall.

Su Qingyue only responded with a simple answer.

Asked again: "Mr Jiao, what's the matter?"

Jiao Kejun was embarrassed for a moment on the phone.

He probably didn't expect Su Qingyue to be so direct.

Make my own euphemism a little frustrated.

But then he said, "That's it, brother, I want to talk to you." He said, "Look at what time do you have, how about going to the Chalu Teahouse?" He added: "It just happens to be reminiscent of the past, I Miss you too."

He said so.

Su Qingyue raised his eyebrows slightly.

After thinking about it, I knew Jiao Kejun's general purpose.

But he still said, "Mr Jiao, I have just started a business and I am so busy, can we talk about it over the phone?"

"Brother! I can't tell on the phone." Jiao Kejun explained, completely lowering his body.

"Then go to your unit, don't compete for the teahouse." Su Qingyue said straightforwardly, "Save some time."

When he said so, Jiao Kejun was visibly stunned for a moment on the phone.

Then he answered: "Okay, that's great. I also hope you come back and have a look." He said, "Then you see the specific time?"

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"It's just today." Su Qingyue said: "Because we will start work immediately, and we will probably have less time in the future."

"Good! Good! Good!" Jiao Kejun said several good times.

He also waited for Su Qing to come to his work.

They just hung up the phone.

Su Qingyue adjusted a little.

Thinking that since Jiao Kejun has a demand, the rest is exchange.

So set out to focus.

When I went out, I ran into Dongshan and came back from outside.

Get in the car.

It was still very congested after half past nine, and the car stopped and went very slow.

Dongshan complained from time to time.

Then he asked him: "I think you have been absent from work for a while?"

"I resigned." Su Qingyue said.

"I'm firing the boss!" Dongshan laughed loudly, said something terribly vulgar, and said, "It's really hard!"

Su Qing laughed more.

Dongshan can always add some jokes to relax people during stressful moments.

Su Qingyue feels good.

The car continued to drive forward, passing by the Chailu Tea House.

Su Qingyue looked out and was suddenly very emotional.

Imagine that more than half a year ago, I was here drinking tea with Jiao Kejun and talking about their goals.

They finally established cooperation.

It has become like this now.

Changes in the world will shift time, and time shift will prepare for change...

Su Qing thought about it, and after a while the focus came.

He got out of the car.

A former colleague entered the elevator with him.

When I found out that it was him, he was taken aback, and then said in surprise, "Mr. Su?"

"Yeah." Su Qingyue smiled and nodded.

Say a few moments with them.

Everyone chatted with him cordially as if they saw their relatives.

But just a few steps out of the elevator, Li Lin and Gao Yanhai were coming, and they stopped speaking.

Then, Su Qing went over.

There was a smile on Li Lin's face, and he stretched out his hand and said, "Manager Su, it's been a long time."

Gao Yanhai also followed: "General Su is coming here, rare guests."

Greetings with them.

Su Qingyue realized that they were sent by Jiao Kejun to welcome him.

The three are chatting.

Jiao Kejun also came over.

Said: "Qingyue, welcome home."

After speaking, he walked quickly to meet him and stretched out his hands.

The two of them shook hands.

"You have been in business for so long~wuxiaworld.online~ I think you are fat?" Jiao Kejun had nothing to say: "White fat."

"Eat well, eat well." Su Qing smiled back.

The four talked and laughed, like old friends who haven't met for a long time.

Walking inside, Tanaka just came over.

Seeing him first was startled.

Then he laughed and said, "Boss! Come here without saying a word?"

"It was decided temporarily." Su Qingyue said.

"Then you will find me later, don't forget!" He said, pointing to the location near Li Lin's office, "I am there with Xinjie and Ouyang."

"no problem."

Su Qing finished speaking in Yue, and entered Jiao Kejun's office with the three of them.

Li Lin poured a glass of water for Su Qingyue for an unprecedented time.


Look at the three of them, like three hungry wolves.

But Su Qingyue wanted to say: It's a pity that I am a tiger descending the mountain.

As the saying goes, one tiger and ten wolves.

The next moment, Jiao Kejun returned to the topic.

Said: "You also know that our company's "Flying Out of the Sky", Li Lin has changed it to a free game. I mean since you have started a business, there should be no projects now?

"Well, you said..."

"This game is now strongly promoted by our company. If you are interested, you can represent it." Jiao Kejun finally stated his purpose and said: "On the one hand, we believe in your ability to maximize the realization of the product; on the other hand, it is also Considering the establishment of a new company, how can it work without a product?"

After he spoke, Su Qingyue listened.

Seeing him did not speak.

Li Lin said again: "President Su, let me demonstrate it now? It has changed a lot now, not what you think."

After he spoke, the three of them looked at Su Qingyue blankly.

Looking forward to it.

As if to show it again, the latter would be pleasantly surprised, and then agreed.

For a moment, Su Qingyue spoke.

It's simple: "OK."

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