Three Kingdoms Online Games: Battle For Hegemony Chapter 1361

Chapter 1350: Changes In Changshan Country 4

After listening to Ping Han's words, Wu Lao Liu hesitated, and then replied: "There are many. Before and after, I met hundreds of people, including brothers from all ministries."

Ping Han wanted to ask again, but was interrupted by Zhang Yan: "We will talk about this later. You will talk about Wei Jun first."

"No! General, this time Wei Guoping is General Wei Guopingxi General Yan Liang. Wei Jiang also saw the general flag of guerrilla general Zhang Nan in their army, and... and..." At this point, he hesitated again. Up.

"Go on!" Zhang Yan said;

"There are also the two banners of Yu Zi and Zuo Zi. It seems that they should be the two leaders, Yu Du and Zuo Mozhangba. The Wei Jun has about 50,000 soldiers and horses, including about 10,000 cavalry and three or four infantry. Ten thousand people, and about ten thousand peoples auxiliary soldiers. Before we had time to inquire about the specific situation, the opposing cavalry had already discovered us. Seeing that the situation was not good, the subordinates led them to evacuate immediately, but they were almost surrounded by Weijun cavalry. In the end, only a few of his subordinates successfully broke through, and the rest..."

At this moment, there was another commotion in the Wei army outside the Guan. Everyone in Guan looked in the direction outside the Guan, only to find that another group of cavalry came from the north, but it was another group of scouts sent by the Guan. Behind him, a large number of Wei army cavalry followed. The Wei army general who arrived first outside the pass saw this and immediately sent another team of cavalry to intercept.

Although the people on the wall were worried about their cavalry, they were still powerless and could only order the crossbowmen to prepare for the response, and the other only prayed secretly for these cavalry.

After a burst of killing shouts, only a few horses in the scout team of dozens of people highlighted Wei Jun's interception and rushed in the direction of closing the door, but one of them was not dressed as a scout.

After a bitter battle, several cavalrymen finally rushed into the defensive range of the guards in the pass, and the Weijun cavalry had no choice but to give up.

Several cavalrymen entered the Tumen Pass from the closed door with a small slit again. As they approached, Zhang Yan's face changed abruptly, because he had already recognized several people scolding the guard. Who is it? Not only him, but several generals on the tower also recognized him. That person was the person in charge of the Shadow Guard of Tang Army in Zhending City.

Zhang Yan didn't care about observing the enemy's situation, so he hurriedly walked down the barrier and walked towards the scouts who entered the barrier.

Soon, Zhang Yan walked up to a few scouts, plus the Shadow Guards they protected, they had only six people entering the barrier, and the leader was just a very long one. Seeing the main general leading a group of large and small generals rushing towards his party, the scout team was frightened.

Fortunately, after all, he was also the most elite soldier in the Montenegrin army. Shi Chang quickly reacted and quickly pushed away the guard who was cleaning his wounds, stood up and saluted Zhang Yan: "See you, Lu Goudan, head of the scolding camp. General!"

"Free!" Zhang Yan nodded at him, then pointed at the shadow guard who had fallen into a coma: "Where did you meet him?"

"Return to the general, his subordinates were waiting to find this person next to a woods more than 20 miles northeast of Guandong. At that time, there were five of them together, and this person was protected by the other four. The Wei Jun cavalry was besieging them, so the team led us to the rescue. However, when we arrived, the four guarding him had died and injured two, and this person was also seriously injured."

"After being rescued by us, this person showed us a token of the general. The team was saying that this person was very important, so they led us to **** the three of them back to the customs. But we were soon discovered by the Wei Jun cavalry. , Immediately attracted Wei Juns siege, fighting all the way, we are only left with these few people."

After speaking, the scout team named Lu Goudan was hiding his face and sobbing.

Zhang Yan stepped forward and patted him on the shoulder: "You have done a good job. After this war, you will be reported to the king, and you and the brothers who have died and injured will be rewarded."

"General Xie!"

"Okay, let's go down and have a rest!" Zhang Yan nodded at him, and then fixed his gaze on the shadow guard who was being treated: "How?"

"General, the problem is not serious, but the injury caused too much blood loss. After a temporary coma, he will wake up in a day or two."

"It's too slow, come, take this person to the general's mansion, arrange for someone to be treated as soon as possible, so that he can wake up as soon as possible." As he said, he raised his head and pointed at the two Feilu hung in the cage beside the saddle. Said: "These two Feilu are also brought together, there must be no mistakes."

Immediately a few soldiers brought the Shadow Guard, his horses and Feilu to the General's Mansion in the gate for resettlement, and soon a few senior doctors were taken to treat the unconscious Shadow Guard.

Zhang Yan couldnt help but worry. The situation is now very serious. Wei suddenly launched an offensive and lost all of the city he had sent Tumen Pass to the east. Therefore, he must send these news to Huangfu Chaobos hands as soon as possible so that he can do so. Give the best response.

At this moment, the alarm bell of the tower rang again, it was a warning that the enemy was about to launch an attack. Zhang Yan also ignored the comatose Shadow Guard, and led a group of generals to hurriedly climb the wall once again.

On the top of the city, Zhang Yan saw that Wei Jun was already preparing to attack Tumen Pass, and the soldiers and horses headed by them turned out to be those of Yu Du and Zuo Mozhangba.

Seeing this situation, Zhang Yan couldn't help but sneered: "Yan Liang is indeed a reckless man. The army is far away and his footing is not stable. He even thought of attacking the strong city in a hurry, and he was so anxious to drive the newly attached army out to die. . It is true that the army of the general is a mess."

"If the order continues, bring the enemy closer and fight again. If anyone can kill with poison and Zuo Mozhang, he would definitely ask the king to be promoted to two ranks and reward him with thousands of dollars."


Yan Liang urged the army to launch two attacks on Tumen Pass. After losing thousands of soldiers and horses, he did not attack again. In fact, he never thought that he could successfully take Tumen Pass. The reason for doing so, It's just a report to give an idea. If it really succeeds, then the connection between the two armies of Wei and Zhao will be much simpler.

Therefore, after two rounds of offensive setbacks, Yan Liang decisively ordered Mingjin to retreat, and then the army returned to Zhending, let Zhang Nan lead Shouzheng, monitor the movements of Zhang Yan's army, and then led the army to Handan and continue on his own. Defending the Tang Army and Wei Jun to the task of soldiers and horses, and Yu Du and Zuo Mozhang's tens of thousands of troops, Yan Liang ordered the two to select five thousand elites each, and the rest of the soldiers were disbanded, and the two mens 10,000 soldiers and horses. Naturally, he went south to Handan with Yan Liang's army.

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