Three Kingdoms Online Games: Battle For Hegemony Chapter 1362

Chapter 1351: Situation In The North

On the day Yan Liang's army evacuated, the Shadow Guards who fled back to Tumen Pass had already woke up. Zhang Yan took a look, and immediately handed him the draft memorial that he had written, and asked him to report this to Luoyang as soon as possible. The course of the war.

In the next time, Zhang Yan reorganized and gathered the soldiers while continuously strengthening the defense of Tumen Pass, and then quietly awaited the death of Huangfu Chaobo. The Wei Jun to the east was also quite quiet. In addition to sending cavalry to keep an eye on the movement of Tumen Pass, Zhang Nan sent troops to occupy the cities east of the territory, and at the same time cleared out the Black Mountain battalions scattered around.

At this time, the war in the north of Binzhou also entered a stalemate again.

In Yunzhong City, although Huang Xu had already occupied the county city, he didn't have much energy to attack the heavy city like Fuyang. Originally he had only 50,000 soldiers and horses, including 40,000 cavalry, and only 10,000 real infantry.

On this road, some soldiers have been damaged, including nearly a thousand soldiers. Then in Qiangyin City, he left nearly a thousand soldiers. When attacking the cloud, hundreds of pawns were lost. Counting it down in this way, there are only more than 7,000 that can be used with 10,000 paces.

Although they also captured thousands of soldiers of the State of Zhao, these soldiers were basically ordinary soldiers of the county. The rank was too low, and the old and the weak still occupied a considerable part. Second, as far as the current situation is concerned, the soldiers who surrendered in a hurry can not stand a fight, so Huang Xu did not think about sending troops to Fuyang immediately.

Not only Feiyang, but also the other cities of Yunzhong County, Huang Xu has not sent troops to attack, and is still controlled by more than a thousand soldiers of Zhao State.

And the city of Fuyang, not so much a city, is more suitable as a pass. At the beginning, Zhao Zilong and his colleagues used the special terrain of Fuyang to resist Lu Bu's army for more than a year. But now, Fuyang City has become an obstacle that Tang Jun must overcome.

As early as the first day when he arrived in Fuyang, Huang Xu had already sent someone quietly from the north bank of the river outside Nancheng to the west of Wuyuan and Tianyu, where he would meet to inform him that the army had arrived. The main purpose was to get in touch with Luoyang. . Then it was to discuss the arrangements for the entire battle with Tian Yu.

It's a pity that Tian Yu has not yet heard the news of Luoyang, but Huang Xu has already received the news from Qiang Yin, Zhao Wang Lu Bu's banner appeared on the Great Wall Pass to the south of Qiang Yin.

After receiving the news, Huang Xu arranged for Qiang Yin's soldiers and horses to evacuate quickly, all of them evacuated into Yunzhong City. At the same time, he immediately sent troops to contact Tian Yu again to inform Lu Bu of the news that the soldiers were heading north.

A few days later, under the close attention of the generals of the Tang army, Lu Bu's army finally appeared in the cloud boundary. What made Huang Xu feel strange was that Lu Bu only came with more than 10,000 cavalry, and Cao Xing's infantry army. But no peers.

Yunzhong City, on the west wall of the tower, Huang Xu led a group of generals silently watching the thousands of Zhao Jun cavalry outside the city. Although there are only more than 10,000 cavalry, the aura they exude is unmatched by their 40,000 cavalry.

Huang Xu believes that even if he sends 20,000 cavalry to fight against Lu Bu's army, he will definitely lose. If he wants to fight hard, his 40,000 cavalry and Lu Bushang can fight hard. Of course, the final result must be The casualties were heavy. If L Bu were to take a look at the flaws and come to the top of the Ten Thousand Army, it is estimated that the final outcome would be a tragic victory.

"Sure enough, it's Lv Bu in Renzhong, and Ma Zhong Chimian..." Huang Xu said in his mouth, but his eyes swept over the surrounding generals. Sure enough, all the generals heard that the expressions of the generals changed drastically. "However, even such a powerful cavalry, not under the design of the king and generals such as Zhao Yun, suffered heavy casualties. Today, there are more than 30,000 soldiers in the state of the wolf cavalry, and now there are not only more than 10,000 soldiers left."

Huang Xu's words made the surrounding generals feel excited, yes, now Lu Bu's Bingzhou wolf ride is far from the peak time. The original 30,000 wolf riders had been gradually reduced to less than 10,000 today in the course of several wars. Whenever they thought of this, everyone on the tower couldn't help but feel refreshed.

"The great king once said that Lv Bu's bravery is almost unmatched today, especially Lv Bu's cavalry is a rare hero in the world, but although Lv Bu is brave, although the cavalry is strong, it cannot drive the cavalry to attack the city. Waiting for Jiancheng, but Lu Bu can't help me."

"Besides, the king is now facing Chen Bing to the south, and he only needs to put enough pressure on Taiyuan. Lu Bu will definitely lead his troops south. When the time comes, Binzhou Wolf will ride between the two places and is exhausted. It will not be difficult to break it."

Looking at the expressions of the surrounding generals, Huang Xu was also excited: "Although Lv Bu is strong, we also have famous generals such as General Zhao and General Dian. In addition, Bai Ma Yicong is also a strong soldier. We only need to hold Lv Bu. No matter how strong Lu Bu is, he is unable to return to heaven."

At this time, L Bu was hard to tell. He ignored Chen Gongs opposition and led the troops north to support Cao Xing. He hoped that after joining with Cao Xing, he sent troops to annihilate the Tang army that entered the cloud, and then joined Song Xian and Zhang Liao. The two soldiers and horses fought a battle with Tian Yu, and controlled the situation in the north of Binzhou, and then returned to the division to go south to fight against Huangfu Chaobo's army.

Its just that the reality is very cruel. Lets not say that Cao Xing has only gathered more than ten thousand pawns. Even if you add up to ten thousand pawns under his command, the total is only twenty to thirty thousand pawns, but now Tang Jun has control Losing the largest city in the cloud, and still defending according to the city, this made Lu Bu like a mouse pulling a tortoise and nowhere to start.

After a day's delay under Yunzhong City, Lu Bu ordered Cao Xing to continue to defend the Great Wall Pass, but he himself led the Binzhou wolf cavalry to continue westward to Fuyang and join the Song Constitutional Army.

In the city of Fuyang, the generals of the Zhao army have seen a morale decline. The reason is that a few days ago, tens of thousands of Tang army cavalry suddenly appeared to the east of Fuyang. Before that, there were already Tang army troops on the west of Fuyang. This time, although he did not launch an attack on Feiyang, the senior generals in the army knew that, except for the Guangmu City defended by Zhang Liao, the rest of the cities in the west should have been captured by the Tang army.

And the fact that most of the Tang army appeared in the cloud, let the soldiers in the city know that they were probably alone. Although ordinary soldiers didn't know it, the generals in the army knew it well. Now in the entire Yunzhong Shuofang two counties, apart from his own 30,000 soldiers and horses, the other cities can basically be said to be empty cities.

Tens of thousands of cavalry of the Tang army suddenly appeared in the cloud. The cities in the cloud were basically unable to resist. More importantly, the Yunzhong city, the county city in the cloud, had a large amount of food, grass, and materials accumulated. There is also enough food and grass for the 30,000 troops in the city for a few months. It is said that the military will be more unstable in the city of Fuyang.

In the city of Feiyang, Song Xian is already a little bit distressed. Since tens of thousands of Tang Army cavalry appeared in the east of Yunzhong a few days ago, Song Xian knew that his trouble had come, although he did not know what the general surnamed Huang was. Huang Zhong is still Huang Xu, but Song Xian knows that since tens of thousands of cavalry have appeared, it means that Yunzhong City is likely to be out of protection.

And now he has become a lone army. Although he cannot confirm whether Guangmu City has been captured by the Tang Army, he knows that his 30,000 army is likely to be encircled and annihilated by the Tang Army in the city of Fuyang.

Fortunately, there are enough food, grass and equipment in Fuyang City, otherwise there would be no confidence to keep on.

In the past few days, Song Xian tried his best to appease the city's lieutenants. Now the morale has basically stabilized, but he knows that if there are no other variables, it will be sooner or later that the city of Fuyang will fall.

However, just as Song Xianhuanghuang couldn't spend the whole day, a turning point suddenly appeared. The cavalry of the Tang Army who had been fighting for a few days under the city of Fenyang suddenly disappeared without a trace. Just as Song Xian was frightened, the banner of Zhao Wang Lu Bu suddenly appeared in the wilderness to the west of the city of Fenyang.

The arrival of Lu Bu greatly boosted the morale of the Zhao army in the city of Feiyang, but that's it. Now, among the five original counties in the cloud, the Tang army has hundreds of thousands of soldiers and horses, of which the cavalry alone has as many as 50,000. , But Zhao Jun only had two cities, Guangmu and Fuyang, and the number of soldiers and horses plus Lu Bu's 10,000 cavalry was only 60,000.

The difference in strength is so great that even after Lu Bu merged with Zhang Liao, he was still helpless. Moreover, at this time, tens of thousands of Tang troops were basically huddled in a few big cities, and never went out of the city to fight with Lu Bu, which made Lu Bu very annoyed.

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