Biohazard Empire Ii Chapter 433

Chapter 432: The Fourth Dimension Time?

At this time, everyone on the entire battlefield is watching Starship Earth. As the initiator of the Free Alliance, Richemont has already become the leader of countless intelligent lives in the Free Alliance, while Starship Earth has become a free Spiritual symbol.

If the Starship Earth is destroyed, the blow to the Free Alliance will be devastating!

The emotions in the hearts of trillions of wisdom lives can be roughly divided into two types at this time, happy and sad. The High League side is naturally satisfied with this result, while more ordinary fighters are full of sadness and despair.

A scornful smile appeared on Alice's face, and the energy in her hand burst out instantly, and she was about to enter the interior of the starship Earth.

Just as this devastating energy just touched the outer armor of the starship Earth, the smile on Alice's face suddenly froze.

The energy flow that should have poured into the starship earth like a broken bamboo and detonated from it, completely destroying the starship earth, turned out to be like encountering a majestic dam, flowing back towards Alice!

It's as if she launched an attack on herself... No, it's not just a simple backward flow. Even Alice's thinking and expression on her face seem to repeat what happened just now!

"It's...who!" She disappeared in the place where she was just now, appeared in the distant void, Alice was on guard, her thinking field opened instantly, and she "yelled". The purpose of her doing this is to remind Yamamoto and others.

Just now, if it wasn't because she was a realm master-level warrior, and even her thinking would have been completely affected, the feeling was as if the time around her was going back!

"Yamamoto, why stop me!?" Alice asked Yamamoto suddenly, concentrating for a while. Just now, her movements were completely blocked, and even the flow of time has been reversed. This has exceeded the power of the master class, and Alice will naturally doubt Yamamoto in the Xueqing.

Yamamoto only noticed the weirdness at this time, and said in amazement: "I didn't give any instructions at all, what happened?"

Alice was concentrating on guard, and suddenly felt a strange force field around her again, her time was reversed again!

"?! Why am I stopping, this mountain" Under the eyes of everyone, Alice flashed back what had just been said, and then returned to Starship Earth again, as if it were a movie played backwards!

"Why didn't it work..." The energy beam in Alice's hand flickered. She remembered that the energy that was about to be released by her just now returned, and even her thinking...

"What's wrong with thinking... No, no, just now I... just now I..." Alice suddenly felt chills, as if she had forgotten something extremely important.

"Quickly come back! Alice, retreat quickly! Quickly!" On the Xueqing, Yamamoto had already discovered the strange energy field around Alice through the detector, and shouted immediately.

For the first time since becoming a world leader-level warrior, he has a feeling of coldness all over his body. What is this strange thing? Why did Alice, a powerful warrior who would not be shaken even in the face of a supernova explosion, started repeating what she just said!

This feeling... is so weird!

It's just that Alice didn't react at all, but just stood there, like a sculpture!

"...I'm just...I'm just new, right, right... How can I think about it"

"What's wrong with thinking... No, no, just now I... just now I..."

"...I'm just...I'm just new, right, right... How can I think about it"

"What's wrong with thinking... No, no, just now I... just now I..."

Her thinking field is like a one-second stream of information, playing continuously, then playing backwards, playing again, playing backwards again. If there is a realm master-level warrior beside, you can immediately notice that even the flow of energy throughout her body is constantly repeating the pattern for this second!

"It turns out that this is the fourth dimension, and this is the power of time." A voice familiar to almost everyone "ringed" slowly, but appeared in the consciousness of all intelligent creatures in this huge battlefield with a range of hundreds of light seconds. .

"Richon!" All the world masters in Yamamoto and the High Alliance showed a stunned look and couldn't believe it.

"Richon!" Bu Zhoushan and the others shouted, and the sadness and despair before it was wiped out.

As long as Li Feng is still alive, they have hope!

A distorted energy field appeared in the center of this huge battlefield, and the surrounding dark energy was quickly absorbed, and then an energy form humanoid appeared on the spot.

Immediately after that, the energy on the surface of the energy humanoid body was completely solidified, and it turned out to be in the form of the flesh, just like creating life.

After the light passed, that familiar face appeared, and it was Richemont!

But at this time, although his appearance is still so ordinary, in the eyes of others, he has a feeling of staring at a black hole, and his heart is trembling because of unknown.

In the next moment, Richemont appeared next to Alice, looking at Alice who was trapped in the time cage of that second, and said calmly: "Use your energy as a primer, and restore everything before."

He stretched out a finger, tapped Alice's brow lightly, and waved in the direction of the entire battlefield.

The originally imprisoned Alice instantly turned into an unmatched flow of energy, scattered throughout the battlefield under Richemont's control.

Then everyone's actions began to regress!

The Liberty Alliance battleship that had just exploded was restored from fragments to a complete battleship. The dead were resurrected again, as if nothing had happened, and even the energy released by Yamamoto returned to his body again. This is not over yet, and the entire battlefield has once again returned to the state where the war was in the air just now, but all the energy beams have reverted to the direction of the launcher, and the battleship fragments have automatically glued together into a complete battleship.

As if after a long replay, and as if after a moment, everything in the entire black hole battlefield returned to the moment when the two sides had just completed the space shuttle and were ready to fight!

In the entire battlefield, only Xueqing and a few realm-level fighters were not affected. Another point is that there is still everything just now in the memory of all intelligent life, but it is rapidly becoming blurred.

And it is precisely because of this that the shock caused is even stronger!

With one's own power, it is possible to reverse the flow of time in such a huge space battlefield! This is no longer a force in this universe!

"Overrun!? You are overrun! Impossible! Impossible! Go to die, go to die!" Yamamoto reacted from a brief absence, shouted frantically, and controlled the Xueqing to launch a intensive attack on Richemont. An invisible energy field rushed towards Li Feng.

Richemont showed a slight serious expression at this time. With a wave of his left hand, the dragon scales appeared instantly, forming a spiral two-dimensional structure, absorbing all the attacks.

Then he took a step and appeared next to several imprisoned Liberty Alliance realm masters. He stretched out a finger and swiped it lightly, destroying the force field that imprisoned them, and liberating the three realm master class fighters. .

"Richemont, this...this is really the power of the transcendence!?" Ye Jiao asked Richemont, unable to conceal his excitement.

Li Feng smiled and said: "If you exceed the limits of the laws of this three-dimensional universe and use the power of other dimensions to be called an overrun, then I should be considered an overrun."

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