Biohazard Empire Ii Chapter 435

Chapter 434: Li Lang The Universe Prison

The intensity of the black hole's reverse jet was reduced again, and it was completely quiet.

Do not! Richemont couldn't help but let out a mournful roar. After that stream spreads into the Milky Way, the damage it can cause is extremely huge. At least hundreds of civilized planets will die out and become a catastrophe for the entire Milky Way.

And this is definitely not what Richemont wants to see.

It's just that he has no ability to stop the stream at this time, and even if his own energy body is not there, there is a danger of collapse, and he can only watch the death stream of matter and energy into the boundless. In space.

Suddenly, the stream that was about to disappear into the line of sight suddenly slowed down, and then disappeared directly into space. At the same time, Richemont felt a strong and warm energy field instantly envelop him, sending a huge amount of energy continuously, allowing his damaged energy body to quickly recover.

A thinking field a little bigger than his thinking field appeared, and then came a peaceful consciousness: "Young man, you have done a good job, and now what you need is to restore strength."


Richemont couldn't help but stunned, and there was a new overrunner appeared!

However, judging from the other party's actions, it was obviously not malicious. He simply and generously accepted the other party's energy input, and at the same time transformed the form into the state of a humanoid energy body. He is indeed too tired.

The transcendent who had just appeared sent a gentle consciousness, also gathered his energy field, and transformed into a humanoid energy body in front of Richemont.

"It's you!" Seeing the appearance of this humanoid energy body, Richemont was taken aback for a moment, then suddenly shouted, rushed forward and hit the opponent's shoulder with a punch!

The man saw that Richemonts punch was just a gesture, smiling, and letting Richemont hit it, and said: "I wandered outside for a long time, and this time I got the'Galactic Battle' right after I came back. The news came in hastily, but I didnt expect it to be a step too late. However, it seems that even if Im not here, you are doing well enough."

Richemont snorted coldly and said, "How dare you come back? Do you know how much trouble the mess you left behind has caused?"

Then he smiled first, then finally couldn't hold back his expression, and laughed loudly: "I didn't expect to see Senior Li Lang on this day!"

The over-limiter who suddenly appeared in front of us was the legendary character, the unifying person of the entire galaxy, the earliest over-limiter, Li Lang!

Richemont had already seen countless materials about Li Lang, and he was naturally familiar with his human form. Although he had long imagined that he might meet Li Lang himself one day, he was still excited after this scene actually appeared. Endless.

"Ashamed, I didn't expect those **** to make such a mess." Li Lang shook his head and smiled embarrassedly. "But fortunately, if you have a little friend, you will help me clean the door. I will also come across the galaxy I have received a lot of information and I am really grateful."

Then the two looked at each other and laughed at the same time. Although they have never seen each other before, and at most get information about each other from other people's descriptions, the two of them feel like they have been close friends for many years and feel extremely cordial in their hearts.

With just one look, you can understand each other's meaning. There is no need to say anything before, just smile.

Richemont hasn't felt this way for too long. Since he became the leader of Starship Earth, he has shouldered too many responsibilities and pressures, and has been fighting for survival. And one consequence of becoming the strongest and leader is that it makes it difficult for him to have friends who can really make friends.

Even Mu Qi and Bu Zhoushan can only understand part of his thoughts.

Although the long and suffocating tense battle concealed this feeling, only occasionally he would feel deeply alone.

In the face of Li Lang, a predecessor with a friendly smile, the long-standing pressure and loneliness suddenly disappeared.

Li Lang was also very cordial to Richemont, a powerful junior, and reminded him of who he once was. Pointing behind him, he said, "Come on, I will introduce you some friends."

Richemont has already noticed that some huge energy fields are approaching quickly in the distance, and every energy field has energy fluctuations of over-limit!

These energy fields came to the two of them, and gently brushed over Richemonts body, leaving behind thought waves:

"Gee, kid, you are welcome, you can call me Sansan."

"Brelsford, from the Andromeda Galaxy, welcome to join us."

"Aigo, the Small Magellanic Cloud, welcome."

"Assak 27894, from the Windmill Galaxy, nice to meet you."

"Boy, I am not called Zhoushan, hahaha, it seems that the other one is doing well."

"Spirit, from a dead black hole, welcome you."


One by one powerful consciousness constantly touches Richemonts thinking field, expressing goodwill, and all beings are unexpectedly transcendents!

After these dozens of overruns had finished greeting Richemont, no new existence appeared.

After Richemonts initial surprise, he thought of all the feelings of becoming an overrunner, and immediately became excited, he smiled, and asked: "Senior, you have gathered so many overrunners. This is to Do you want to fight? I don't know what the situation is when the end of the universe is reached. Can you go out?"

After becoming an overrun, Richemont has understood that the overrun is the most powerful being and the top power in this universe. Among these billions of galaxies, I dont know how many galaxies can give birth to an overrun. Looking at the Milky Way galaxy for 100,000 years, there hasnt been a second transcendental person.

And now there are so many out-of-limits appearing at the same time, this force is even enough to destroy the current universe!

Li Lang nodded, looked at the distant void, and said with a smile: "So you have noticed it. I discovered the truth about it on the way to the end of the universe."

Richemont looked at Li Lang's deep eyes, and knew in his heart that although Li Lang spoke lightly, he did not know how many dangers and waves there were.

"When I reached the end of the universe, all I saw was nothingness. At this time, I realized that our universe is a big cage. They folded the eleven-dimensional universe, leaving us with only three dimensions. We live, fight, and destroy in this poor three-dimensional universe, just like ants in a bottle." Li Lang said, his eyes were plain, angry, passionate, and full of emotions.

"They?" Richemont followed Li Lang's gaze, only seeing patches of endless darkness and nothingness.

"Yes, they hide behind this three-dimensional universe, like shameless voyeurs."

"Then let's find more partners, tear open the walls of this universe, find out those shameless guys, and let them understand the cost of doing so!" Richemont instantly lifted the form of the human form energy body and turned it into a vast energy field.

"Hahaha, that's what I meant!" Li Lang also transformed into the form of an energy field, and the resulting energy vortex even tore through the surrounding space.

The energy field transformed by dozens of over-limits first circulated and danced, and then resonated in unison, whizzing towards the splendid sea of stars!

There, countless lives are being born, growing, and dying.

There, countless wisdoms are giving their lives to survive.

There, countless soldiers are waiting to be assembled and summoned to fight for the ultimate freedom!



In the name of freedom!


(End of book)

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