Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 105

Chapter 104:

"Huh~~~ I'm finally full, so satisfying!" Luo Xiao rubbed his stomach, leaned comfortably on the sofa, and sighed with satisfaction to his master.

"You!" Elder Huo nodded his head, "Isn't it just that you are hungry for two meals? Is this necessary?"

Luo Xiao curled his lips, "Huh, as the saying goes, people are iron rice or steel, so you dont eat a meal and are hungry! What's more, Ye Zi and I have been hungry since morning until now! Are they, Ye Zi? "

"By the way, when you said that, I remembered that you and Ye Lan were arrested together? What about the other person? Could it be that?" Old man Huo thought of the cave where Ye Lan was forgotten by them. Inside, he couldn't help but worry.

When Luo Xiao saw this, he immediately touched his nose awkwardly and said, "Master, don't worry, Ye Zi is not there."

"Hey? Not there? Where is that?" Old Huo asked puzzledly.

"Um..." Luo Xiao coughed, and whispered, "He is in my space."

"Space? Isn't it what you said?" The old man Huo was taken aback for a while and then he reacted. He opened his eyes in surprise and looked at Luo Xiao.

Luo Xiao nodded, and then didn't say anything, but directly released Ye Lan that he had accidentally forgotten. Elder Huo looked at the sudden appearance of Ye Lan, and he concealed his unknown surprise in his heart: Unexpectedly, unexpectedly, he originally thought that those portable spaces were fake, it seemed that he was ignorant.

but! Elder Huo immediately looked at Luo Xiao seriously, and exhorted again and again: "Xiaoxiao, don't let others know about this matter if you have room, otherwise, I'm worried that you will cause a murder!"

"Well, I know." Luo Xiao nodded, "You, Ye Zi and I know about this. I didn't tell anyone else."

"Well, that's good." Old man Huo nodded in satisfaction.

"I said, can you two remember me as a hungry person?" Ye Lan shouted feebly, "Help me order."

Luo Xiao looked at him, and a guilty conscience flashed in his eyes. What, he really didn't intentionally forget. Moreover, he didn't intentionally finish eating the snacks and drinks in the space the other day. In other words, Ye Lan really did not enter the fairy tree space!

By the time Ye Lan was satisfied to eat, it was already an hour later, and finally recovered Ye Lan walked to Luo Xiao's side, took a seat, stretched out his hand, and embraced him skillfully in his arms, facing him. The ear whispered a word.

Elder Huo looked at his baby apprentice with his face flushed instantly, and looked at the awkward expression on Ye Lan's face. What else did he not know? Therefore, Ye Lan is an uneasy wolf cub!

But forget it, not seeing is believing! After Elder Huo gave Ye Lan a fierce look, he and Luo Xiao continued to talk about other things.

Two hours later, the three people got up and left the private room of the restaurant, and went back to their own homes. As soon as he closed the door, Ye Lan pressed Luo Xiao on the door, lowered his head and said in a mute voice: "Xiaoxiao, we had already said it yesterday!"

"No, yesterday, I, uh..." Luo Xiao still wanted to say something, but it was a pity that Ye Lan had been abstinent for almost three months, plus what happened yesterday, how could he still bear it!

So, don't talk nonsense, just go straight to it!

After Ye Lan teased Luo Xiao's sapphire, the two stumbled to the bedroom, clothes and pants all scattered all the way. When they fell on the bed, there was almost no covering on their bodies.

Looking at the seductive white body in front of him, Ye Lan's throat was itchy. He deeply felt that the full stomach he had eaten just now is now too hungry. Before the big meal, there is no reason not to start! Leaning down, he began to taste the * which made him obsessed with it bit by bit.

"Well, no, it's not possible there, um~~~ it will break~~~~" Luo Xiao's face was flushed, his eyes looked at the ceiling with blurred eyes, and his flexible body was posed with difficulty. Actions.

"You are a bad boy who likes to lie, your body is not like that!" Ye Lan made several vigorous movements in succession, and looked at Luo Xiao who was lying under him dozingly.

Then, he turned around, changed the position of the two of them, stopped and said to Luo Xiao who was dissatisfied: "Xiaoxiao, be good, do it yourself!"

"Um~~~ Ye Zi~~~" Luo Xiao looked at him aggrievedly, but he just didnt move, and gave him an annoyed look. He put his hands on Ye Lans abdomen, and started to move slowly. stand up.

Ye Lan's eyes showed a satisfied look. When Luo Xiao had no strength, he held his waist and started a new round of fierce attacks. However, just when the two were about to reach the top, the bedroom door was kicked open vigorously from outside.

Looking at the two people standing at the door, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan were stunned. Ye Lan was the first to react. He stretched out his hand and pulled the quilt over the two people.

"I'm waiting for you outside!" After Luo Qian said these words expressionlessly, she turned around and walked towards the living room decisively, but the old Wei who came with her didn't say anything, but looked at them with complicated eyes. One glance.

"Ye Zi, what should I do? My mother..." Luo Xiao turned pale and looked at Ye Lan, the sapphire on his body was already completely scared.

Ye Lan gave him a distressed look, and reached out to touch his drooping head to comfort him: "It's okay, Xiaoxiao, I'm here! Come on, let's wash up first, and then go to the living room to see them."

"Yeah." Luo Xiao nodded blankly.

Ten minutes later, two people appeared in front of Luo Qian and Lao Wei. With an uneasy heart, Luo Xiao quickly glanced at his mother's face, and shouted timidly: "Mom."

"Well, come here and sit here." Luo Qian stretched out her hand and patted the position beside her. After Luo Xiao sat down quietly and well, she raised her head and looked at Ye Lan sharply, "Say, don't think about making excuses to flicker. I!"

This is my mother-in-law after all, so it's better to explain it clearly!

"When did things like this start today?"

"Uh... University." Ye Lan replied with a trembling voice.

"University?" Luo Qian raised her eyebrows and looked at him with a smile, "So it seems that you took the initiative?"

"Yes, yes." Ye Lan nodded with a guilty conscience, so what, the pressure is huge~~~

"In the beginning, if it was a university, then if there is a sign..." Luo Qian's mind suddenly flashed, "Is it a high school?"

Ye Lan acquiesced, in fact, the signs are in junior high school. However, didn't you see that your mother-in-law's face was so gloomy as ink? For junior high school or something, forget it, he is afraid to say it, the consequences will be very tragic!

Luo Qian glared at him with anger and anger, and she said, since high school, why did Ye Lan become more and more attentive to her son? This is the reason for feelings! That is to say, when I let my son live with this guy, wouldn't it be a mistake?

"Say, what are you going to do with this now?" Luo Qian slapped the table angrily, and her eyes showed fiercely: If you dare to eat and wipe it out and become irresponsible, she doesn't mind helping Ye Lan get rid of this **** That **** two or two meaty!

Seeing the pointed eyes of his mother-in-law, Ye Lan was so scared that he immediately clamped his legs, and there were tears in his heart: ooh, no such thing, obviously Aunt Luo has always been gentle and loving. Why is it so violent now? Also, auntie, when should you go the route of a female man?

"My grandfather likes Xiaoxiao very much." Ye Lan immediately replied loudly, "Moreover, Xiaoxiao and I will go abroad to get a marriage certificate."

"Your future home?" Luo Qian squinted and stared at his eyes carefully.

"I do housework, and all the money is turned over to Xiaoxiao, and all the big and small things at home and outside the house are listened to by him." Ye Lan comprehended the answer. In fact, this is their current living conditions, and Ye Lan is eager for Xiaoxiao's response He gets sticky every day, but unfortunately, this can't be achieved~~~

"Yeah." Luo Qian nodded in satisfaction, and then there was no more.

When Luo Xiao sitting on the side saw this situation, he couldn't react to it all at once. He glanced at the opposite Old Wei, but he shrugged and did not give much help. Then, he hesitated and asked in a low voice: "Mom, what then?"

"What then?" Luo Qian asked incomprehensibly, turning around to look at Luo Xiao and then at Ye Lan, then smiled and said, "No more, I don't object to you being together."

"Hey?" Luo Xiao and Ye Lan couldn't help but cried out in surprise. No, it was clear that there was still such a serious and tense atmosphere just now, and there was a villain who beats a mandarin duck. Why has it become like this now? Is this attitude and style of painting too obvious and abrupt?

Luo Qian looked at the two of them with an unbelievable look, and immediately gave them a funny look: "Okay, it's not good for me to object, isn't it?"

"No, we didn't mean that, but..." Luo Xiao quickly shook his hand and explained.

Luo Qian stretched out her hand and gently touched her son's head, "You are a child from mom's belly. What kind of personality do you know best? Once you make a decision, no one can let you Change your mind easily. Moreover, you are already an adult, and you know what you are doing. Besides, Mom has always gone abroad for many years to participate in fashion conferences, and I have never seen it. It was so narrow before. In foreign countries, its not like yours. They all live like other lovers, as long as two people love each other."

"But, speaking of it, son, you really disappointed mom." Luo Qian suddenly changed her tone and looked at Luo Xiao with an angry expression, "Although you two are in such a relationship, you Why is it below? Counterattack, I dont know it? You cant be like this!"

"But, you just need to lie down and enjoy it. The one above is very tired." Luo Xiao curled his lips. "Moreover, Mom, your son has resisted more than once! But the result is the same every time. what!"

Luo Qian patted his head, "Are you stupid, don't you know what other means can be used? What kind of medicine is it like, drinking, there are many ways!"

"..." Ye Lan looked at Luo Qian, who talked more and more outrageously there, and Luo Xiao, who heard more and more dazzlingly, and couldn't help but twitched his lips. It was really sad!

The old Wei on the side looked at Ye Lan with a wry smile. He said that it would be better if there was a pile of melon seeds or a bucket of popcorn!

After sending away Luo Qian and Old Wei, Ye Lan turned around and hugged Luo Xiao, lowered his head and licked his earlobe and said in a low voice: "Put medicine? Drink wine? Huh?"

"Hey, this is not just talking." Luo Xiao explained with a guilty smile.

"It's okay, we can go to the bedroom and talk about it! After all, we didn't have a lot of fun just now, didn't we?"

"No, I was wrong, Ye Zi, I, uh..."

Well, it's really a beautiful and sweet night~~~~

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