Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1627

Chapter 1627 Scared Away

Chapter 1627: Scared away

Just what level of elite was the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire?

An Immortal Palace Tier!

Though his present cultivation level had indeed dropped to the Saint Tierin a mere several years, he had already advanced from a Small Saint to a Medium Saint; his rate of advancement was chillingly fasthis comprehension of great dao had not been reduced in the slightest.

Just a few words from him, and it was enough to cause tremendous shock among the Saint Kings, and they were all filled with admiration.

Age was not a factor in learning. Moreover, the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire was only physically young; heaven knew what kind of old monster that had been living for who knew how many eons he had been before his reincarnation.

Ling Han did not enter the Black Tower again. He had a feeling that his breakthrough would be within the next several days.

The Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire lectured on Dao, and the seminar lasted three months. However, all the Saints felt as if less than a day had passed. All of them were lying in the ocean of great dao, and felt like they were about to break through at any moment.

This naturally was only their illusion. The majority of the Saint Kings had reached the peak stage, and if they wanted to break through, they could only advance into the Severing Mundane Tier, but this step could only be taken in the Celestial Realm. Whether it was the Immortal Realm or the Netherworld, they both lacked the necessary heaven and earth for that kind of breakthrough.

Severing Mundane Tier meant an unlimited lifespan, but this required the support of indestructible resources, which could only be obtained in the Celestial Realm.

It was only because the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fires dao was too profound, which made them feel as if they had been enlightened, yet were still confused, which gave them the mistaken feeling of being about to break through. However, the feeling of being about to break through was false, but if they could digest the teachings of Dao from the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire, their battle prowess could still be greatly increased.

Actually, those who had benefited the most were the Star Sand Saint and the Tranquil Heart Saint as well as the other Nine Small Saints. As hosts, they naturally could enter and listen from the sidelines. Furthermore, they were still very far from touching the ceiling of their cultivation level, so they naturally benefited greatly.

They could not imagine that one of the brats of the four troublemakers would actually have such astonishing understanding that even Saint Kings would be completely wrapped up in listening to his words.

Weng, three months later, a golden path spread over. Then, a powerful saintly might diffused into the air, not concealing the frightening animosity and killing intent at all, and seeped uncaringly into Wood Figure Planet.

The saintly might of a Saint King!


The Saint Kings were all alerted, and couldnt help but look displeased.

What a joke. There were presently a few dozen Saint Kings discussing Dao in this place, and added together, they would be able to pierce a hole right in the heavens itself. Just who did you f****** think you were? You actually dared provoke them all at the same time especially when you were only one person?

"Humph!" The Saint Kings all expressed their might, and unfurled their respective auras, which spread out towards that invader.

The Open Clouds King paled in shock!

After Zhong Ye had died, he had immediately caught hold of the link of karma. Naturally, he knew the matter of Zhong Yes death. He flew into a towering rage. There was actually someone in this world that dared make a move on his descendant?

He immediately charged out, but the Open Clouds Forbidden Land was really too far away from here. This was also the reason for his deliberately establishing his clan in such a far location. He did not want to become neighbors with the other Forbidden Lands. After all, he was guilty, and feared that he would be ganged up on by the other Forbidden Lands.

After arriving at Wood Figure Planet, he could no longer restrain his killing intent, and immediately released it. He was a great Saint King, so what did he have to be wary of?

However, a few dozen powerful auras countered immediately, and there were at least 10 of them that were in no way inferior to himself. He was so shocked that his hair was standing on ends.

What in the world was going on!?

He immediately wanted to break into a run and flee. He instinctively thought that this was a trap, and someone had lured him here to be killed.

When he had betrayed the Heavenly River King, he had obtained a portion of the Celestial King technique, and this was a secret that the other Forbidden Lands were unaware of, but he kept it constantly in his mind, fearing that it would be found out by others one day, and he would then become the target of the combined force of the various Forbidden Lands.

Only those descendants that had advanced into the Saint Tier would be taught this kind of celestial technique in the whole Zhong Clan, and they would have restrictions placed on their spirit that would immediately explode if their spirits were forcefully plucked out and searched. It was impossible that this secret would be leaked.

And now, he had just arrived, and he discovered that there were several dozen Saint King auras filled with animosity here, which naturally scared him sh*tless.

Shua, he really had to turn and flee.


All the Saint Kings were dumbfounded. What the heck were you doing? You had come so aggressively, yet in the blink of an eye, you were so cowardly that you didnt even dare to show your face. What exactly did you mean here?

"Was that the Old Geezer Zhong from the Open Clouds Forbidden Land?" one Saint King asked.

There were only that many Saint Kings in the whole Immortal Realm, so they were naturally very familiar with each others auras.

"He is really as cowardly as he has always been!" the Blue Feather Saint King muttered disdainfully.

"You cant blame him, after all hoho." Another Saint King spoke up, yet suddenly stopped what he had been about to say.

But the other Saint Kings all understood his implied meaning. Previously, the Open Clouds Forbidden Land had belonged under the banner of the Heavenly River King, yet the Heavenly River King had been betrayed by the Open Clouds King, resulting in him becoming the target of the combined force of a great many Forbidden Lands. Yet the Celestial King technique had still not appeared even until now, so the Open Clouds King naturally worried that the other Forbidden Lands would redirect their ire against him.

However, he was really overthinking things. Without an absolute relation of interest and benefit, how could war start so easily among Saint Kings?

Even if 10 Saint Kings ganged up on one, they possibly would have to pay the price of one or two of their companions sacrificing themselves to be able to deal with this Saint King.

A Saint King who was fighting with his life on the line was just that terrifying.

What person that had been able to cultivate to the height of Saint King in the Ancient Realm was not an extraordinarily talented prodigy, so who could claim that any other was weaker than himself?

"Hes come to get revenge, right? But when he sensed that so many Saint Kings have gathered here, he was immediately scared off," a Saint King deduced with a strange expression.

All the Saint Kings involuntarily laughed. This was really quite coincidental. Old Geezer Zhong had come so aggressively to seek revenge, coincidentally encountered so many Saint Kings coming to participate in the prosperous event of a Dao seminar and treasure exchange, and was directly scared into retreating.


These Saint Kings all paused slightly. There was nothing so coincidental that could happen in this world, and it could only result from deliberate planning.

Why had Ling Han gathered them here at this time?

Could it be that this boy no longer had the means to kill a Saint King? Thus, after Zhong Ye died, he had purposely provoked them into coming so that they could help block this calamity for him?

It was possible!

All of the Saint Kings were all wily foxes, and already had their own guesses in their hearts. However, their expressions did not reveal their thoughts, and they continued to participate in the Dao seminar. Yet some of them were already making their own plans in their minds.

Perhaps this was an opportunity!

Ling Han swept an eye over them, and saw the slight change in expressions of the Saint Kings. He smiled, and said, "Everyone, there is one other matter I have invited all of you over for, and that is to witness my becoming a Saint!"

He suddenly released the suppression over his aura.Hong, all of a sudden, a powerful but unstable aura spread out. Immediately, thunderclouds rolled out in the skies. The heavenly tribulation was swiftly brewing.

What, this brat was about to become a Saint!?

All the Saint Kings were astonished. A few years ago, when they had seen Ling Han, this guy was only in the high extreme of the Eternal River Tier, yet just how long had passed, and he was actually about to become a Saint!


After becoming a Saint, even if Ling Han no longer had the means to kill a Saint King, he would possess enough strength to ensure his own safety.

If a Small Saint was determined to flee, a Saint King could not possibly catch up.

Some Saint Kings were immediately about to set their ideas into motion. Should they take this last chance to kill Ling Han?

This world was especially realistic. Though the Forbidden Lands treated Ling Han politely, and aside from the limited few Saint Kings that truly thought of working together with him, the majority of them had only befriended Ling Han and maintained good relations with him because he had killed two Saint Kings, once Ling Han had lost that kind of strength, then he was a cash cow that possessed an astonishingly huge secret in their eyes!

Suddenly, seven Saint Kings revealed a menacing killing intent, restless and about to attack.

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