Young Master Lu’s Lovely New Bride Chapter 671

Chapter 671 He Was Very Satisfied And Gave You A Kiss 2

The reporter asked directly, "What was the accurate situation when Mr. Lu and Miss Xia entered the hotel together that night?"

"Mr. Lu was very clear-headed, but Miss Xia was drunk. So Mr. Lu helped her come in." The hotel staff said, "At that time, Mr. Lu and Miss Xia didnt look very intimate. A few days ago, when we saw those photos on the Internet, we just thought that someone took those photos at a special angle deliberately. We even made a joke out of it."

The reporter looked very interested. "What kind of joke?"

The hotel staff laughed a few times before saying, "One of our colleagues said that the angle of photographing can even change a persons face, not to mention his posture. The photos on the Internet were not intended to expose, but to cheat!"

The reporter couldnt help but smile. "What actually happened between Mr. Lu and Miss Xia after they entered the hotel?"

"After entering the hotel, it was even simpler." The employee said, "Mr. Lu asked us to look after Miss Xia and was about to leave. However, Miss Xia dragged Mr. Lu firmly and refused to let him go. Mr. Lu also emphasized that his wife was still waiting for him at home and urged Miss Xia to let him leave."

"And then?" The reporter continued to ask, "Since Mr. Lu intended to leave, why didnt he go? Rather, he stayed for nearly three hours?"

"Then it was a little funny." The staff continued, "Miss Xia suddenly began to cry and complain, saying that she was divorced and led a very miserable life. Mr. Lu comforted Miss Xia politely with a few words. After that, he tried to leave Miss Xia to us again, saying that he really needed to go home."

"Well, what happened next?"

"Then, it was quite a tragedy for Mr. Lu." The employee said, "Miss Xia didnt want Mr. Lu to leave, and she spat on him all of a sudden. Mr. Lu didnt have much of a reaction; he just frowned. However, we all could see that Mr. Lu was unhappy, so we went up and pulled Miss Xia away. Mr. Lu went to the room next door to clean up and waited for someone to send clothes, so he was trapped in the hotel for two or three hours."

"Is this the entire truth?" the reporter asked.

"Of course," the hotel staff replied with certainty. "It was just so simple."

The reporter nodded and said, "Well, what do you think of those photos on the Internet?"

"We just think that its funny." The hotel staff said with a smile, "Mr. Lu cheated? The whole thing is full of loopholes! Not to mention the other evidence, four or five of our staff watched the whole situation. After Mr. Lu and Miss Xia entered the hotel, nothing happened at all. The matter is so huge on the Internet, and we all think that the netizens imagination is too wideyes, it is very Hollywood style!"

In the end, the reporter used his wording to sum up the sensational gossip. He only used two wordsA Farce!

Yesterday, Lu Boyan denied the relationship between him and Xia Mili at the full-moon party. However, there was still a voice on the Internet, which pointed out that Lu Boyans explanation might just be a cover-up.

After this video came out, there should be no controversy about it. The label of "Lu Boyans ex-girlfriend" above Xia Milis head could also be removed.

In the end, there was a comment that the ending of this affair was indeed in line with Lu Boyans usual routine of doing thingsOnce he decided to ignore it, it would be nothing to him. But when he decided to take it seriously, he would solve it entirely.

"Yes, its very Lu Boyan!"

Just as Su Jianan was about to close the web page, she saw another text link at the end of the article.

"When a man loves a woman deeply, how does he look at her?"

Out of the blue, Su Jianan clicked on the link.

The web page opened swiftly, and her and Lu Boyans picture appeared in the middle of the page.

It was a photo from last night. In the photo, she was answering the questions of the media, while Lu Boyan was standing beside her, like a handsome guardian god.

His head was slightly tilted as he looked at her, with his lips and eyebrows full of tenderness.

The most amazing point was the look in his eyes as if he was looking at a treasure that he had been guarding with all his life. There was a hidden light at the bottom of his deep eyes, and the care and love in his eyes almost spilled out from the photo.

If it werent for Su Jianan, outsiders would probably never see Lu Boyans eyes like this.

There were only a few short sentences in the report

Many men and women were looking at each other on the screen, which made people feel beautiful, excited, and hopeful about the arrival of love.

However, in any case, there was still a part of the actors performance in the take-off of the film and television.

On the other side, the way how Lu Boyan looked at Su Jianan could perfectly illustrate "the eyes full of love".

It was not a performance, and there was no audience in his heart. He just loved Su Jianan a lot.

Su Jianan bit her lip and her eyes were fixed on the photo for quite a while.

Somehow, she suddenly wanted to cry.

From the previous trend of public opinion, if it was not completely clarified, the relationship between Lu Boyan and Xia Mili would become a mystery and would become gossip sooner or later.

Xia Mili wanted it to be solved smoothly and be forgotten. She did not want it to bring any trouble to her future life.

She never thought that when she proposed it to Lu Boyan, Lu Boyan had already arranged everything. He only waited for the reporters to go to the hotel to shoot, and then post the video on the Internet.

Therefore, Lu Boyan had asked her to watch the news two hours later.

However, she almost forgot about it after she woke up.

No wonder Lu Boyan was jealous of Xiangyi and Xiyu.

Su Jianan turned off the computer and went downstairs to look for Lu Boyan, but she did not see him. Only Tang Yulan and Aunt Liu were present in the living room, taking care of the two little guys.

Lu Boyan was now almost a fan of his daughter and son. Now that the two little guys were here, would he be willing to leave?

Aunt Liu could see who Su Jianan was looking for and said, "Mr. Lu just received a call, so he went to the study upstairs."

"I see."

Su Jianan turned upstairs and found that the studys door was only half-closed, so she did not knock but directly pushed it open and walked in.

Lu Boyan was talking on the phone beside the French windows. When he saw Su Jianan, he was not too surprised and continued to talk to the person on the other end of the phone.

It was only then Su Jianan noticed that Lu Boyan was talking in a foreign language. As for which language it was Well, she couldnt tell.

However, it was not a problem for her to interfere with Lu Boyans work.

She walked up to Lu Boyan and did not make a sound. She just raised her head and looked at him attentively.

While listening to the phone, Lu Boyan made a gesture to Su Jianan, indicating her to wait for another ten minutes.

Su Jianan thought about it and shook her head. She seemed reluctant to do it.

Lu Boyan was not angry. He held Su Jianan in his arms and kissed her on the forehead. He said to her silently, "Good girl."

Su Jianan pursed her lips, stood on tiptoe, and kissed the corner of Lu Boyans lips.

Lu Boyan was about to speak to the person on the phone but was interrupted.

This time, he was not angry. He held his mobile phone and looked at Su Jianan calmly.

Su Jianan spat out the words one at a time with her breath. "Ill return the favor."

The partner on the other end of the phone found that Lu Boyan had suddenly stopped speaking and didnt continue the conversation. So he asked in confusion, "Whats wrong, Mr. Lu?"

"Im fine." Lu Boyan glanced at Su Jianan and continued to talk as if nothing had happened.

Su Jianan felt that it might be too late if she didnt leave now.

However, Lu Boyan seemed to have seen through her intention. As soon as she made a move, he held her more tightly. She was caught off guard and bumped into his chest. Subconsciously, she made a sound of "oh". Then she raised her head and looked at Lu Boyan angrily

Lu Boyan pointed at his phone and motioned for Su Jianan to be quiet.

Su Jianan knew very well that although she was making some trouble on purpose, she couldnt make it so huge that Lu Boyan couldnt talk about the matter on the phone. So she could only grit her teeth and hold it back.

However, even if she couldnt make a sound, it didnt mean that she couldnt move.

While Lu Boyan only had one hand available, Su Jianan kept struggling in his arms. However, Lu Boyans hand was like an iron window, firmly locking her in his arms. Her so-called struggling was actually just rubbing against his chest.

Lu Boyan looked at Su Jianan, and the smile on his lips became wilder, and his tone became calmer.

He knew that Su Jianan felt terrible, but he enjoyed it very much that Su Jianan was trapped in his arms and couldnt get rid of him.

Five minutes later, Lu Boyan finally put down his phone. Su Jianan looked as if she wanted to bite him. "Let me go!"

"You want to run away just after you kissed me?" Lu Boyans other hand also circled around Su Jianan. "How can there be such a bargain?"

Su Jianan realized that she had little chance of escaping, so she said seriously, "Well, you did take advantage of me. Now, let me go."

Lu Boyan slightly raised the corners of his mouth. "In your dreams."

Su Jianan had a very bad feeling. Sure enough, the next second, Lu Boyans lips fell on hers, and she had nowhere to run.

Well, she had to bear the consequences of the trouble she had caused.

After all, they were in the study, and the door was not closed. Considering that someone would pass through the door at any time, Lu Boyan did not go too far. He quickly let go of Su Jianan and looked at her. "Did you look for me?"

Su Jianan pursed her lips and said, "I saw the news."

"Mm," Lu Boyan replied calmly. "Are you satisfied?"

"Well," Su Jianan said lightly, "its a good thing to deal with it in this way. Not only did you clarify the fact, but you also didnt humiliate Xia Mili directly!"

Lu Boyan didnt let Su Jianan continue to change the topic. Instead, he emphasized, "Im not asking you to evaluate my way of doing things. Im asking you, are you satisfied with this result?"


Su Jianan was in a dilemma.

She had nothing to be dissatisfied with, but if she answered truthfully, Lu Boyan would definitely ask her how she should compensate him.

There was no need to plan. She knew what kind of " compensation" Lu Boyan wanted. Next, its time to " compensate" Lu Boyan.

Indeed, this was a world full of tricks.

After thinking about it for a while, Su Jianan decided to get rid of Lu Boyans trick first.

She kissed Lu Boyan and looked at him with a smile. "She is very satisfied and decides to give you a kiss."

Lu Boyan looked at Su Jianan, and the corners of his mouth lifted unconsciously.

Su Jianan held Lu Boyans hand and said, "Lets go downstairs and have a look at Xiyu and Xiangyi."

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