Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself Chapter 636

Chapter 636 Well Have The Baby Of Course There Will Be No Second

Li Beinian washed her hands and said, "Im going out for a while later and might be back late. Im going home to see my grandpa."

"Go see your grandpa?" Liu Wei sounded doubtful. "I dont care who youre with. You have to protect yourself first. Young girls like you are the easiest to fool. Dont be taken in by how honest Feng Yiran looks. He comes from significant background."

Li Beinians cheeks were a little flushed. She knew that Liu Wei was saying this for her own good. She whispered, "Its not what you think. Sigh, to tell you the truth, I did go on a date just now."

Liu Wei looked at her and frowned.

"But it wasnt with Feng Yiran. I have a man." Li Beinian was embarrassed. "Dont tell others. I only told you because Im on good terms with you. I am indeed going home to see my grandpa this afternoon. I havent been home for more than a month. Im worried that grandpa might feel Ive been gone too long."

Liu Wei smiled and said softly, "Alright, go ahead. But be careful, dont get cheated. The media makes a big deal out of these things and it wont be worth losing your reputation over it."

She continued with a warning tone, "Dont tell anyone else what youve just told me. Ill cover for you."

"Thank you, Sister Wei!" Li Beinian smiled and said, "Ill go back and change first."


Li Beinian got changed very quickly.

However, she did not change in front of everyone like she would normally. Instead, she went to the changing room.

Fortunately, besides Liu Wei, no one else had noticed such a small detail.

Today, Li Beinian was wearing the clothes that her assistant, Cheng Su, had just sent her. It was an early winter outfit that covered most of her body.

Li Beinian looked in the mirror. After applying some foundation on the marks on her neck, she let her hair out and went downstairs in a casual outfit.

When she got down to the second floor, she ran into Feng Yiran, who was making his way upstairs in a daze.

Li Beinian felt a little awkward to see him. She smiled apologetically and quickly lowered her head as she continued to make her way down.

Feng Yiran stood there stiffly. He did not speak or move for a long time. Then with bloodshot eyes and quivering nostrils, he lowered his head and silently climbed up the stairs.

Li Beinian went downstairs, feeling guilty.

She looked around and after ensuring that no one was watching, ran towards Mu Xichens car.

Having gotten into the car and buckled her seat belt, she stared ahead and breathed heavily.

Mu Xichen subtly raised an eyebrow when he noticed her behavior. "What are you up to?"

Hearing Mu Xichen speak, Li Beinian started to feel panicky.

She looked at him unhappily and resentfully. "I havent had my period this month."

Mu Xichen, who was about to start the car, paused. He turned to look at her.

His dark eyes seemed to sparkle like stars. There was an inexplicable brightness in them.

Li Beinian looked at the expression on his face and almost broke down. She clutched her head and said, "What the hell? If I had known, Id have made you wear a condom!! What if I got pregnant? I dont want to give birth!"

Mu Xichens face darkened and he leaned over. Smoothening her face, he said in no uncertain terms, "If youre pregnant well have the baby of course, there will be no second option."

Li Beinian pouted, ready to cry from anger. "My movie hasnt started filming."

"Dont film then."

"No way, Ive been preparing for this for so long. I cant just give up like this!" Li Beinian was close to tears. "What should I do"

They had come to the military camp for special training, participated in various activities and interviews, and even allocated time for the shooting of the advertisement for "Stinging Vine".

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