Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 1003

Chapter 1003 Heavenly Dragon Qi

The war between the Tianyuan Region and the five forces broke out expectedly.

The army of experts from the top five forces charged towards the Tianyuan Region from all directions like a swarm of locusts. The Tianyuan Region gave the most direct response; countless experts gathered at the border and immediately ignited the flames of war.

At the border front, violent Genesis Qi erupted continuously, and battle cries echoed endlessly.

There was a fierce battle everywhere, and the cloying smell of blood filled with air.

Experts died on both sides every day. The meat grinder called war was indeed ruthless.

This earth-shattering war caused great shock in Hunyuan Heaven, and the Tianyuan Regions borders became the focus of Hunyuan Heaven. All sects and factions paid great attention to the war.

It was the first time in many years that a top force had dared challenge one of the nine regions ever since the nine regions status was established.

Everyone understood that this war concerned the future structure of Hunyuan Heaven, and if the Tianyuan Region was defeated, its prestige would be completely destroyed and its position as one of the nine regions would become unstable. It could become the first of the nine regions ever to have its status taken away!

This would undoubtedly make the Tianyuan Region a laughing stock. Therefore, to maintain its status as one of the nine regions, the Tianyuan Region would fight the war with all its strength.

And everybody knew how tragic war could be.


As the earth-shattering war unfolded like a wildfire at the Tianyuan Regions borders, Zhou Yuan quietly sat cross-legged on a mountain peak on an uninhabited island in the depths of Tianyuan Utopia.

Hurricane winds raged, but whenever a gust neared Zhou Yuans body, it quietly disappeared and turned to nothing.

His eyes were closed, his breathing faint, and he seemed to have fallen into a state of deep hibernation. He had been in this state for three days.


As Zhou Yuan breathed faintly, the mist began to surge. He slowly opened his eyes to see a powerful wave of Genesis Qi sweep out and cause rumbles of thunder.

After three days of adjustment, his state had finally reached its peak.

"It's time to integrate the Sacred Dragon Qi..." Zhou Yuan muttered.

A hopeful look flashed across his eyes. The Sacred Dragon Qi should have been returned to him when the Great Wu Empire collapsed, but unfortunately, Wu Yao had intercepted him, and he had only retrieved it in the nine regions tournament.


Zhou Yuan folded his hands together, performing a sealing technique.


A resounding dragon roar echoed in the depths of his body, quaking the world.

Golden aura gushed out, decorating the entire sky, and an illusory dragon emerged in the void behind Zhou Yuan. As it circled around, it emitted mysterious waves of energy.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head and unhesitatingly activated the Ancestral Dragon Scripture.

A mysterious suction force broke out from his body, pulling the illusory dragon into his body.


Zhou Yuan's body rumbled as his skin turned a golden color and broke out with thin dragon scales. His body expanded little by little until he fully transformed into a ten-foot giant.

His face didn't ripple in the slightest as a result of the tremendous changes. With his eyes tightly closed, he fully concentrated on operating the Ancestral Dragon Scripture to integrate the Sacred Dragon Qi raging and causing havoc in his body.

Wu Yao had taken away the Sacred Dragon Qi for a long time, and as a result, it had developed a trace of its own willpower, leading to this raging situation.

But Zhou Yuan wasnt worried because the Sacred Dragon Qis resistance grew increasingly weak as he operated the Ancestral Dragon Scripture. The Sacred Dragon Qi began to realize that Zhou Yuan was its true birthplace, and it eventually gave up resisting. It unleashed a joyous dragon roar before transforming into multiple mysterious wisps of golden light. They landed on Zhou Yuans body.

Golden bells seemed to be ringing.

Inside the Divine Dwellings, the rays of light of 100 million Genesis Qi stars converged to form a tremendous azure-golden serpent-dragon silhouette. It hovered in the air, emitting endless pressure.

Golden light descended from the sky and enveloped the azure serpent-dragons huge body.

Bathed in the dazzling light, the azure serpent-dragon unleashed a resounding roar before its body began to undergo great changes.

The azure scales faded, gradually replaced by platinum-like dragon scales, and even the serpent-dragon began to take the form of a true dragon.

Dragon horns that appeared cast from platinum slowly appeared on the serpent-dragons head, and its roar began to resemble a true dragons roar.

The countless Genesis Qi stars inside the Divine Dwellings erupted with more dazzling light, as though cheering. This was a sign that his Genesis Qi grade had increased!

However, the transformation from a serpent-dragon to a sacred dragon wasnt fully completed because the golden light specks that had gradually fallen vanished when the Sacred Dragon Qis power was all absorbed.

Zhou Yuan's Spirit peered at the huge silhouette inside the Divine Dwelling.

The former World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi was grade 7, and its form was an azure-golden dragon. It had clearly evolved. Its azure color had faded, and its silhouette was similar to a dragon cast from platinum.

There were specks of slight purple light flashing around its body, although it was not too obvious.

With one thought from Zhou Yuan, the platinum dragon silhouette transformed into a flash of light and vanished. The next moment, mighty Genesis Qi swept out. Its color changed from azure to platinum, and it gave off a cold and domineering aura.

"Such strong Genesis Qi..."

Zhou Yuan studied the Genesis Qi carefully, and a feeling of joy and pleasant surprise gushed up from his heart. The platinum Genesis Qi was undoubtedly much more powerful than the azure-golden Genesis Qi!

"The evolution succeeded!" Zhou Yuan exclaimed.

After integrating the Sacred Dragon Qi, his grade-7 World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi increased by one level and was now considered a grade-8 Genesis Qi. However, it was a pity that it was still a distance away from transforming into a Grade-9 Sacred Dragon Qi.

That distance was like a heavenly mountain stream. After all, grade-9 Genesis Qi was considered a top weapon in all Heavens.

At the very least, Zhou Yuan knew that nobody possessed grade-9 Genesis Qi in the Tianyuan Region!

"I'll call you...the Heavenly Dragon Qi," Zhou Yuan muttered to himself.


Mighty Genesis Qi roamed in his body, like a real dragon, causing his flesh and blood to tremble and his bodily strength to improve tremendously.

Zhou Yuans closed eyes snapped open, and his eyes appeared to be cast from platinum, shooting out beams a thousand feet long. The light beams were so sharp that they pierced right through the mountain peak in front of him.

He narrowed his eyes, and the platinum light beams gradually faded.

"Such domineering Genesis Qi!"

Zhou Yuan was overjoyed to see that the newly evolved Genesis Qi was much stronger than the World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi. If he had possessed Genesis Qi of this level when he had faced Zhao Mushen, he wouldn't have been stuck in a prolonged battle.

"Did I use half a month to evolve the Genesis Qi?" He calculated the time and let out a long sigh. "The war must have broken out by now, right?"

He peered into the distance, then soon retracted his gaze because his closed-door cultivation wasn't finished. When his Genesis Qi had evolved into a grade-8 Genesis Qi, he felt his Divine Dwellings vibrate and the countless Genesis Qi stars showed signs of fusing together.

This was a sign that he was on the verge of breaking into the Heavenly Sun stage.


Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath, his eyes blazing. It had been more than two years since he reached the Divine Dwelling stage. Could he finally step out of this cultivation level?

Zhou Yuan slowly closed his eyes.

He looked forward to seeing what grade of Heavenly Sun he would refine in this breakthrough
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