Hellbound With You Chapter 562

559 Gangster

When Alex entered their bedroom, he found Abigail standing by the window.

She turned with a sheepish smile, and her heart tripped a little at the sight of him. His hair was disheveled and a little damp. His fingers were already busy unbuttoning his shirt, revealing the delicious and lithe muscularity of his godly body. His eyes, his lips, his face riveting in their sensuous perfection. This god of seduction was doing it again, and Abigail knew she could never ever get tired of watching him do this. Much more get used to it.

His gaze swept over her. Despite wearing a pajama pair, Alex's looked at her as if she was wearing a seductive nightgown.

"Did you see the boy?" Abi asked as Alex put his shirt on the chair and approached her.

"Yes, the brat is alone. The companions he was talking about are nonexistent." He answered.


"He insisted that two elite vampires had escorted him, but the names he gave are unheard of. I called Zeke and confirmed there's no vampire with those names and features." He explained as he unbuckled his belt. "And Kyle didn't seem to be lying. I think an imposter had lured him out."

Abi's brows creased. "But for what purpose?"

"Perhaps, someone wanted to expose the presence of vampires to the world. I'm not certain yet but don't worry, Zeke's already dealing with this, my love." He held her from behind and kissed the side of her throat.

"Alex" She drew in a breath at the hot touch of his breath. "I am worried about Kelly." She added, causing Alex's lips on her skin to pause. "Is there really no hope for them? I want to help them, Alex. I don't want Kelly to marry a man she didn't love."

Gently, Alex turned her to face him. He stared into her eyes and saw the troubled and worried look in her lovely eyes. He drew her in his embrace and kissed her head.

"Okay, we will help them. I shall see what we can do for them," he said, and he felt Abi sighed in relief.

"Thank you," she whispered.

Alex swooped her into his arms. He gently put her down on the bed and then kissed her lips. "Anything for you, my love," he uttered.

The next morning.

Kelly arrived at the Young residence, wearing a pure black outfit.

She deliberately came home late despite the endless calls coming from her parents, telling her that Tristan and his parents had arrived long ago. Kelly didn't care, and she didn't want to go but knowing her parents, Kelly decided to appear still. She was afraid that her father might do something stupid because of rage and probably end up locking her home. She can't afford to be restrained or locked in the next few days. She still had to go and hunt for the men on her list.

As soon as she entered the mansion, she was welcomed with a seemingly happy and pleasant conversation. Her eyes immediately narrowed at the sight of the man she despised to her very core. He was shamelessly speaking so politely to her parents, like how a doting son-in-law should act before his in-laws. He was dazzling, and she damned hated it. It was obvious this man had already won the hearts of her parents. The worst thing was that Kelly already felt that Tristan had won and had already even stolen her parents from her, especially her father, who had been dreaming of having a son.

Silently, Kelly approached them. Her father glared at her at the sight of her outfit. She wished he would send her away and get change, but he didn't. He was too eager to get over the talk.

Kelly was mute the entire conversation. Her father spoke for her as if she was someone not capable of talking for herself. Rage quietly crashed and swirled inside her, but Kelly had managed to keep an unfeeling, expressionless face.

Once everything was over, Kelly was the first to rise. Her eyes cold as she took a step to leave without a word. But Tristan's voice halted her.

"You forgot this in my car, Kelly."

Kelly's head whipped around, and she stared at Tristan with narrowed eyes. Her cellphone in his hand. The look on her parents' face was beyond pleased, and Kelly cursed within her.

She grabbed the phone from him and stormed out of the mansion.

It didn't take long until a gorgeous black bike left the mansion's gate at a bullet speed. Kelly was so angry she felt like exploding.

It was already sunset when Kelly finally found Chris. The man had just finished his taping when Kelly appeared, dressed in that badass and sexy leather outfit of hers.

Everyone in the set, both male and female, looked at her with awe. They couldn't help but gape at how perfect her body was. She dressed and looked like a perfect antagonist of a badass action movie. While everyone was curious about her identity, the first thing Chris did was call for the security.

Kelly immediately frowned and glared at him as she approached him.

"Wait, wait, wait." Chris stepped back. "Don't blame me for impulsively calling the guards Kelly. Don't you know how you look right now? You look like an assassin! And god, why you're looking at me as if you're after my head? At least let the security check if you're hiding weapons!"

Realizing the rage that was still oozing in her eyes, Kelly halted and took a deep breath. She fought to calm herself, and once she did, she flashed a smile towards Chris.

But the tall, lean, and swoon-worthy superstar obviously didn't buy her smile. "Don't smile, damn it. You look even scarier!"

Kelly closed her eyes, pressing her lips tight as she sighed again. "I don't have any weapon, and I am certainly not here to take your head Mr. Superstar. In fact, I don't even care about your head or any part of your body."

"You don't tell me you ran out of good-looking men to beat, and I'm the only one left."

"No, no, Chris. Just for you to know, you're not good-looking enough to deserve the power of my fists."

Chris strode towards her and grabbed Kelly's forearm. "Come here, you, gangster." He dragged her towards the make-up room, and as soon as he closed the door, he faced her with an exasperated look. "Then, what do you want from me?"

Kelly nonchalantly sat on the chair and crossed her impossibly long legs. She stared at him, and without any preamble, Kelly spoke.

"I came to propose to you. Let's get married."

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