My 100 Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 554

Chapter 554 Shes Too Beautiful He Dare Not Say Its Her V

Yes, he did have that suspicion, but even he did not think it was possible, so he did not say it at all.

How could she see that he had this suspicion in his heart.

It had taken him a few days of observation to have that suspicion.

She had only watched for a short while and was confident that the old woman was not a key figure?

How did she make such a conclusion? Moreover, she had outright said that there was no need to interrogate the old woman. Wasnt she afraid of making a mistake?

He had always been afraid of making a mistake that would affect the interrogation, so he had never voiced out the trace of suspicion in his heart.

"Boss, what do you suspect?" Ming Yuan was also stunned and asked Leng Rong.

"Tell me your opinion." Leng Rongs eyes looked at Chu Wuyou. At this moment, his expression was more serious.

"No opinion. I need to know more about the situation." Chu Wuyou did not answer her directly. She had just arrived and did not understand the situation. She wanted to know who ordered the old woman and she wanted to know the purpose of the person behind it.

"If you dont have an opinion, why are you saying that this person doesnt need to be interrogated? You, what are you doing?" Ming Yuan was anxious and shouted a few more words.

"She is obviously hiding something." Leng Rong suspected that this woman was not the person at the top of the group, but this woman was definitely hiding something.

"The things she is hiding are not important, or they are things that you already know. Its just that she doesnt know yet." Chu Wuyou replied very quickly and clearly.

"How do you know?" Ming Yuan obviously did not believe it at all. "We interrogated her for five days but still couldnt get anything. You only took one look and already know that what shes hiding isnt important. Are you a god?"

"Boss, I think this old woman is too cunning. I think shes hiding too deeply. Shes definitely not an ordinary farmers wife. Look at her hands, there are no calluses or cracks. Can someone on a farm be like this? Look at her face again. Although there are wrinkles on her face, she has much less than an ordinary farmers wife. Moreover, her skin is very white. She hasnt been exposed to the sun or wind at all." Ming Yuan clearly observed her carefully.

It was precisely because of this that the old woman made people even more suspicious.

Chu Wuyous eyes flashed. Therefore, someone had planned all of this from the start. This old woman was a chess piece that the higher-ups of the corporation had long buried. It was to be used as a scapegoat when they were caught one day.

Therefore, the person at the top of the corporation was indeed very powerful. If they did not dig out that person this time, even if they locked up all the people they caught this time, there would soon be another huge human trafficking organization.

"She did not hide it well. Its just that the person behind the scenes is very cunning. This old woman is obviously stalling you guys. If you waste time, you might miss some things." Chu Wuyou did not like to explain too much, however, Ming Yuan had just said that they had already interrogated for five days. In five days time, they might miss out on a lot of things.

"Okay, what do you want to know? Ill cooperate with you." At this moment, Leng Rongs attitude suddenly changed.

"Thank you," Chu Wuyou replied softly. Leng Rong was indeed a very good leader. Leng Rong definitely couldnt completely trust her now, but in order to solve the case, he supported her unconditionally.

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