Bank Of The Universe Chapter 444

Chapter 444 Nine Emperors

There was a high chance that the stone city that appeared within the barbarian races city contained the stone flame.

But Li Xiandao wasnt anxious, he was in control, so why did he have to be anxious?

He looked towards the Barbarian God Hall priest and asked, "How many factions want a piece of it?"

The priest said bitterly, "There are 15 first-rate ones and numerous second and third-rate ones."

Li Xiandao asked once more, "Who is the strongest person out of these 15?"

The priest wanted to make them sound weaker but with Li Xiandaos gaze, he didnt dare to lie.

"There are a few with a few at Destiny Realm." The priest sighed.

"How many emperors and how many destiny realm ones? How many do your barbarian race have too?" Li Xiandao continued to ask.

The priest counted and terrified himself. He realized that the gap was so huge.

"We have nine emperors and one Destiny Realm expert." The priest really wanted to cry. Now, he noticed that they were just so weak.

"The 15 factions have around 40 emperors and more than 10 Destiny Realm experts." The priests voice became much softer as he lacked confidence.

Li Xiandao listened on and couldnt help but exclaim. This gap in strength was quite huge.

"Now, I know the gap in strength. The Bank of the Universe can help you get through this danger but what is the price that you are willing to pay?" Li Xiandao asked.

He was not in a rush as this was a good chance to earn money.

"What does the Bank of the Universe require?" The priest asked carefully.

"Spirit stones, spirit meridians, treasures, ores, or other things?" The priest listed examples.

"I want everything." Li Xiandao said loudly.

The priests face froze and he was stunned.

"40 emperors, dozens of Destiny Realm, they can sweep your entire race. You want us to block such a huge group, so you definitely have to pay with more resources and treasures. If not, how will I agree?" Li Xiandao said calmly.

The priest thought about it and felt like Li Xiandao was right.

40 emperors, a dozen Destiny Realm, this was such great power that filled one with despair.

"I can hand the treasures that Barbarian God Hall has accumulated for tens of thousands of years over." The priest gritted his teeth and said solemnly.

"As long as you can block them and leave the ruins to us." The priest added.

"How many treasures have you accumulated?" Li Xiandao asked coldly. He didnt get charmed by those words.

Tens of thousands of years of treasures were all given to Li Xiandao.

This sounded like a lot but who knew how much they had accumulated?

"Top quality spiritual energy dragon veins, 5 million of them." The Barbarian God Hall priest said firmly.

Li Xiandao felt like this contract could be signed.

"All sorts of ores, materials to refine weapons, 50 million tons of them." Barbarian God Hall priest gritted his teeth.

Li Xiandao wanted to ask Seven to prepare the contract.

"Numerous rare medicinal herbs, and a million tons of treasures." The priest said. Even his heart was bleeding.

Li Xiandao pointed and said, "Seven, get the contract."

Not mentioning the others, just the 5 million spiritual energy dragon veins alone tempted Li Xiandao.

Moreover, there were other things.

Seven prepared the contract right away and passed it to Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao took a close look and realized that there was one missing condition.

"Add one more. Once we helpe you, we will take one flame from the ruins." Li Xiandao said.

This was Li Xiandaos goal. Although the dragon veins were important, compared to the flame stone, they were much weaker.

Seven immediately redrafted a contract with that term added.

Li Xiandao passed the new contract to the priest and said, "Sign it. Once you do, it will come into effect. Your treasury will be mine and you cant take anything out anymore."

The priest looked at it closely. This was a gamble. He used close to 100,000 years of treasures to gamble about what was in the stone city.

If there were many treasures within or they could help the barbarian race, then his gamble would be correct.

On the contrary, if there werent as many treasures inside compared to what they gave to Li Xiandao, then the gamble would have failed.

The price would be Barbarian God Halls 100,000 years worth of accumulated treasures. They would have to go through tough times once more.

But if the gamble paid off, Barbarian God Hall and the barbarian race would improve.

As the current priest, the one who led the barbarian race forwards, he was determined. After confirming that the contract was fine, he signed it decisively.

"Lets cooperate well." Li Xiandao stood up and reached out.

"Yes. When will we be able to witness the Bank of the Universes strength?" The priest asked right away. He was looking forwards to it.

Li Xiandao passed the contract to Seven and she kept it. He then said, "Call Heaven Heart, the four angels, Tian Guangming and his disciple, Blood Dragon and Northern Region Lord over."

Seven nodded. She turned around elegantly to call for all of them.

Barbarian God Hall priest looked on and was excited. The few of them sounded really strong.

A minute later, a bunch of people entered the Trading Hall.

Heaven Heart led the way. The cleanly dressed monk wearing a white robe had a bald head that was as shiny as a star.

Behind him, the four angels were totally different. There was the beautiful Moon Angel, the cold Fallen Angel, the righteous Archangel, and Battle Angel who was always maintaining his sharp fighting intent.

Behind them was Tian Guangming who had his chest lifted high and his arms held behind his back. There was also the muscular Li Wuya who was a head taller than Tian Guangming.

Behind them was the red dress Blood Dragon and the calm Northern Region Lord.

They were all at Emperor Realm.

Apart from Tian Guangming, the others were all peak Emperor Realm.

Nine emperors appeared, shocking the priest so much that he opened his eyes wide.

Peak Emperor!

Peak Emperor!

Peak Emperor!

A casual look at anyone was at peak emperor.

When he saw Tian Guangming who was at second stage Emperor Realm, the priest looked away without caring. He wasnt shocked at all which made Tian Guangming feel a little depressed. He didnt care about Emperor Realm second stage at all.

"Master!" The nine of them walked in front of Li Xiandao. They knelt down on one knee and shouted respectfully.

Li Xiandao nodded his head in satisfaction and then looked at the priest, "You bring these nine emperors back. They will help you defend the invasion."

"What if this is not enough?" The priest hesitated.

Although they were all peak emperor, apart from Tian Guangming, they had 40 emperors.

That was the strength that was revealed.

"I can fight five by myself. Dont worry." Li Wuya stood up, hugged his chest, and said proudly.

The priest still looked at Li Xiandao.

"They are fine. If something happens, I will help." Li Xiandao nodded his head and said.

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