Mages Are Too Op Chapter 578

Chapter 578 Is This A Monkey Show?

Great Elder Alfred understood Rolands meaning

He also remembered the power behind Roland.

The Golden Sons, a group that couldnt die.

"Since you need ten days, then I will give you ten days." Alfred gently clapped his hands. "But, I need something. If one day soon the Monochrome Magic Tower collapses, I want to get the spell model of Mages Disjunction, okay?" The Great Elder of his own Magic Tower wasnt a do-gooder either.

Roland took a deep breath. "I will try my best. If there is no model of Mages Disjunction, I will give you the Self-Destructing Inferior Fireball that I have improved a lot upon."

Alfred burst into laughter. "Haha, deal!"

Although Mages Disjunction was extremely good, in the Great Elders opinion, Rolands Inferior Fireball was more practical. Magic apprentices could learn it, and the power of it could be large or small, freely adjustable.

It could be a single target attack or a crowd attack.

And it had pretty good magic resistance penetration ability. If improved to the pinnacle, the power of it would be completely comparable to Melfs meteors and god-slaying spell, but perhaps consume much less mental power and magic power.

Such a spell was a must for every Mage to learn. Roland saw the Great Elder laughing, and he also became happy.

In his opinion, if the Great Elder of the Spatial Magic Tower was delayed here for more than ten days, then things would go completely in his favor.

First of all, in Rolands opinion, in the entire Spatial Magic Tower, only Great Elder Morton possessed "combat" ability. The other Spatial Magic Tower elders were not at all battle conscious.

It was not that they were not powerful. Bullying low-level professionals, they could overwhelm most at a lower level than they were by using the mobility of spatial magic, appearing and disappearing like ghosts.

But if they met those of similar strength and used this against those who werent any less talented than they were, these people would be quite useless.

Even Roland, who had just reached Master not long ago, was able to use elementization to suppress five elders. If it were Andonara, a Legendary Great Swordsman with a Heros bloodline, not to mention five Spatial Magic Tower Great Elders, she would probably be able to kill ten of them easily.

This was why as long as Morton was held back here, Andonara guarding Delpon was almost foolproof.

The second reason was that a large number of players had already found a way to go to the Monochrome Magic Tower.

In just three or four days, Wetland City had formed an industrial chain for manufacturing human-powered double-cabin planes.

The players had perfectly inherited the construction and rapid manufacturing ability from the experts.

The number of human-powered planes manufactured in Wetland City had reached a terrifying number of 300 planes per day.

There were now more than 100,000 players in Wetland City, among which 40,000 non-combat professional players or semi-professional players were devoted to the great business of manufacturing human-powered double-cabin planes.

From logging, transportation, parts-making, to final assembly, three assembly line operations were formed spontaneously. One by one, human-powered planes appeared and were bought by combat players waving their gold coins, and soon after, they were taxiing on the temporary paved runway outside the city and finally taking to the sky. Those who bought the planes were usually solo players.

The human-powered planes werent that safe and they could easily be destroyed if something unfortunate happened, resulting in the players death and the planes ruin.

The guilds that were concerned about this used the drawings posted to the forum by the maritime engineer and ran to Bluewater Harbor, built lots of large wooden ships, and then headed out to sea.

It didnt matter if they didnt have seafaring experience. All they had to do was post on the forum and ask, and if that failed, then they could also use the browser function and ask the sailing experts on the internet.

Those who played with boats and were oceangoing experts were worried that their sport was too niche, not popular enough, and not well-known. Now that a large number of netizens came to ask about it, they were happy and planned to take advantage of this opportunity to promote their knowledge of small sailboats and oceangoing activities.

Several guilds large wooden sailboats set off one after another, each with at least a hundred people on board, and as many as three hundred.

And many small guilds medium-sized sailboats were also built and subsequently followed.

All of a sudden, a large number of ships appeared off the coast of Bluewater Harbor, sailing in one direction.

The biggest problem in ocean-traveling was water and food, followed by the need to identify the direction in the ocean, and the third was the various oceanic disasters.

The biggest problem of water and food was not a problem at all for the players. The 8-cubic-meters Backpack solved this. Navigating was also not a problem. After more than two years of game time, many players already knew how to use the sun, moon, and stars to determine direction.

As for the ocean storms, these troubles as long as the tonnage of the ship reached a certain level and had good resistance to waves, ordinary ocean storms would hardly topple the players ships.

Of course, severe ocean storms would still occasionally occur.

For example, the guild Fatter Cat was unlucky enough to run into a severe ocean disaster.

Beneath the dark clouds, a dozen black tornadoes swirled near their ship and hailstones almost the size of fists crashed down from the air. Holes were made in the sails, and purple lightning struck the tall masts now and then.

The players watching the wind from the watchtower despaired instantly.

Waves taller than ten meters with the ghostly sound of the wind threw the ship around, up and down like a rollercoaster.

The guild players who hid in the cabin earlier also let out wild shrieks and howls.

A large amount of vomit flew with them, and more and more of it.

In the end, the ship was broken apart.

The whole Fatter Cat guild was killed, but after they resurrected, they only needed two days to rebuild a new, sturdier, medium-sized sailboat, and then set off again.

In contrast, the accidents of the human-powered planes were much simpler. One sentence could simply describe it.

The plane was destroyed and the players died. At this time, the first departure of the flying players had been in the air for three days and three nights and was about to fly across the ocean. The flying players were much slower but had also traveled a third of the way.

Roland returned to the manor to do magic experiments, and he kept an eye on the forum.

Most players were very showy and they liked to report their progress on the forum, like where they were now and what they had encountered.

Watching them get closer and closer to the Monochrome Magic Tower, Roland was quite happy.

Now and then he would leave the estate and take Marilyn for a walk.

Marilyn, a feral cat, had gradually made the transition to a house cat.

She always used to be running around, running out the door as soon as she had nothing to do and had enough to eat and drink.

But now she preferred to spend more time in the manor lying in the sun.

Either that or sleeping lazily in her own little home.

Originally Roland thought it wasnt good that she was so fond of running around outside and attracting trouble.

But now, seeing her stay at home every day, and feeling that it was even worse for her, he would occasionally take her out for a walk.

Today, as he was walking down the street with her, he saw Morton coming up to him.

Rolands expression immediately became annoyed, and even a little angry. Mortons expression, on the other hand, was quite mild, even with an easygoing smile.


He stood in front of Roland, seemingly trying to greet him, but forcefully blocking Rolands way.

"Mr. Roland, its been two or three days since Ive seen you. I didnt expect to meet you here." He swept his eyes over the white cat Marilyn and added, "So you like catgirls. There are quite a few beautiful catgirls at the Spatial Magic Tower, like that Maromatha. If youd like, I can have her come to keep you company."

"I dont want to talk to you. Get the hell out of my way." Roland growled angrily. Morton still smiled. "Im your elder regardless of anything, thats not very nice of you."

Roland snickered, not saying anything.

Morton shrugged. "It seems that you still have some misunderstanding about me, so I wont bother you."

After speaking, he walked past Roland.

The two gradually moved away from each other.

Mortons smile eventually disappeared and his expression slowly became grim.

Rolands expression, on the other hand, slowly went from angry to calm, and even the corners of his mouth curled up gently.

Time moved quickly, and two more days passed in the blink of an eye.

In Delpon, Andonara stayed in the manor and didnt go anywhere.

She kept the Heros sword on her, and the afternoon tea she used to love so much hadnt been drunk once in the past few days.

At the same time, the atmosphere in the Magic Tower of Delpon was not quite right.

All the Mages, including magic apprentices and handymen, were given leave but were essentially driven home.

Vivian went back to the manor and stayed by Andonaras side.

It was on this day that Andonara was in the manors pavilion with her eyes closed, and then black smoke appeared in the woods over to the west.

Andonara immediately stood up and said to Vivian, who was next to her, "Sound the alarm bell in town, and then hide in the secret passage." "I think I can help too."

Andonara rolled her eyes at Vivian. "The enemy coming has a high chance of being Legendary, what help can you be? Go hide, and dont be a burden."

"But I want to help Roland"

"Youre not helping. Instead of being stubborn with me here, save some more energy and stamina for when Roland comes back and milk him with me so he doesnt have the strength to think about other women." That was so blunt that, although Vivian and Roland had been in negative contact a dozen times already, she was still embarrassed and covered her face, then ran off to hide.

Andonara immediately donned her armor, wearing her longsword and holding her blue spear in her right hand, and went straight to the place where the smoke had risen.

As she sprinted, alarm bells were rung throughout the city, and the residents of Delpon froze briefly before screaming and picking up their possessions and wares and running home.

Those who had tunnels hid in tunnels or secret rooms

And those who didnt, hid under the beds of their homes.

Andonara ran to the fire beacon, which was at the eastern wall of the city.

A group of soldiers surrounded the beacon, and the man leading the group was Andonaras eldest uncle, Cage.

"Anna, youre here!" Cage nodded to Andonara.

Andonaras eyes gazed to the east and noticed a black dot appearing at the edge of the sky. The black dot was growing larger, and at its current speed, it was estimated that it would be over Delpon in less than half an hour. Andonara said to Cage, "Uncle, take the soldiers and hide. Ill take care of things from here."

"Take care of yourself," Cage said, patting his niece on the shoulder.

He knew very well that his niece was extremely strong now and no longer needed the assistance of ordinary people or ordinary troops. If she couldnt block the enemy, then all the soldiers in the entire city would be of no help.

When Cage informed all the city guards to come down from the city walls, the black spot in the sky had become very large.

"A flying ship!" Andonara recognized this thing in the air at a glance. "And on the hull, theres the logo of the Spatial Magic Tower. Hehe, its really as my man predicted. These people dont dare to fight Roland head-on and engage in such boring tricks like capturing peoples relatives."

She spoke and smiled coldly.

Even so, she still looked charming and alluring.

She waited where she was for a while. The flying ship in the sky flew nearer, already very close.

She grasped the spear in her hand and made the motion of hurling it.

The blue immortal phoenix flames wrapped the whole spear, then she dashed a few steps forward, and with the force of her sprint, she pressed her right hand forward and threw the spear forcefully.

One minute ago:

Greene and Barnard were standing in the captains cabin of the flying ship.

There was a big crystal ball between the two of them.

This crystal ball had constant Remote Detection and Mirror Image Manifestation, two kinds of magic arrays, which could manifest the environment and situation around the flying ship in the crystal ball in real-time.

Both of them were a little excited when they saw in the crystal ball that Delpon was ahead of them.

"The Great Elder sent a message over saying that Roland is still at the Red Magic Tower, so we shouldnt encounter any obstacles in our operation."

"But we dont know exactly who Rolands friends and family are."

"Theres no need to rush this. First, well bombard them with magic from up here for a while, then well go down and interrogate the scared-ass locals who should know who Rolands relatives and friends are, and just grab anyone with any connections."

Greene laughed. "Barnard, youre not afraid of a Legendary Great Swordsman? I heard that among Rolands women, theres one named Andonara and shes a very strong Great Swordsman."

Barnard sneered, "What a joke! Do you believe this information?"

"I dont believe it."

Barnard spread open his hands. "Then everythings fine. There arent even that many Legendary Great Swordsmen in Fareins, so how can a small, remote country like Hollevin have a Legend, a woman no less, and not even over thirty years old? Now spies have exaggerated the intelligence to catch peoples attention so much that its not in line with common sense. When I get back after this, I have to properly rectify the intelligence system."

Greene was deeply convinced.

He too scoffed when he saw the information.

Barnard spoke up again at this time. "Ho, its a beacon! Is this beacon lit for us?"

The crystal ball revealed the beacon on the city wall, and then Andonara.

The two laughed, and Greene said, "Theres not even a man on the walls, and there are no soldiers. Only one woman. Have all the men in this city died out?"

Barnard was speaking when he saw the image of Andonara wrapping a spear in blue fire and then hurling it forcefully. The two men froze for a moment, then laughed out loud at the same time.

Tears were coming out of their eyes. Their flying ship was at least two kilometers off the ground, and many peoples magic couldnt reach this distance.

A woman throwing a spear?

Was she performing a monkey show?

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