Mommy Villainess Chapter 171

171 Tillys Orchestra

FORRESTER didn't want to die when he just woke up. Of course, he would fight for his life. But it wouldn't hurt to be prepared for his end.

He was lazy, yes. But that didn't mean he didn't have a goal.

I can't die without finding my Holy Scepter first.

"Luna, can you hear me?" Forrester asked after he forcefully created a link between their minds. To be honest, it wasn't easy doing it. After all, the witch could make really strong barriers. "This is Forrester."

"Yes, Your Holiness," Luna said, her voice laced with surprise. "Is everything alright?"

As expected, the witch was sharp. She knew that he wouldn't call her without a reason. He was glad that he could go straight to the point.

"I might die tonight."

There was a short pause before the witch spoke again in a calm voice. "I can only think of two people capable of killing you, Your Holiness. It's either His Majesty or the Blue Dragon."

He nodded even though she couldn't see him. "It's the dumb emperor," he said. "He's probably on his way to kill me. According to my father's message, there's a huge possibility that I wouldn't make it tonight. Since he thinks I'm going to die anyway, he wanted me to return to the heavens."

"You're not going back, are you?"

"No, I'm not," he confirmed. "I guess you can blame my pride for my death this time."

"We'll help you, Your Holiness."

"Thank you, but I didn't call to ask for your help," he said in a polite tone. "Luna, I need you to tell the Nystroms to leave the Royal Capital now. But don't go to Oakes. I have a feeling that the dumb emperor has already set up a trap to capture Duke Nystrom and his son."

The witch gasped. "Are you sure about that, Your Holiness?"

To be honest, he couldn't say it with certainty.

His stupid father gave the dumb emperor the Divine Protection that didn't only protect him from the Ancient Beasts it also protected him from his 'visions.'

That meant he couldn't see the future of the dumb emperor.

Fortunately, he could see snippets of the future of the people around him. For the past few days, he saw the chaotic events that would soon take place. He also knew that the Supreme's Keepers had already arrived.

And the Keepers can change the impending dark future of the Nystroms.

"My instincts are telling me so," he told the witch. "Avoid the way to the Oakes at all cost."

He kept quiet all this time because the future he was seeing kept on changing every day. If he told the Nystroms his visions right away, the he would have to retract his words several times.

"Then, where should we go?" Luna asked. "Oakes is the only safe place for the duke and the duchess right now."

"Anywhere but Oakes," he said. "Tell Lady Nystrom that wherever she goes, the Keepers will find her."

"I will, Your Holiness," the witch said. "But how about you?"

"Don't worry about me," he said. "I can take care of myself. You need to protect the Supreme, Luna. The dumb emperor will never hurt Duke Nystrom and the child. But he would definitely crush Lady Nystrom's heart as soon as he gets a hold of her. You know that it will be over for all of us if the Supreme died again, right?"

"Yes, Your Holiness," Luna said with conviction in her voice. "I will protect Lady Nystrom at all cost."

"Thank you, Luna," Forrester said. He still had more things he wanted to say but he decided against it. After all, he needed to prepare himself before the emperor arrived. Unsealing the remaining divine power inside him would take a while so he needed to start getting ready now. "Tell the Nystroms that I said goodbye."


TILLY couldn't believe what she just heard from Luna.

Right now, she was in the tea room with Kiho and the witch. On the other hand, she asked Sentinel and Blake to look after Winter and Julian in the playroom. She hated being apart with her son but she didn't want him to know what was going on. Even though there was a huge possibility that Winter had the memories of his past life, she still didn't want him to be a part of that war.

She didn't want her son to feel the hardship that the adults were going through right now.

Saint Forrester will die?

Ah, it would be more appropriate to say that the saint was going to be murdered by Emperor Aku.

That despicable emperor!

"Honey?" Kiho said worriedly, then he held her hand and gently squeezed it. "Your body temperature is increasing."

Tilly let out a deep sigh to calm herself. "I can't let the saint die. I don't want His Majesty to take another life from our side."

"It sounded like His Holiness is certain that he can't make it out alive tonight," Luna said worriedly. "Well, to be honest, his chance of surviving is very low. After all, His Majesty has the capability to kill the saint."

She knew that the witch was right.

But she refused to accept that.

"Lady Nystrom, you should leave the Royal Capital now," Luna said in a voice laced with urgency. "His Holiness said that you shouldn't go to Oakes. If that's the case, then we should just do your suggestion before: let's go to Mount Sola instead. The saint said that wherever you go, your Keepers will find you."

"They're too late," she hissed. "It has already been a week since we felt their arrival but they are yet to find me. I don't want to depend on tardy people like them."

Kiho nodded in agreement.

"We have to save Saint Forrester," she said firmly. "Even though he's only on our side because of the deal we made with him regarding his Holy Scepter, I still consider him as an ally."

"Should I go to the temple and help His Holiness?" Kiho asked.

"No. You have to stay with me and Winter," she said firmly to her husband, then she turned to Luna. "Miss Luna, can you break into the temple and create an escape route for you and His Holiness?"

Kiho let out a small gasp. "Honey"

She gently squeezed her husband's hand to let him know that she knew what she was saying.

Luna turned serious as she answered her question. "If there's a way to distract the emperor from killing the saint, I can quickly grab the saint and escape with him."

"I know how to distract His Majesty," she said. To be honest, she wasn't confident with the plan she came up but it was better than doing nothing. Although of course, she had to get Luna's permission first. After all, she'd be the key to the success of her plan. "It has to be you, Miss Luna. But this mission is going to be very dangerous. If my plan fails, you might lose your life. So I'll understand if you refuse to do it."

Luna fell silent for a while before she took a deep breath, then said: "I'll do it," she declared in a clear voice. "I will follow your order, Lady Nystrom."

"Thank you, Miss Luna," she said with a sad smile.

Having to send Luna to a mission that might take the witch's life was really hard for her. After all, she considered Luna as her best friend. But they had to take the risks if they wanted to win that war.

It seems like Kiho felt her anxiousness because he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, then he gently pulled her closer to his body before he kissed her on the top of her head.

Tilly turned to her husband and smiled at him. "I'm okay, hon."


KIHO knew that Tilly wasn't okay.

She just sent Miss Luna, her closest friend, to a dangerous mission. Even though his wife was putting on a brave face right now, he knew that she was very close to breaking down already.

"Miss Luna will come back," Kiho said when it was only him and his wife in the tea room. They were still sitting side-by-side on the sofa. After Luna left, Tilly remained still while her face told him that she was in deep thought. "I'm not saying this just to console you. I'm saying this because I trust Miss Luna and your brilliant mind."

Tilly finally moved. Then, she turned to him with a faint smile. Still, her face looked pale. She was obviously very worried about Miss Luna. "You're right, hon. Miss Luna will come back," she repeated his words a while ago. "She will."

He nodded, then he gently flicked her forehead with his fingers. "Your voice sounds very weak, Tilly. Are you going to mock His Majesty with that voice?"

Tilly told them her plan a while ago.

He was very proud of his wife for being so smart and cunning.

She blinked several times while touching the part of her forehead that he just flicked. Then, she laughed heartily. "You're right, honey," she said. "I won't fail Miss Luna. I have to distract His Majesty for her and the saint to escape safely."

He nodded, glad that the life in her eyes were back. "That's the spirit, honey."

She smiled and placed a warm hand on his cheek. "Hon, can you gather our most trusted servants in the meeting room? Before we prepare for our departure, we need to talk to them first."

The things that they needed to bring to Oakes had already been prepared since last week. In short, they were ready to leave anytime. The only thing that changed now was their destination.

Thankfully, they knew where to go aside from Oakes.

We have to survive this night so we can safely travel to Mount Sola.

"Will you be okay here alone, honey?" Kiho asked worriedly. "Should I call Sentinel to accompany you? I'll bring Winter with me. Then, I will ask the maids to help Flint pack his things and look after Julian."

"Yes, please," Tilly said while nodding her head. "We need to move fast and efficiently."


AKU smirked while looking at Saint Forrester's pathetic state right now.

The poor saint was suspended in the air while a giant vine had pierced through his chest. Yes, the very weapon that he used against him a while ago was the very thing that he used to stab his heart.

Maybe the Moonchesters had a thing for literally breaking the hearts of their enemies.

"You're still alive," Aku said in amusement. Blood was dripping from the saint's chest like a faucet. But miraculously, His Holiness was still alive. "I shouldn't have underestimated the favored son of the Sky God."

"You were insulted, weren't you?" Saint Forrester asked with a smirk. Even though he was in pain, he still looked very arrogant. "You were pissed when I called you 'fake.' If you were in your sane mind, your attack wouldn't have been this messy."

He just let out a bitter smile, then he started to walk towards the saint to finally end his life this time. "You really have a death wish, Your Holiness."

Again, the saint just smirked at him as if he was mocking him.

He was about to attack again when all of a sudden, he felt another presence in the room.

The next thing he knew, he was already facing a woman with burgundy hair and pink eyes. A witch from the Colorless Coven, huh?

"A survivor of the Colorless Coven," Aku said in amusement. "I acknowledge that your clan can create the strongest barriers. But you can't protect the saint from me, little witch. So if you don't want to die, get out of my way."

The witch just smiled at him.

"You can't kill Miss Luna, Your Majesty."

He was surprised to hear Lady Nystrom's voice. The duchess wasn't in the room. Her voice came from the earring that the witch wore.

A communication device, I see.

"I can't kill your little witch friend?" he asked the duchess in a mocking tone. "Are you underestimating me, Lady Nystrom?"

"No, Your Majesty," the duchess said in an arrogant, clear voice. "I'm just saying that you can't kill the only person that can fix Princess Nia's body."

"Fix what?" Aku asked with furrowed brows. "Nothing is wrong with Nia's body."

"Oh, Your Majesty doesn't know?" Lady Nystrom asked in a mocking tone accompanied by a mocking laugh. "You don't know that Princess Nia is infertile because she destroyed own reproductive system?"



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