Archean Eon Art Chapter 538

Chapter 538 Eighth Level Essence Soul

Chapter 538 Eighth-Level Essence Soul

The powerful feelingswhich made his body tremble-broke through all suppressions and surged out.

Meng Chuan held the brush in his hand and began painting.

First, it was a dark and oppressive scene. A Godfiend stood high in the sky and looked down at a ruined city. The ruined city was painted with dark hues. Countless corpses littered the city. This was a city the size of a prefecture city. There were too many corpses, so Meng Chuan painted them simply. However, behind the simple brushstrokes were a deathly aura.

Meng Chuan had personally seen too many cities that had suffered massacres. When the demons wreaked havoc in the world, he had rescued many cities and had seen many humans in cities and forts being slaughtered.

He had seen it with his own eyes. Thus, this paintings emotions were soul-stirring and went bone-deep.

The slaughtered cities, the slaughtered villages, the large number of ferocious demons that entered from the unstable World Entrances, and the fleeing ordinary people covered the entire canvas. This scene showed the beginning of the war between Archean Eon Realm and the Demon Realm.

Following that, humans began to build majestic city passes around the stable World Entrances. Godfiends and mortal soldiers guarded them.

People dismantled ordinary villages and began building forts that were covered in traps. Thousands of mortals gathered together.

The entire world had changed because of the demons.

Meng Chuan painted scenes of mortals joining the military.

A mortal teenager carried his luggage and bade farewell to his parents; a valiant woman bowed to an elderly man; a one-armed man hugged his wife, but he still left without any hesitation; a middle-aged man stroked his childrens heads and entrusted them to his wife

Every one of them was inspired in one way or another. Meng Chuan had read many dossiers about mortal soldiers.

In the earliest days of the war, city pass soldiers were recruited publicly. It was all voluntary. They could apply to be a soldier after reaching the Marrow Cleansing realm. Many youths joined the army without any hesitation to fight the demons.

As he painted the military recruitment scene, Meng Chuan recalled the countless names on the dossiers. Many people only had their names left to be remembered.

When Meng Chuan flipped through the dossiers, he completely understood why his Essence Soul kept trembling. His Essence Soul began to glow.

As he moved his brush, his Essence Soul constantly emitted light, constantly transforming

Half a day of painting later, Meng Chuan finished the scene of mortals joining the military.


His Essence Soulwhich had been transforming for more than half a day-had completely undergone a qualitative change.

Every Essence Soul thought emitted a rainbow glow, as though they were worldly treasures. The Essence Soul formed by countless Essence Soul thoughts was vast and mysterious. Meng Chuans Essence Soul was draped in a colorful robe. It emitted rainbow colors.

Eighth-level Essence Soul!

Many Imperial Lords spent their entire lives with seventh-level Essence Souls. Even those with extremely high Essence Soul cultivation talent would find it difficult to take that step and attain an eighth-level Essence Soul.

Ancestral Master Archean Eons Essence Soul cultivation talent wasnt high. He was extremely talented at physical body cultivation, but his Essence Soul remained at the seventh level, even though he was a Seventh Tribulation Eminence.

Meng Chuan

He had a heart that observed the world since he was young. He also had talent in painting. However, he had cultivated for more than 700 years. His mental state had turned still. After experiencing the entire war, he attained an eighth-level Essence Soul realm while painting. The higher ones cultivation realm was, the harder it was for them to improve their mind and Essence Soul. This was because they had seen too many things. Even if the world collapsed, they could calmly face it. Thus, it became extremely difficult for them to improve their Essence Souls!

An Eighth-level Essence Soul! In the vast River of Spacetime, it meant one had reached the Essence Soul Tribulation realm!

At the Essence Soul Tribulation realm, one also needed to undergo Tribulation Transcendence. Every Essence Soul Tribulation tested ones Essence Soul.

Of course, Meng Chuans first Essence Soul Tribulation would take at least a year before it descended.

An eighth-level Essence Soul? Meng Chuan sensed his changes, but he didnt care.

In front of this painting, his Essence Souls transformation could be put aside. This painting reflected his heart! In the past, Meng Chuans mental state had returned to Nirvana, making it difficult for him to feel any emotional upheavals. This was because Meng Chuan believed that the final destination of everything was Nirvana. The entire world seemed to be gray. However, his mental state had changed after reading the dossiers. He had completely torn apart his Nirvana mental state.

He now had a different mental state.

Meng Chuan could only paint because he had ripped apart his Nirvana mental state.

Meng Chuan was completely immersed in painting.

After painting the scenes of mortals joining the military, Meng Chuan painted a majestic city pass.

There were Godfiends, mortals, and a World Entrance at this city pass. The few mortals-a teenager, a woman, a one-armed man, and a middle-aged man-were all part of the mortal army.

The Godfiends led the mortals to resist the demons.

Some soldiers beat the drums with all their might. Accompanied by the drumming, the other mortal soldiers worked together to fight the demons, while the Godfiends fought the demon monarchs.

In the battle, many soldiers fell as the remaining soldiers fought crazily.

The battle was won. However, many soldiers died. Some of their companions mourned, while others stood atop the city walls and stared at the World Entrance.

Scenes after scenes of victory were drawn. The teenager, the woman, the one-armed man, and the middle-aged man remained alive at the city pass, but many of their companions died.

Finally, another scene appeared. A demon monarchs roar echoed in the sky as the demons wreaked havoc. All the humans died.

The teenager, the woman, the one-armed man, and the middle-aged mans corpses were among them. On the other side

The teenagers parents, the womans master, the one-armed mans wife, and the middle-aged mans wife and children were still looking into the distance.

This scene of mortals participating in battles, fighting and sacrificing their lives, and how their families waited for them took Meng Chuan nine days to paint. It seemed like he was only painting a few important soldiers, but in reality, it represented the countless soldiers that died in battle. These countless soldiers each had families. They had their own dreams. If it were a peaceful era, they might be more willing to accompany their family. They would also be more willing to accompany their wives to bring up their children.

However, all of them went to participate in the


In the early days, participation was voluntary. However, during the wars middle and late stages, the number of city passes increased. Humanity had no choice but to begin conscripting people into the military. They provided many benefits to the soldiers, but the number of casualties remained tragic.

Meng Chuan paused after finishing this segment of history. In his mind, he recalled the stories he read in the dossiers. Among the countless items left behind, many were letters. He felt like he was watching a living persons life as he read them.

Many of them missed their families and felt like they owed them. However, the city passes had to be guarded! If they didnt defend them, the demons would wreak havoc, causing more deaths.

If they didnt resist, humanity would be wiped out by the demons.

Only a few Supremacies knew of the World Annihilation plan. Many Regis Godfiends and Two World Island and Black Sand Grotto-Heavens Supremacies believed that humanity would be exterminated if they couldnt hold the demons back. To prevent that, generations of Godfiends had risked their lives.

It was the same for Meng Chuan back then. He also went all out to protect humanity.

Meng Chuan continued painting.

He painted the wars beginning, the city passes, and the forts. He painted mortals joining the war, the Godfiend guarding the city passes, and the Skydemon Sect wreaking havoc

He painted a history that spanned over 900 years. He was also painting heroes. When painting each hero, Meng Chuan thought of all these historical events.

It was also a will-humanitys will to protect Archean Eon Realm.

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