Archean Eon Art Chapter 539

Chapter 539 Skydemon Sects Plea

Chapter 539 Skydemon Sects Plea

On the sixth day of the new year at Archean Mountain, the mountain still had the new years festive vibes.

Inside Grotto-Heaven Pavilion, Qin Wu stood with his hands behind his back. He frowned slightly, appearing somewhat frustrated.

Meng Chuan, you are Archean Mountains current leader. You went into seclusion immediately and threw all your responsibilities at me. You clearly have so many Essence Soul avatars, so cant you have an Essence Soul avatar presiding over the sects matters? Qin Wu was rather helpless. He glanced at a nearby room. The room led to a grotto-heaven. I wonder when he will exit seclusion.

Amidst his frustrations, a figure descended from the sky. It was Meng An. "Meng An." Qin Wu smiled when he saw Meng An. Although Meng Ans talent couldnt compare to a monstrous genius like Meng Chuan, he was still very outstanding. His current strength was probably slightly higher than Qin Wus.

"Master," said Meng An humbly.

When Meng An entered Archean Mountain, Qin Wu was still the one managing Archean Mountain. He was also the one that gave lectures at Grotto-Heaven Pavilion.

Qin Wu helmed Grotto-Heaven Pavilion for 300 years. Many had attended Qin Wus lectures. From grandfather, father, to children, all of them addressed him as Master.

In the past 300 years, Qin Wu had too many disciples. These disciples had various relationships between themselvesfather and son, husband and wife, etc. "Meng An, whats the matter?" asked Qin Wu. "I need to discuss something with my father, but I cant contact him," said Meng An. "I heard that Master is in charge of Grotto-Heaven Pavilion now, so I wanted to ask, whats up with my father now? He ignores me even when Im looking for him." "Your father is in seclusion," explained Qin Wu. "He ignores everything in the outside world unless something extremely important happens."

"Seclusion?" Meng An couldnt help but ask, "How long will it take?"

"Your father only told me that he should be out of seclusion within a year. Im not sure about the exact time," said Qin Wu.

"In a year?" Meng An heaved a sigh of relief. "Theres still time."

At that moment, a disciple carefully came over and bowed respectfully. "Greetings, Supremacies. Skydemon Sects sect master has come to the mountain and wishes to seek an audience with Imperial Lord Eastcalm."

"Oh?" Qin Wu was somewhat surprised. "Lets go. Lead the way."

"Yes," said the disciple respectfully.

Meng An did not follow. It was good enough for one Supremacy to meet the Skydemon Sects sect master. How could a few Supremacies meet him?

In a large hall on Archean Mountain. Qin Wu entered the hall.

"Master." The current Archean Mountain Lord, King Sword Nine, immediately stood up. Qin Wu sat in the main seat of honor, while King Sword Nine obediently sat by the side.

Qin Wu looked at the elegant middle-aged man in front of him. "Skydemon Sects sect master?"

The middle-aged man had some white hair. His entire body was somewhat dark. It was an Essence Soul avatar.

"Greetings, Supremacy Qin Wu." Skydemon Sect Master smiled and bowed. His smile naturally carried an evil charm.

"I never expected the Skydemon Sects sect master to have a sixth-level Essence Soul," said Qin Wu in surprise. He had high talent in Sword Dao, but he was relatively inferior when it came to cultivating his Essence Soul. He had only attained a sixth-level Essence Soul after having his wish of winning the war fulfilled.

As for this mysterious Skydemon Sect Master, he had a sixth-level Essence Soul.

Skydemon Sect Master had cultivated the incomplete Skydemon system to the fifth Firmament Skydemon realm. His Essence Soul cultivation talent was even higher, allowing him to hold the position of sect master firmly.

"My body was flawed. I couldnt condense a core using the Godfiend system," said Skydemon Sect Master with a smile. "Instead, the Skydemon system is especially suitable for me. However, Im only a fifth Firmament Skydemon. I only have less than a century left to live."

Qin Wu looked at him. "Why are you here?"

"Wheres Imperial Lord Eastcalm?" asked Skydemon Sect Master. "This matter concerns the fate of the Skydemon Sects many Skydemons. I hope to meet him and hear him promise."

King Sword Nine frowned and shouted angrily, "Speak!"

The three human sects had always been hostile towards the Skydemon Sect. After all, this was a faction that had betrayed humanity!

Over the years, it had caused too much harm to humanity. This was because many Godfiends and mortals had died as a result of Skydemon Sects machinations. Some young mortal geniuses had died at the hands of the Skydemon Sect. Now, he came acting arrogantly, disregarding Supremacy Qin Wu and asked for Imperial Lord Eastcalm?

"Ill speak." Skydemon Sect Master didnt insist further. He smiled and said, "I represent many Skydemons to beg for survival."

"Survival?" Qin Wu looked at him. "Yes, surrender. I can guarantee your survival."

"If we surrender, we will probably be imprisoned immediately. We will suffer daily torment. We dont wish to live like this," said Skydemon Sect Master with a smile. "All of us Skydemons want to live. We hope that the human Godfiends can let bygones be bygones. I hope that my Skydemon Sects cultivators can openly live under the sun safely. The three sects will treat us and ordinary Godfiends as equals. If we are to commit any more heinous crimes, the three sects can punish us severely. However, if we dont commit any crimes, the past should not be pursued any further."

Qin Wu frowned when he heard that. He waved his hand. "You have to pay the price for your sins. You can scram if you want your punishments to be waived. Lets see if you can escape our Archean Mountains pursuit."

Skydemon Sect Master indifferently said, "Our Skydemon Sect is entrenched amongst humanity. Even after all these years, Godfiends have still failed to find us. Likewise, they wont be able to find us in the future. If we are not spared, the Skydemons will have no room for retreat. We can only continue to be enemies with the Godfiends. If this happens, many people will die."

"Oh?" Qin Wu looked at him. "Continue."

"Actually, I only have a few decades left to live. If I dont surrender, I can still continue living a carefree life," said Skydemon Sect Master. "Im just passing a message on behalf of the many Skydemons. Many Skydemons wish to live. If the Godfiends dont give them a way out, the Skydemons can only counterattack crazily. Therefore, I advise Supremacy Qin Wu to think it over."

Qin Wu glared at him. "Dream on."

"The Skydemon Sect now has more than 1,000 Skydemons. Three of them have reached the fifth Firmament realm," said Skydemon Sect Master. "As for the ordinary disciples that have yet to become Skydemons, there are countless of them. They are all mortals and are everywhere in the cities. Are the three sects sure they wont let us live? I think we should ask Imperial Lord Eastcalm about this and let him decide."

Qin Wu looked at him and said coldly, "Meng Chuan will be informed of this matter. The three sects will also need to discuss it. Due to the huge implications, we will give the Skydemon Sect an answer a year later."

"Alright, well wait for the Godfiends reply." Skydemon Sect Master smiled slightly before turning to leave.

Qin Wu watched as the other party flew away.

"Master?" King Sword Nine looked at Qin Wu. "The Skydemon Sect is different from the demons." Qin Wu frowned and said worriedly, "The Skydemon Sect has entrenched itself by infiltrating every corner of the world. Skydemon Sect members might be hiding in large cities and even ordinary villages. If they attack, the destruction they can cause will indeed be very great. I have to think about how I can reduce the losses and get rid of these traitors."

King Sword Nine nodded.

Another month passed.

Demon monarchs came to the mountain.

The demon monarchs in the human world, especially the fourth and fifth Firmament demon monarchs that were hiding in small grotto-heavens, could only return to the Demon Realm via large and super-large city passes. Those city passes were securely defended, making it impossible for them to return.

Now that they had lost the war, they could only hide in the human world forever. Such days were simply a nightmare.

Therefore, they could only negotiate.

Spring passed and summer came. Meng Chuan had painted for five months and nine days.

Meng Chuan was still in the hall. He was still sitting cross-legged and painting seriously.


As he raised his brush, Meng Chuan stared at the painting in front of him. It was an extremely long painting. The canvas prepared by Meng Chuan was only 300 feet long. This was something Meng Chuan had deliberately prepared. However, he connected three pieces of canvas together, forming a super-long painting.

At the end of the painting, one could see the scene of a bustling, peaceful world as it experienced prosperous days. "Everyone. We didnt let your sacrifices go to waste. We won this war," said Meng Chuan. This was said to the Godfiends and billions of warriors who had died in battle. Following that, he wrote one word on the right side of the painting-Backbone.

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