Gourmet Of Another World Chapter 1492

Chapter 1492 A Provocation To Bu Fang

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Er Ha had defeated Fang Wuji.

It was a blow to those geniuses of the Immortal Spirit Divine Dynasty. Fang Wuji was not the strongest of them, but he was the most active one.

Among their group of emissaries who came this time, Fang Wuji could only rank second in strength, and the first was a prince of their dynasty. The prince, however, did not like to take part in such fights. Therefore, when Fang Wuji lost, it was basically very difficult for them to return the favor and cleanse themselves of the humiliation.

But the experts felt indignant because the guy did not defeat Fang Wuji with true strength. Fang Wuji lost the match because the guy used a shameless tactic.

Yes, it was a shameless tactic.

In terms of strength, Fang Wuji crushed that guy. However, the guy who comprehended the Law of Life was so resilient that he kept standing up after being struck, and eventually, he managed to defeat Fang Wuji with a strange weapon

Therefore, these geniuses felt somewhat humiliated. How could they take this lying down? And now, the waiter in the restaurant even asked them to fight him together. This was a total disregard for them!

The Crown Prince looked at the group of people indifferently with a faint disdain on his face. Although he behaved like a spineless animal in Bu Fangs restaurant, it was because he knew the horror of this restaurant.

Putting aside Whitey, who was a professional at stripping clothes, just the black dog lying under the Path-Understanding Tree alone was not someone he dared to provoke. He felt that he might begin to doubt his life if he were hit by the dogs bone.

However, he was the proud Crown Prince after all. He had his own confidence and arrogance.

"The Immortal Spirit Divine Dynasty? So you want to crush the younger generation of the Xiayi Divine Dynasty, dont you?"

He walked step by step with the Dragon Soul Knife in his hand. His aura was soaring, and as he walked out of the restaurant, it seemed to break through the sky and threaten to crush the experts from the other divine dynasty.

It was extremely terrifying!

The Dragon Soul Knife had lost its dragon soul, but it was still a top-notch divine artifact in terms of weapon quality.

A gifted Demigod of the Immortal Spirit Divine Dynasty narrowed his eyes. "The Crown Prince of the Xiayi Divine Dynasty Now that Fang Wuji has fainted, let me see what you got!"


The expert took a step and rushed to the Crown Prince like a dragon. With movements as elegant as a fairy, he reached out a hand to strike the Crown Prince in the face.

The Crown Prince held the dragon knife firmly, his face expressionless. He cocked his head slightly, looked at the expert rushing at him, and showed a disdainful smile. "Do you despise me?" he said, holding the knife in one hand. He then swept it out and unleashed a knife light.

The expert immediately gave a miserable cry. Before he could unleash the power of his Laws, he flew back and fell to the ground miserably.

Resting the knife on one shoulder, the Crown Prince looked at his opponent with a lofty attitude and said in an indifferent voice, "How dare you challenge me when you have not comprehended the supreme Law of the Universe? Who gave you the courage?"

The expert who had his hand cut off kept howling bitterly. His hand was gone, and his wrist was bleeding profusely. However, he was a Demigod after all, so he could still recover. But still, he looked very pitiful at this moment.

"I only cut off one of your hands as a lesson" the Crown Prince said lightly. He walked forward, step by step.

The experts of the Immortal Spirit Divine Dynasty became more and more frightened and kept backing away. The Crown Prince of the Xiayi Divine Dynasty was indeed fearsome!

At this moment, Fang Wuji grunted and woke up. As soon as he regained his consciousness, he let out a roar of rage. He couldnt believe he was knocked unconscious by a spicy strip.

This was a great shame! How could he endure such humiliation? That guys fighting prowess was obviously so much weaker than his!


With a humming sound, the sword behind him jumped out of its sheath.

In the distance, the Crown Prince grinned and looked indifferently at Fang Wuji, who was rising into the sky. Thats the one who made the loudest noise just now!

A sword light fell and shot toward the Crown Prince, accompanied by sword energy that blotted out the sky like immortal energy. However, it was ruthlessly torn apart.

The Crown Princes knife energy slashed out like a dragon with a power that could destroy heaven and earth! With just one strike, he annihilated everything!

Fang Wujis expression changed. Sword in hand, he moved at high speed in midair.

The Crown Prince was not Er Ha. The latter was incredibly resilient because he comprehended the Law of Life, but when it came to fighting prowess, Fang Wuji could kill him in seconds.

But the Crown Prince in front of him made him feel the pressure. It was the first time he had felt pressure from his peers in the Xiayi Divine Dynasty.

"This is the battle I want." Fang Wuji took a deep breath, his eyes filled with a strong fighting spirit.

Just then, a warship came from a distance, crushing through the void. Soon, several figures walked out of it. The geniuses of the Titan Divine Dynasty finally showed up.

They were all naked from the waist up, and they looked as fierce as if they had come out of the wilderness. However, they were led by a skinny young man, who was carrying a bone axe on his back. He was also bare-chested, and his lower body was wrapped with a tiger skin. His eyes shone brightly as he looked at the battle at the top of the building.

"Here comes the geniuses of the Titan Divine Dynasty!"

"Thats Tai Fei, whose record is no weaker than Fang Wuji!"

"I heard that so far, no one has been able to force him to use his axe"

The onlookers chatted noisily, and every face was glowing with excitement. The appearance of the Titan Divine Dynastys experts made this battle more interesting and lively.

"Is that the Crown Prince of the Xiayi Divine Dynasty? I wonder if he can force me to use my Titan Axe?" Tai Fei, with his bone axe on his back, smiled faintly.

The battle between Fang Wuji and the Crown Prince broke out.

Fang Wuji didnt comprehend any supreme Laws of the Universe, but he comprehended dozens of Laws, and some of them were high-tier Laws. Moreover, these Laws all complement his Law of Sword Art, making his sword extremely powerful.

Losing to Er Ha was a disgrace to Fang Wuji. There was nothing he could do to erase this disgrace but a victory, and the Crown Prince in front of him was his best choice


A sword flew into the sky, then a thousand sword lights shot out of the void toward the Crown Prince.

Facing the attack from Fang Wuji, the Crown Prince didnt dodge. With a thought in his mind, the void around him began to wrap, and any sword light that came in contact with the twisting void was diverted and exploded elsewhere.

"The Law of Space"

In the distance, Tai Fei narrowed his eyes.

They all knew that the Crown Prince of the Xiayi Divine Dynasty had comprehended two supreme Laws of the Universe, and they wanted to feel just how strong such an expert was.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The void exploded, and Fang Wuji drifted out of it, full of fighting spirit. He was holding his sword as his figure moved like a ghost, disappearing and reappearing constantly. Every strike he made contained the power of dozens of Laws, and the force of his sword was also exceptionally strong.

"Have you had enough?" The Crown Princes face was indifferent, and his lips curled into a smirk. "If youve had enough, then its time to let it all end"

The dragon knife in his hand buzzed. The next moment, it burst into a brilliant golden glow, and then a knife light shot out of it, soaring into the sky.


One sword light after another exploded in midair.

Fang Wujis expression changed dramatically as he found that the Crown Princes knife had destroyed all his sword lights!

"Hes so fearsome!"

He flipped his hand and unleashed tens of thousands of sword lights in an instant.

"It only takes one knife strike to beat you," the Crown Prince said. Then, he wrapped the dragon knife with the Law of Space and the Law of Destruction.


A knife light swept out and collided with Fang Wuji in midair. For a moment, like two stars colliding, a terrible rumble filled the whole world.

"Its over," said Tai Fei faintly in the distance.

The pupils of the Immortal Spirit Divine Dynastys experts constricted. As they watched, Fang Wuji flew backward in midair, coughing blood and turning deathly pale. At the same time, his sword was chipped.

He was able to suppress the heir of the Luo Family with his sword, but when facing the Crown Prince, it nearly broke.

Was this the Crown Princes power?

Fang Wuji fell in midair, his sword hand shaking, and his face was filled with fear and disappointment.

Holding the dragon knife, the Crown Prince stood in midair. He opened his mouth and exhaled a puff of turbid air. His face was calm. The knife strike would have been enough to break Fang Wujis sword in half if the knife still had its soul.

The experts of the Immortal Spirit Divine Dynasty were somewhat dejected. They couldnt believe Fang Wuji had suffered two consecutive defeats. It was undoubtedly a huge blow to his confidence.

Unfortunately, their prince would not make a move. Otherwise, they might still have a chance to beat the Crown prince.

Meanwhile, the experts of the Xiayi Divine Dynasty who watched the battle in the dark all clenched their fists and beamed with excitement. Even though the Crown Prince had been defeated by Bu Fang, he was still an expert who comprehended two supreme Laws of the Universe. His strength was so fearsome that he was the best among his peers!

The victory came as a huge relief to the younger generation of the Xiayi Divine Dynasty.

The battle also set fire to the Crown Princes heart. He held the dragon knife and turned suddenly, his eyes shining like torches. At the same time, his fighting spirit soared and approached the restaurant

But just as he turned around, a beam of light suddenly shot into the sky from where the Titan Divine Dynastys geniuses were, and a skinny young man flew into the sky, laughing wildly.

"Greetings, your highness! Im Tai Fei from the Titan Divine Dynasty! Please show me some guidance!"

He let out a long roar. As his voice echoed through the air, it seemed to turn into a roar of some beast, shaking heaven and earth. It also sounded like thunder or the furious roar of heaven.

The Crown Prince spun around. A terrible aura was constantly pushing him, blowing his hair.

The Titan Divine Dynasty was the most aggressive of the three divine dynasties. Their imperial family was the Titan Divine Clan, who possessed divine physical strength innately.

As Tai Fei flew into the sky, he grabbed the bone axe behind his back and slashed it down toward the Crown Prince. It might seem like an ordinary move with no power at all, but it caught everyones attention in an instant.

Everyone gasped and was completely attracted by the axe.

The axe cut through the air in a beautiful arc and hacked toward the Crown Prince, rumbling.

This was the first time that Tai Fei had used his axe. The experts from the Xiayi Divine Dynasty, the Immortal Spirit Divine Dynasty, and the Titan Divine Dynasty were watching intently.

Bu Fang pulled over a chair and sat in front of the restaurant door, watching the battle with great interest. He happened to see Tai Fei thrusting the axe toward the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince felt the pressure. Tai Feis axe strike might look ordinary, but it actually contained the profound Power of Laws, including the Law of Destruction and many others.

When so many Laws combined and descended from the sky, they seemed strong enough to split the sky in half!

The Crown Prince sucked in a cold breath, and he turned, thrusting his dragon knife at the axe that was falling toward him. As a crown prince, how could he be afraid of Tai Fei, who looked like a savage?


The bone axe and the dragon knife collided and produced an explosive sound that shocked heaven and earth!

The next moment, a figure flew backward from the center of the collision. Everyone gasped because the person who was knocked away was the Crown Prince!

The skinny young man stood in midair, holding his bone axe. His eyes shone like torches, and there seemed to be a great ape roaring behind him.

He turned his eyes to the restaurant. After defeating the Crown Prince with one move, Tai Fei didnt seem satisfied. He set his next target on Bu Fang, who was sitting in front of the restaurant.

He raised his chin and smiled provocatively at Bu Fang.

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