Gourmet Of Another World Chapter 1494

Chapter 1494 Steal The Heavengods Bone?

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A Heavengods bone! I cant believe this is a Heavengods bone! No wonder Tai Fei was beaten. With the Heavengods bone, the chef can basically ignore the Power of Laws, and Tai Feis innate physical strength is useless against it

The Titan Divine Dynastys mid-grade God King showed a strong look of greed. He wanted to make a move immediately and snatch the Heavengods bone, but he was no fool. Even in the capital of the Titan Divine Dynasty, he would not dare to snatch it so blatantly.

Though the Divine Emperor of the Xiayi Divine Dynasty was in his twilight years, he was still not someone he could afford to offend. If the Divine Emperor wanted to kill him, using one finger would have been enough.

So he put his greed in check. Still, his eyes occasionally brushed over the Heavengods bone in Bu Fangs hand. It was a treasure that even a God King would covet.

Tai Fei was in tears, intense sadness evident in his eyes. He never expected that he would be beaten like this. A Heavengods bone! I cant believe this guy has a Heavengods bone

Now that a mid-grade God King had made a move, Bu Fang stopped attacking. He felt a little disappointed because it felt really good to chase and beat someone with the bone in hand.

The geniuses of the Titan Divine Dynasty and the Immortal Spirit Divine Dynasty were stupefied. They had never thought that the battle would end in such a farcical way.

A Heavengods bone I must find a chance to seize it The God Kings eyes flashed as he began to plan in his mind.

Black Armor finally arrived. With him here, the God King, of course, would not make any drastic moves. He just left with Tai Fei and the others. Before leaving, he took a deep look at Bu Fang and the restaurant.

The crowd around the restaurant dispersed and left. Bu Fang also returned to the restaurant with the bone and gave it back to Lord Dog with some reluctance.

Lord Dog rolled his eyes. Sure enough, Bu Fang boy is really coveting my Heavengods bone!

"Its no use for you to covet it. You cant exert its power without getting its acceptance. Otherwise, you could have smashed that little fellow with one blow just now," Lord Dog said.

Bu Fang also understood that. He just wanted to try it out. After all, the Heavengods bone belonged to Lord Dog.

Lord Dog put the bone back on his back, yawned, and said, "Bu Fang boy, its almost time for me to return to the relic"

"Back to the relic?" Bu Fang paused for a moment.

"There are many good things in the relic of the ancient Heavengod, so I need to visit that place again. I suggest you go there when youre free." Lord Dog yawned again, the fat on his face shaking.

Bu Fang pondered for a moment. He had not yet visited the relic of the ancient Heavengod, and he could visit it when he had time. However, he was afraid of trouble. He felt that he was most comfortable basking in the sun in the restaurant.

"Also, the creature that attacked us has shown up in the relic. I have to take my revenge on it. Ive never been screwed so badly by anyone in my life except the Will of the Great Path and this creature." Lord Dogs eyes narrowed slightly, and they seemed to flash.

Bu Fang nodded. His face grew grave as he thought of the creature. A creature that could make even the Divine Emperor nervous was naturally uncommon, so he dared not underestimate it. He had told the Divine Emperor where the creature came from, but the latter still couldnt figure out what it was.

It had wiped out a third-class great world and even killed many God Kings in the relic of the ancient Heavengod. It seemed that this creature had grown more and more terrible!

News of the presence of a Heavengods bone in the mysterious restaurant quickly spread among the emissaries, and both the Immortal Spirit Divine Dynasty and the Titan Divine Dynasty were excited by it.

They couldnt wait to make a move, but because this was the Xiayi Divine Dynasty, they did not act wantonly. However, it seemed that all the emissaries were plotting something. They certainly would not give up the Heavengods bone easily. Such a rare treasure was like a huge sweet steamed bun, attracting countless people.

It was worth noting that every divine dynasty had an ancient Heavengods relic, but the Heavengod bones inside were limited. It would be a big deal to get one from the Xiayi Divine Dynasty. For other divine dynasties, this was a way of enhancing their national strength.

It was late at night, and the streets were ablaze with lights. Several figures stood outside the building belonging to the Luo Family.

These people were all experts of the Titan Divine Dynasty. They coveted the Heavengods bone and would not pass up the opportunity. Since they couldnt do it in the day, they would make a move in the dark.

The Divine Emperor of the Xiayi Divine Dynasty was already in his twilight years. So even if he knew this, he wouldnt dare wage war against the Titan Divine Dynasty. The Titan Divine Dynasty was very aggressive and violent and might have long expected to go to war with the Xiayi Divine Dynasty.

The mid-grade God King of the Titan Divine Dynasty wore a serious face, and his eyes shone with greed. "You keep watch for me outside the restaurant. If Xiayis guards show up, stop them immediately. It only takes me a moment to escape. As long as they dont have any evidence, they cant get the Heavengods bone back!" he told the few God Kings around him.

When he informed the high-grade God King who came with them about the plan, the latter was very supportive of their actions, so he did this with great confidence.

The few God Kings nodded and then disappeared into the void. Soon, the surrounding world was sealed off.

In the distance, the Immortal Spirit Divine Dynastys God Kings narrowed their eyes and became alarmed when they sensed the change in the void.

"The Titan Divine Dynasty has already made a move. Lets stay put and act according to the situation"

"This Heavengods bone floating outside is a great chance"

"Any Heavengods bone that is not in the Divine Emperors hands is our chance!"

The Immortal Spirit Divine Dynastys experts talked in low voices.

The Divine Emperor had announced that the passage to the relic of the ancient Heavengod would be opened tomorrow. Therefore, if they wanted to make a move, they must do it today. Once inside the relic, they would lose this opportunity

As soon as the surroundings of the building were sealed off, the expression of the Perfected God guarding it suddenly changed. Then, he sucked in a cold breath as one terrible aura after another appeared in the perception of his divine sense.

"Whats going on?"


All of a sudden, a terrible burst of aura exploded out, and the Perfected God dared not move immediately.

With the surrounding void sealed off, the God King of the Titan Divine Dynasty stepped on the wall of the building and raced up to the top floor. In a few moments, he was in front of the restaurants clear glass, looking at its quiet interior.

"The Heavengods bone is in this restaurant!"

The corners of his mouth curved upward slightly, and a look of excitement came over his face. He had done his research before he came, so he knew that there were no God Kings in the restaurant. There was only one black dog with the strength of a high-grade God. Although it once killed a mid-grade God King, it was with the help of the Heavengods bone.

This time, the high-grade God King who came with him had given him a barbaric seal that could temporarily block the power of the Heavengods bone. What could a black dog, who was merely a high-grade God, and a gifted Demigod do when they lost the power of the Heavengods bone?

The mid-grade God Kings eyes were blazing with light. The next moment, he raised his fist and smashed it against the glass.

Heavengods bone, here I come! he growled inwardly.

The fist, with great force, hit the glass and made a loud bang. The whole glass shook violently, and then It did not suffer any damage.


The God King was stupefied. What? I didnt break it? Did I miscalculate my strength? If I can smash mountains with my fists, how can I not break a restaurant window? No, Ill try it again!

The God King took a deep breath. This time, he put more strength into his fist and then punched it out. With a bang, a hole was made in the void.

The fist hit the glass again. For a moment, the atmosphere became somewhat awkward. The God King cleared his throat and twitched the corner of his mouth as he looked at the intact glass. Then, he jumped up and landed on the roof of the building. He decided to break in through the door.

When he reached the door, he raised his hand and pressed it against it. The restaurant door slowly opened with a creak. Compared to the unbreakable glass, the door was a bit strange.

The God King didnt think too much, though, and went straight into the restaurant. He was very confident, and he was determined to get the Heavengods bone. What he was worried about now was that the Xiayi Divine Dynastys guards would come and stop him.

The restaurant was somewhat dim. After stepping inside, the God King glanced around and saw tables, a counter, a tree, and a dog under a tree

Hmm? The dog

On the dogs back was a glittering white bone, which was exactly the Heavengods bone he saw during the day! The God Kings heart began to race.

The Heavengods bone! Its really the Heavengods bone!

With a thought in his mind, a terrible aura spread from him and rolled toward the black dog.

Suddenly, a light flashed in the darkness.

"Troublemaker, you will be stripped as an example to others!" A mechanical voice echoed through the darkness, making the hair of those who heard it stand on end.

The God King turned his head, and then he saw a puppet staring at him.


"A mere puppet" he said disdainfully, twitching his lips.

Seeing that the puppet was flying toward him, the God King raised a hand. The divine power inside him surged, turning his palm somewhat transparent. Soon, however, his expression changed, for his palm crumbled as soon as it touched the puppet. That took him by surprise.


Whitey slapped the God King in the face with a backhand, knocking him back several steps.

What the f*ck?! This puppet is immune to my divine power and Laws? Im a mid-grade God King who has comprehended nearly four hundred Laws!

In the restaurant, Whitey was immune to the Power of Law. It was an incredible ability. However, in addition to the Power of Law, the members of the Titan Divine Clan also had a natural advantage in physical strength. Soon, the God King was able to use it to force Whitey under him.


The restaurant lights came on. A lean figure leaned against the kitchen door, looking at the mid-grade God King expressionlessly.

"What are you doing?" Bu Fang asked.

When the God King saw Bu Fang, he focused his eyes. "Hand over the Heavengods bone and Ill spare your life!" At this moment, his aura exploded, distorting the void. He stared at Bu Fang with greed in his eyes.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

A sound of footsteps came from upstairs. Then, Nethery and Er Ha came down, their faces full of surprise when they saw the God King.

Covering his mouth, Er Ha said in an incredulous tone, "Heavens, someone actually sneaked into the restaurant to steal Lord Dogs bone in the middle of the night? Bu Fang young man, do you need my help? This guy is stronger, and I may take two hours to take him down"

Bu Fang glanced at Er Ha with an odd expression and shook his head. Then, he raised his hand, pointed behind the God King, and said, "Itll be dawn when you kill him."

In the direction Bu Fang was pointing, Lord Dog, holding the Heavengods bone in one paw, was squinting at the mid-grade God King from the Titan Divine Dynasty.

"I heard someone was trying to steal my bone?" Lord Dogs gentle and magnetic voice resounded through the restaurant.


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