Marvel Began Shuttling The Heavens Book 2 Chapter 840

Vol 2 Chapter 840: The Establishment Plan Facing The World

is unable to accurately control the space-time shuttle capability, it is likely to shuttle directly to the prehistoric earth, or directly to the earth tens of thousands of years later.

Although no matter he travels to the earth in any period, it will not cause any danger to Li Yue at this time.

But Li Yue still doesn't want to easily use this inaccurate positioning ability to shuttle time and space.

Moreover, Li Yue also has other ways to do this kind of thing, so he doesn't care too much about this ability.

So that, since Li Yue found out that he possessed the ability to travel freely through time and space, he has not conducted experiments himself.

Of course, in the process of feeling the changes in his body, Li Yue found that his abilities had been greatly improved.

There are also many new special abilities.

After all, it is a breakthrough from a strong in a single universe to a multiverse level, which is already considered a qualitative improvement.

has caused a huge change in Li Yue's strength, which is completely understandable.

In the process of feeling the change in his own strength, a few days have passed without knowing it.

And in the outside watchtower, after everyone's busy, finally the watchtower renovation plan is completely completed.

At the same time, the Flash and the others, who were running around on the earth, completed their special actions almost simultaneously and returned to the watchtower.

And just because everyone has completed the things that need to be prepared before the establishment of the new Justice League, everyone will hold this relaxing party.

When the party was halfway through, Li Yue happened to be in control of all the changes in his body.

When Li Yue's consciousness returned to his body, he felt the external situation.

Seeing that everyone was holding a party, Li Yue naturally didn't want to miss it, so he ended the ten-day "retreat" and walked directly out of his room. First release www.(x81zw)m./x81zw/

Li Yue joined in on the way to the party, and the atmosphere seemed to be much warmer than before.

At least, like Clark, after seeing Li Yue safely appear, he was relieved. People who no longer worried about Li Yue showed a brighter smile on their faces.

In the party, almost everyone at this moment completely forgot that they were the superhero guarding the earth, and completely let go of themselves.

Even, some people's eyes are a little blurred after drinking, as if they are about to get drunk.

In this case, the party lasted for nearly ten hours before finally ending.

After was over, everyone dispersed and went back to their rooms to rest, preparing for the new Justice League establishment plan starting tomorrow.

Without exception, when everyone returned to their room, the state that had been shown in the previous meeting slowly disappeared.

As superheroes with extraordinary abilities, it is natural that they cannot be completely drunk in the party.

As for the performance at the party? Naturally, it is not completely false? Because they really enjoyed the relaxing moment at that time.

But, when the party is over? They already understand? It's a moment of relaxation, and then they have to face the coming crisis in a better state?

Everyone, naturally, will not forget their responsibilities because of temporary relaxation.

Regarding everyone's situation? Li Yue naturally wouldn't care too much.

After the party is over? Li Yue also returned to his room.

Of course, this room is not the room Li Yue used to "retreat" before, but a personal room comparable to a luxury hotel.

Among the newly renovated watchtowers, there are dozens of luxurious rooms for superheroes to rest.

The watchtower itself is as huge as a battlestar? The space in it is naturally huge? Even if there are tens of thousands of people in it, it will not feel crowded.

However, because the watchtower is after all the strongest battlestar as the new Justice League.

More space is used to build some rooms with special functions.

For example, a small room that can be used by members of the Justice League for combat training.

There is also a large room for all Justice League to practice team combat, which is equipped with a holographic environment change system that can completely immerse people.

is used to ensure that when conducting team training, the holographic system can be used to simulate various forms of crisis that may be encountered, and to conduct team training when dealing with crises.

So? Even such a huge watchtower, after building many areas with special functions.

Leave a room where the staff can rest? There is only a small area left.

But even so, there are dozens of rooms in the rest area? Close to hundreds. New 81 Chinese network update the fastest mobile terminal: https:/

Is this enough for the new Justice League, which now has less than ten members? There is even a lot left.

Of course? The reason for building so many rest rooms is also to prepare for some special changes that will be made after the establishment of the new Justice League.

The newly established Justice League has a lot of great changes in the real sense from before!

And this can be seen from the huge changes to be announced to the world when the new Justice League was established.

Yes, in the latest plan for the establishment of the Justice League, the previous secret style will be changed.

It is no longer just the participation of a few members of the Justice League to successfully establish an organization that secretly guards the world ~wuxiaworld.online~, but exposes the Justice League to everyone and establishes a new justice in a high-profile way alliance.

is also officially for the alliance formation plan that will face everyone this time, so the talents will be so busy before, and each is making more perfect preparations for this moment.

The plan to transform the watchtower is to make the watchtower a space fortress that can face any crisis.

And the watchtower is also the most important base of the new Justice League.

At the moment when a huge crisis that is enough to make the entire earth fall, the watchtower will be the last fortress of the entire mankind.

And for this reason, in the busyness of Gang Bone and others, the watchtower was transformed into a real battlestar.

It has an armed attack system that is powerful enough to destroy any asteroid comparable to the moon.

The newest defense system built can also allow the watchtower to withstand the explosion of tens of thousands of nuclear bombs without any damage.

In order to test the defense of the watchtower after the renovation was completed, Clark and Kara were asked to help with the test.

The two teamed up to attack the watchtower with its defensive device fully open.

In the end, the watchtower fully resisted the combined attack of Superman and Supergirl for several hours, and finally ended due to exhaustion of energy.

So, theoretically, as long as the energy in the watchtower is enough, then Clark and Kara can be completely blocked from the attack.

This is already an incredible thing!

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