The Torture System Book 1 Chapter 12

Volume 1 Chapter 12 Sword Sect

" Excuse me, can you help me out with something?"

" Sure, what's your problem?", asked the stranger.

" I would like to go to the Sword Sect but I do not know how to."

" No problem, I'll take you there.", said the stranger.

" Thanks a lot. I'm sorry for inconveniencing you"

" Uh, it's nothing at all. Let's get on our way.", said the stranger.

"(thinks to himself) The people on this planet are really nice. Everyone helps everyone."

System," You probably didn't realize but, everyone in the market is being polite to you because of your cultivation. If you weren't Bone Refining Stage 3, then some of them would've already tried to rob you."

" Whatever."


" We have arrived.", said the stranger.

" Thanks a lot once again. If you hadn't helped me it would've taken me so much longer to come here."

" It's nothing at all. I'll take my leave then.", said the stranger.

" Ok, bye. So do I just barge in, or do I tell the guards that I want to talk to the sect leader?"

System," Host is recommended to enter the sect in a polite manner and when alone with sect leader, force him/her to tell everything they know."

" Alright. Your method is way better than mines. But what if he/she gets mad at me and tries to attack me?"

System," Host must be joking. Host's body is in Soul Refining Realm. Even if the sect leader used his/her most powerful attack on the host, it wouldn't even leave a mark on the host."

" Really? I didn't realize the difference was that big. Uh, excuse me. I would like to talk to your sect leader."

" Sure. Please follow us.", said one of the guards.

"(thinks to himself) These guards are only at Muscle refining Stage 5. That's just sad..."

" Hello, I am Meng Li, the sect leader of Sword Sect.", said Meng Li.

" Nice to meet you, I am Zheng He. (thinks to himself) I didn't think that the sect leader would be a girl. Now that's a surprise."

" Why don't you follow me to my residence. Then we can discuss why you're here.", said Meng Li.

" Sure. Lead the way."


" This is my place. Hope you like it.", said Meng Li.

" This place is magnificent. I've never seen a place as beautiful as this."

" Thanks. I designed and built this place myself. Anyway, what did you want to discuss with me?", asked Meng Li.

" Well, you see... I am looking for a sect to join currently."

" Oh, really? Why don't you join my sect? I can make you the vice sect leader who will take over once I die.", said Meng Li.

" No thanks. I wish to join a more powerful sect. Your sect is a bit weak for my current self."

" Oh, I see. So you came to find out about more powerful nearby sects huh?", asked Meng Li.

" Sect leader is wise. I came here to do exactly that."

" Alright then. This region is controlled by the Sword Sect and the Saber Sect. And these two sects is controlled by another sect called the Sun Sect. The sun Sect is a very powerful sect that controls many other smaller sects similar to the Sword Sect. And the Sun Sect is controlled by the Xia Dynasty that rules over this continent.", said Meng Li.

" I see. Do you know of a path which I can use to get to the Sun Sect?"

" I do. But I can't give it out for free. How about we trade?", asked Meng Li."

"(thinks to himself) The fu*k? Is this bit*h crazy? Does she want to trade with me with her weak ass cultivation? I didn't want to hurt you, but if you're going to be like that then I'm just going to have to force you. (to Meng Li) How about you tell me how to get to Sun Sect and no one gets hurt?"

" To think you dare to threaten me in my own sect?! Get the fu*k out right now!", exclaimed Meng Li.

" I didn't want to do this but I guess I'll have to. (grips Meng Li's neck)"

" What the hell? How are you this strong? Aren't you 2 Stages below me?", asked Meng Li.

" You're right, my cultivation is 2 Stages lower than yours. But my body is already equivalent to Soul Refining Stage 1."

" Wow. If you had told me this, in the beginning, I wouldn't have offended you. I am very sorry for angering you. As soon as you release me I will tell you everything.", said Meng Li.

"Ok, but if you try anything funny I'm going to kill you."

" Take this map. We are currently here (points to map). And as long as you walk along this path, with your seed you will be able to reach the Sun Sect within 3 days.", said Meng Li.

" Ok, thanks a lot. I'm sorry I hurt you. Bye."

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