The Torture System Book 1 Chapter 3

Volume 1 Chapter 3 An Affair

" Where's Xia Fang at? He said he would come in the evening, yet it's already night time. People these days. I wonder what's taking him so long."

" Hello, Zheng He. I hope you're not mad that I'm so late. My company had an emergency meeting and I had to go. And so I was unable to come during the evening.", said Xia Fang.

" No, not at all. You did so much for me, the least I can do is wait a little bit."

" Thanks so much for understanding. Let's start talking about my son's lessons. How about you tutor my son for 2 hours in the morning, before he goes to school. And then 4 hours in the night, after he's done with his homework. I'll pay you 1500 yuan per week. Do you have any questions?", said Xia Fang.

" Yes. So shall I start from today or tomorrow?"

" You can start from tomorrow. Just relax for today. Remember to wake up early. Alright, I'll leave you to rest. We'll talk again tomorrow evening again. Bye.", said Xia Fang.

" Sure, goodbye. It seems I'll have to tutor this kid for 3 days. Hopefully, the kid isn't too annoying."


" Wake up Zheng He. I told you to wake up early man.", said Xia Fang.

" Uh, sorry. I don't usually wake up at this time, so I am not too used to it. But I'll try my best to wake up on the correct time tomorrow."

" Sure, whatever. Go get ready. I'll send my son down to your room.", said Xia Fang.

" Ok. Ah, the toothpaste is so bad. And the toothbrush quality is so bad too. Well, they are paying for my living expenses and paying me to tutor their son. In the end, it's quite worth it."

" Hello, teacher. My name is Chen Fang, from now on I will be your student. And also this is the food my parents sent down for you to eat.", said Chen Fang.

" This kid's polite. And they even sent me food. This family is probably one of the kindest family's I met. The food looks quite good. It seems that they made an extra serving for me. Chen Fang, how about we work on your pronunciation today. And then tomorrow we'll try to teach you some new words."

" Sure. As a senior whatever you say, I will do.", said Chen Fang.

" Too polite. Makes sense, with such a father how could he not be such a great man as well. I wonder how his mom is like. She must also be a great person to able to bring up such a great son."


" Teacher, I must take my leave now. I must head out to my school now.", said Chen Fang.

" Sure, have a great day. This kid's a fast learner. After helping him a few times he stopped making any mistakes. He's gonna become a great person in the future."

" Hello, sir. My name is Meili Fang. I came to take the plates. Are you done eating?", asked Meili Fang.

" This woman is really hot. She's probably Xia Fang's daughter. I take it that you are Xia Fang's daughter?"

" No. I am his wife.", said Meili Fang.

" Wtf? Xia Fang looks like he's in his 40s while his wife is in her 20s. Oh, I'm sorry. You look so young and beautiful that I mistook you for his daughter."

" It's alright. Everyone makes that mistake. I've gotten used to it already.", said Meili Fang.

" If it's alright, can I know why he looks so much older than you?"

" It's ok. My husband is 48 this year, and I'm 27. My family married me off to Xia Fang when I was 16. That's why he looks so old.", said Meili Fang.

" Oh. Also, it seems like you're a bit troubled. Is there anything I can help you with?"

" Uh, it's nothing. You don't need to worry about me. I'll just take the plates now.", said Meili Fang.

" She definitely has a problem. But what is it? That look on her face, it looked like she really wanted something. No, it can't be. Could it be that she desperate to have s.e.x. That would make a lot of sense. Xia Fang's quite old and doesn't really look like a guy that would be that s.e.x.u.a.lly active. Only way to find out is to go see what Meili is doing right now. If she really is so desperate for s.e.x than she should be masturbating right now. After all right now neither her child nor her husband are around. It's the perfect time for her to masturbate. I really am a pervert. It's too bad I can't go back to being the innocent man I once used to be."


" I was right. She is masturbating. It as if she and the cuc.u.mber are really passionate lovers lol. All she had to do was buy a dildo or something, at least then she wouldn't have to do such nefarious acts with the food she cooks with.( Zheng He gets a boner while watching. The door opens and Zheng He Falls on the floor). Fu*k! I'm done for."

" Who's there!", exclaimed Meili Fang.

" I'm really sorry. I came here intending to ask a question. I swear I did not see anything. Please don't call the police."

Meili see's Zheng He's boner and leaps on him. They make love.

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