The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage Chapter 471

Chapter 471 Enemies Anger One Another

It was probably because he liked Sheng Anning as much as he did in the past that he was disappointed now. When Jiang Haoxuan saw Sheng Anning again, he felt a dull pain in his heart.

He had always thought that Sheng Anning was the best girl in the world. Unfortunately, Sheng Anning had torn this kind of beauty apart herself.

Sheng Anning hugged Jiang Haoxuan and cried. She asked why Jiang Haoxuan didnt like her anymore. She could change, but she only begged Jiang Haoxuan not to marry anyone else.

When Jiang Haoxuan heard Sheng Annings words, his slender brows furrowed tightly and he forcefully pried Sheng Annings hand away bit by bit.

Jiang Haoxuan thought that Sheng Anning had learned what had happened between him and Lin Feier after she was banished from the Jiang family. He didnt think too much about it and only advised her to let go.

Sheng Anning held onto the street lamp and cried. Her tears were like an open faucet that couldnt stop flowing no matter what. Her mournful expression still looked pitiful, but Jiang Haoxuan had already learned to ignore it.

Tears might have been Sheng Annings best weapon against him in the past, but now it no longer is.

Jiang Haoxuan gave Sheng Anning an indifferent look, then hardened his heart and turned to leave.

He had already decided to say goodbye to his past self. If he continued to tangle with Sheng Anning, it would do no good to anyone.

Out of their past friendship, Jiang Haoxuan didnt tell Jiang Zhiyuan and the others about Sheng Annings return. He only advised Sheng Anning to leave S City as soon as possible.

He did not know that his kind-hearted advice would drive Sheng Anning even crazier, to the point of causing more trouble.

In a Hong kong-style tea restaurant on North Second Street.

Su Wan and Lin Feier ate a lot of food. Lin Feier gradually opened her heart and told Su Wan what she really thought.

Lin Feier bit the corner of her lips and sighed softly.

"Wan, do you think Ill really be happy with Jiang Haoxuan? Hes liked Sheng Anning for so long, and I dont have such a deep relationship with him. I think"

Before Lin Feier could finish her sentence, Su Wan immediately picked up a piece of prawn king dumpling and covered Lin Feiers mouth.

"If the relationship isnt deep enough, cant it be slowly cultivated? Look at how long Ive known Jiang Xuecheng. Dont we get along well?"

"Thats different. Jiang Xuecheng married you because he likes you, but Jiang Haoxuan married me because I had a child with him"

Lin Feier shook her head dejectedly. She could see that Jiang Xuecheng really liked Su Wan, which was why he pampered her so unconditionally. He didnt care even if he pampered Su Wan to the heavens.

Su Wan stood up speechlessly and knocked on Lin Feiers forehead.

"Isnt it good to have a child? Dont you know how much the elders of the Jiang family hope to have a grandson? You, dont be ignorant of your fortune. Besides, if Jiang Haoxuan doesnt like you at all, why would he come and propose to you?"

"With Jiang Haoxuans qualifications, its really not difficult to find someone with better conditions than you."

"The reason why he was ignored by you time and time again and was willing to look for you is because he has a good impression of you. You cant possibly think that its because of guilt, right?!"

If a man liked you, he would take the initiative.

Jiang Haoxuan was young, and he was not pressured by his elders to get married. If Jiang Haoxuan did not have any feelings for Lin Feier, why would he go and propose to her

As Su Wan spoke, she slowly brought a prawn king dumpling to her own mouth.

Oh, they were so bloated. There was almost nothing left on the table. After settling this prawn king dumpling, she could go pay the bill.

Lin Feier was stunned when she heard that. She carefully thought about what Su Wan said, and a handsome yet somewhat childish face suddenly appeared in her mind.

When Jiang Haoxuan was mocked by Lin Feier, he always smiled faintly. In the past, Lin Feier thought it was because he was thick-skinned, but when Su Wan suddenly reminded her, she suddenly understood.

Could it be that Jiang Haoxuan really came to look for her because he liked her?!

Before Lin Feier could digest this fact, Su Wan beckoned the waiter over and began to settle the bill for the meal.

After Su Wan paid the bill, she immediately held Lin Feiers hand and led her out.

Outside the Hong kong-style tea restaurant, without the air-conditioning and cooling, Su Wan immediately felt the astonishing heat outside.

In the blink of an eye, it was already early July. The sun was roasting the earth, and the temperature was rising. Although the wind kept blowing, it did not feel cool when it brushed against her skin. Instead, it felt even hotter.

Su Wan narrowed her eyes, put her palm on her forehead, and looked at the dazzling sun in the sky.

It was so hot, she felt like she was going to sweat

Su Wan was a little regretful that she had left in a hurry today and forgot to bring her umbrella. She walked towards the overpass with Lin Feier, and the two of them continued to talk about what had happened earlier.

The pedestrians passing by all had ice cream in their hands. Lin Feier looked at them and could not help but feel a little hungry. She immediately pushed Su Wan.

"Wan, lets go buy ice cream too, shall we?"

As Su Wan had recently seen a Chinese doctor, she was using Chinese medicine to recuperate her body while following the doctors instructions not to eat raw and cold things.

Su Wan rolled her eyes at Lin Feier. "Youre already pregnant. Arent you afraid that eating such cold ice cream would be bad for the baby?"

"But Im thirsty"

Lin Feier blinked her big eyes and begged Su Wan.

Earlier at the Hong kong-style tea restaurant, Lin Feier had finished the bowl of preserved egg and lean meat porridge first. Did she order any other drinks after that? As she spoke, her mouth felt dry.

Su Wan shook her head helplessly. She reached out and knocked on Lin Feiers forehead. "If youre thirsty, drink mineral water. Ill buy you some water. Wait for me at the overpass."

Lin Feier nodded and stood on the overpass. She looked down at Su Wans disappearing figure.

Lin Feiers lips curved unconsciously. After Su Wans explanation today, she was in a much better mood. She also decided to accept Jiang Haoxuans proposal.

Su Wan was right. If she took a bold step forward, even if it was not happiness, at least it would not be a nightmare.

She had already gone through the darkest phase of her life. She should raise her head and welcome the light.

Lin Feier thought about it and reached out to touch her stomach. Although the baby wasnt noticable, Lin Feier could clearly feel its presence.

"Baby, Ive decided to marry your father. Ive made this decision because I want you to be happy. Baby, are you happy?"

She knew that the baby in her stomach would not be able to hear her, but Lin Feier asked as if it was a serious matter.

She reached out to the railing of the overpass and looked down at the traffic below.

Having really made this decision, Lin Feier felt as if she was unburdened and instantly felt relaxed.

At that moment, Lin Feier suddenly felt a chill behind her back, as if someone had been watching her.

Lin Feier was taken aback. She turned around and looked behind her.

A beautiful face appeared in front of her eyes. However, the person was looking at her eerily like a cold snake.

Why was Sheng Anning here?!

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