The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage Chapter 473

Chapter 473 If I Cut Your Face


With a crisp sound, the afternoon air was instantly torn apart.

Sheng Anning had never been slapped in public like this before. She let out a sharp scream and attracted the attention of all the passers-by!

Sheng Anning covered the right side of her face tightly. The sharp pain hit her, and tears welled up in Sheng Annings eyes.

She gritted her teeth and glared at Lin Feier. She had never once seen a woman as vicious as Lin Feier!

Sheng Anning valued this face the most. But now, she knew without even looking at it that her right cheek must have been swollen!

The passers-by couldnt take it anymore. They had initially thought that Sheng Anning was too unreasonable when they saw her cursing and throwing away Lin Feiers phone.

However, seeing the palm print on Sheng Annings pretty face and the tears in her eyes, they instantly forgot about what had happened and felt sorry for her.

This young lady in a lavender dress was so hard on her!

Although Sheng Anning threw away her phone, she could at most ask the other party to compensate her. She was so cruel!

A middle-aged man saw Sheng Annings beautiful and pitiful appearance and couldnt help but feel some sympathy for her. He wanted to show off his heroic spirit.

He stood up and pointed at Lin Feier. "How could you hit her face? Shes just a little girl. How dare you! Dont you know how to be polite?!"

Lin Feier had seen this middle-aged man before and knew that he had been watching the whole thing.

She stared coldly at Sheng Anning, whose beautiful eyes were filled with tears, and a hint of understanding flashed across her eyes.

At this point, Linfeier finally understood why Sheng Anning was so popular. Her ability to act innocent and weak was top-notch. Even if others had seen the whole thing, they would still feel that she was making a big fuss out of nothing and should not have hit her.

Lin Feier smiled coldly at the middle-aged man. "Oh, so you can still speak in such a righteous manner after someone threw away your phone?"

The middle-aged man kept quiet and retreated to the side in embarrassment,

Meanwhile, Sheng Anning was being held by Lin Feiers at the collar. Her petite figure was being held by the 1.7-meter-tall Lin Feier, making her look extremely frail.

Sheng Annings shoulders trembled slightly, and her eyes were still glistening with tears. It seemed that in the next moment, those crystal-clear tears would fall.

At her current state, even if she did not speak, the people around her would probably be able to automatically imagine the story of the white lotus princess and the evil witch with Lin Feier and Sheng Anning as its cast.

Lin Feier shot a glance at Sheng Anning, who was shivering. She snorted in disgust and immediately released her grip on Sheng Annings collar.

Lin Feier did not even look at Sheng Anning. She turned around and was ready to leave. The passersby who were watching had seen enough. When they saw Lin Feiers indifferent face, they automatically made way for her.

However, to everyones surprise, Sheng Anning, who had been teary-eyed all this while, suddenly rushed forward!

The girl in the white blouse and black jeans was so delicate that she looked like she couldnt stand the cold wind. In the end, she ran faster than anyone else. Everyone only felt a black shadow flash before their eyes!

The passersby who had not yet dispersed were all stunned. Was this the start of a new battle of attrition?!

The following scene made everyones jaws drop!

Sheng Anning pulled out a shiny silver fruit knife from nowhere and placed it by Lin Feiers neck!

Gosh, the plot had shifted a little too quickly!

Lin Feier thought that Sheng Anning would behave after learning her lesson. She did not expect Sheng Anning to make a comeback and even bring a knife to kill her this time!

Lin Feiers heart tightened. She slowly turned her head and saw that Sheng Annings beautiful eyes were still filled with tears. However, her eyes were no longer soft and weak. Instead, they were as dark as hell.

Lin Feier regretted her carelessness. She should not have been mesmerized by Sheng Annings tears.

But then again, who would have thought that Sheng Anning would carry a knife!

"Miss Lin, if you dont want to die, walk towards the stairway across the street."

Sheng Annings lips were close to Lin Feiers ear, as if she was whispering into her ear. However, the words that came out of her mouth were terrifying.

After all, her life was in the hands of someone else. Lin Feier shivered and silently walked towards the stairway of the overpass.

As Lin Feier walked, she signaled the passersby with her eyes, wanting to see who could help her.

Besides, there were a few young and strong men among the passersby. If they wanted to subdue a little girl, it shouldnt be too difficult.

Seeing Lin Feiers small actions, Sheng Anning curled her lips coldly and a ferocious smile appeared on her face.

"If any of you dare to come up and help her, Ill stab all of you together!"

Sheng Annings beautiful facial features were extremely distorted at this moment and she actually looked a little terrifying.

The people around looked at each other. Everyone was just here to watch the show, but the plot had turned into a murder case. First, they did not expect it, and second, they wanted to protect themselves.

Even a rabbit would bite when it was anxious. They did not want to suffer a bloody disaster just because of two strange women!

When Lin Feier saw those passers-by taking a few steps back and looking as if they had nothing to do with her, a trace of shock flashed across her eyes.

However, there was no time for Lin Feier to complain now. She silently covered her stomach with her hands and tried her best to deal with Sheng Anning.

"Miss Sheng, why cant we communicate properly? Maybe theres a misunderstanding between us? Killing is against the law and youre still so young. Do you want to live in prison from now on?"

Sheng Anning forced out a cold smile when she heard Lin Feiers concession.

"Misunderstanding? Why didnt you say so earlier?! Lin Feier, youre just a pitiful wretch whos afraid of death. Why didnt you say it was a misunderstanding when you hit me earlier?!"

Sheng Anning grabbed Lin Feiers arm with one hand to stop her from escaping. She then placed a fruit knife on Lin Feiers shoulder with the other hand.

She really couldnt tell that this weak and delicate Sheng Anning, who could shed a basket of tears at any time, actually had such a violent temper.

This woman was now a lunatic!

Sheng Anning had made several moves, and Lin Feier felt that not only was the skin on her arm scratched, it was also bleeding. However, with a knife at her neck, it was not easy to turn her head in that direction.

Lin Feier felt a sharp pain and could not help but bite the corner of her lips.

At this moment, she must not anger Sheng Anning. Otherwise, she would be the first one to get hurt.

Lin Feier looked at Sheng Anning and tried her best to make her expression more gentle and natural.

"Im sorry, I was wrong."

"Now you know you were wrong. Its too late!"

Sheng Annings fingernails were tightly clutching Lin Feiers arm. Her eyes, which were as clear as autumn water, were extremely red. It was as if she was going to devour Lin Feier.

She held the knife in her hand and kept making gestures on Lin Feiers flower-like face.

"You bitch, heh, take a closer look and you actually look pretty good. If I cut your face, do you think Jiang Haoxuan will still like you?"

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