Imperial Beast Evolution Chapter 1372

Chapter 1372: Desolate Blood Vessel Of Iron Hell

These subordinates are running around for the elders of the moon, and the elders of the moon will inevitably owe these subordinates.

The favor under the crown is not good.

Just when Xuan Yue tried to stabilize these crowns without revealing the situation of the adults after the month.

The Iron Prison sitting next to Chanming stood up and said.

"It will take more than a month for the selection of Huiyao's hundred sons to be selected. In less than a month, the delegations of the Azure Federation and the Free Federation will arrive in Huiyao."

"You are not suitable to go out at this time."

"The Sea Clan's matter has not yet been resolved. The Emperor Shark Clan recognized that it tore up the Huihai Treaty and trampled on Huiyao's dignity."

"I am here for the complete settlement of the Emperor Shark clan."

Xuan Yue had always disliked the Iron Prison, but at this time she found the words of the Iron Prison very pleasant.

If the other crowns listened to the cicadas, stay in Huiyao before the Huiyao Baizi sequence.

When the adult leaves the customs after a month, this matter can be solved.

As a result, as soon as the Iron Prison finished speaking, the cicada cried involuntarily rubbed his temples, and said in his heart.

The truth is that the truth is correct, but it is absolutely impossible to say that.

The man in Iron Prison is really an elm-headed man, who has done something to offend people.

Now that the atmosphere is so depressing, didn't the words of the Iron Prison directly become a punching bag for others?

Thanks to the absence of Jichang Light at this time.

If Jichang Lantern is here, I'm afraid it is not going to start directly with Iron Prison.

Sure enough, as soon as the Iron Prison had finished speaking, Ye Qingyue slapped her hand on the table and said.

"For the selection of a Huiyao hundred sub-sequence and the two major federal missions for Huiyao, why should all the crowns be present?"

"I will hand over all matters related to the Zhenling Division to my left and right ministers. Tomorrow I will leave for the Huiyue Palace to live in."

"Wait for Jiyue to leave customs and ask about Mingyue's situation, I will take Jiyue out together to find opportunities."

Xuanyue felt a little unhappy when she heard what Ye Qingyue said.

After the month, the lord is in retreat, who allowed you to live in the Huiyue Palace for Ye Qingyue?

But at the same time, Ye Qingyue's words also let Xuan Yue breathe a sigh of relief.

If Ye Qingyue can stay in the Huiyue Hall for a long time until the adults leave the customs, the most difficult Ye Qingyue will be stabilized.

Before Xuan Yue could breathe a sigh of relief, Jun Zhu spoke again.

"The young leaves of my golden silk emperor bamboo have the effect of increasing the lifespan. I can use the golden silk emperor bamboo's tender leaves with the essence of the bamboo heart."

"Before I leave, I will hand over the prepared spirit liquid to Xuan Yue."

"The elixir made from the golden silk emperor bamboo leaves and the bamboo heart will have no effect until after the sixth time after a month."

"A total of six times should increase your lifespan at least three months after the month."

"In addition, the azure blue wing tiger blood obtained by the chef from the azure blue federation can guarantee at least four and a half years of worry-free."

Jun Zhu's words made Tian Feng's brow suddenly frowned.

"Fu Wenzhu, the way of your five-star creator lies on the Golden Silk Emperor Bamboo."

"You have taken the bamboo leaves of the Golden Silk Emperor Bamboo, but the origin of the Golden Silk Emperor Bamboo is damaged. Isn't your level of craftsman going to fall to the four-star peak?"

Jun Zhu heard Tian Feng's words and said firmly.

"I cannot be exaggerated to repay my favor after the month."

"Saving Xiangxiang a month later is equivalent to saving my life."

After speaking, Mr. Zhu stopped speaking.

Jun Zhu's words made Tian Feng wonder what to say for a while.

As the subordinate, Jun Zhu understands the significance of the five-star creator to the Huiyao Federation.

But at this time, Mr. Zhu did not choose righteousness in the matter of his birthday.

Instead, I chose personal affair.

Just as Mr. Zhu chose Wang Fuxiang before.

After hearing Jun Zhu's words, the Iron Prison who stood up ignored the cicada's cry violently pulling his sleeves, and said coldly.

"Mr. Bamboo, you really disappoint me."

"Whether it was last time or this time, you are disqualified as a crown."

"Finally, my desolate bloodline spiritual object was judged that Yan Gui achieved eternity not long ago and obtained an exclusive characteristic turtle life point judgment."

"The Tortoise Fate Judgment can transfer my lifespan to others in a converted way."

"I'm now trading my Shouyuan for you to stay in Huiyao for Jun Zhu's five-star creator."

"After my longevity is converted, I can live at least another hundred years later."

"As long as I am not dead, I will be alive after a month."

After all, Iron Hell sat back on the chair under everyone's gaze and looked sideways at the cicadas.

The Iron Prison's eyebrows, which are more than twice as thick as ordinary people, raised lightly, as if asking the cicadas, why did you pull me just now?

Ye Qingyue, Master Chef, Jun Zhu, Tian Feng and others' eyes fell on the iron prison, and their eyes were stained with respect.

Iron Prison is not like Ji Changdeng who loves the moon after the moon, but the dog licking after the moon.

The Iron Prison and the Queen of the Moon always didn't deal with each other, or in other words, the Iron Prison didn't deal with any one of them at the Night Meeting.

The Iron Prison will only stick to the ideas that he believes in his heart, and he will be very persistent.

This caused many Mianxia to have opinions on Iron Prison.

It can be said that the popularity of all the people who are in the iron prison is the worst.

But now Jun Zhu, Zhu Zun, Ye Qingyue, Tian Feng and others suddenly understood the heart of Iron Prison.

The Iron Prison just said that Jun Zhu was "disqualified~wuxiaworld.online~" Perhaps the Iron Prison had always defined himself in the "frame".

Compared with the iron prison, he and others are indeed not so competent.

Xuan Yue took a deep look at the Iron Prison, and all her opinions on the Iron Prison disappeared in her heart.

He also had a lot of affection for the Iron Prison.

If there is no such thing as Lin Yuan's Shouyuan Rat to solve the predicament of the Moon Queen, perhaps the Iron Prison is the way to redeem the Moon Lord.

The desolate bloodline of the Iron Prison has judged that Yan Gui's strength has been promoted forever.

Even the five-star creators can't see through the exclusive characteristics of the eternal species.

Not to mention the iron prison, this will be a secret that will never be known to outsiders.

But Iron Prison, for the so-called "ge," spoke out the exclusive characteristics of Pan Yangui.

The Iron Prison's approach is equivalent to using one's own life yuan to exchange the life yuan after the month.

At this moment Xuan Yue felt that Iron Prison was a bit great.

This kind of greatness has nothing to do with strength, but a radiant light on the iron prison that Xuan Yue cannot ignore.

Just when everyone was immersed in their own minds, the Iron Prison stood up again and fired at Ye Qingyue.

"I've been talking about the issue of longevity after the month. Now the problem is solved."

"I want to mention Ye Qingyue's hands on the Emperor Shark clan. In my opinion, Ye Qingyue is too impulsive."

"I have no objection to the imperial clan's shot, but at the very least, I should discuss it with the royal court before the shot."

"If the three of them attacked together and summoned the celestial elephants to fight against the emperor clan, the result would be completely different from the current one.

"As long as you can severely injure the Emperor Shark clan and wipe out the vast majority of the Emperor Shark clan members, the Emperor Shark clan will no longer be able to bring benefits to the Free Federation."

"Du Miao of the Free Federation will not intervene and summon the holy source of gilt bellflower."

The Iron Prison was still so aggressive, so Chanming couldn't help shaking his head.

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