Imperial Beast Evolution Chapter 1373

Chapter 1373: I Also Have A Grid

This Iron Prison had just done something that made Ye Qingyue feel good, and even awe-inspiring.

Immediately started to make things happen again!

At this time, firing a cannon on Ye Qingyue is not just waiting for a quarrel with Ye Qingyue?

And the Iron Prison thought things too simple.

Just when Chanming was about to turn the topic aside, set up the steps for the iron prison and Ye Qingyue.

Ye Qingyue stood up and bowed to the Iron Prison first, and said.

"Iron Prison, today I owe you Ye Qingyue a favor."

"What you want me to do afterwards, just open your mouth."

After Ye Qingyue said this to Iron Prison, her tone changed immediately.

He slapped his hand on the table again and said.

"Do you think I have no ability to kill the members of the Emperor Yu clan under the guardianship of the head of the Emperor Yu Ao?"

"My holy source object, Dark Sky Prajna, is indeed the first holy source object of my contract, but the holy source object of my second contract, the other side Sophora japonica, is the strongest celestial phenomenon I can currently display."

"You know the strength of the match between the Dark Sky Prajna of the Holy Source and the Peanut Sophora Flower."

"I don't use the holy source of the other side Sophora japonicus to kill the members of the imperial shark clan because I want to preserve the life of the imperial shark clan."

"Wait for the eight families of the Sea Emperor to gather in Huiyao to resolve the Huihai Treaty."

"Iron Prison, you should know that if I kill the vast majority of the members of the Emperor Shark clan, we will be ignored in the negotiation of the Huihai Treaty."

"It is very likely that this will arouse the same hatred of the Hai Clan."

"Iron Prison, I'm under the crown of Ye Qingyue, and I've been in charge of the Town Lingsi for decades. I am also qualified."

The entire royal court council ended under Xuan Yue's dizziness.

Xuan Yue, who stepped out of the shining palace, let out a sigh of relief.

This royal court council had learned from Lin Yuan's mouth and told the others.

It also stabilized the other Mianxia, so that the other Mianxia could wait until the adults left after the month.

I didn't mess up either.

However, when the entire royal court council opened, Xuan Yue made a decision in her heart.

That is to never participate in the royal court council anymore.

This is too much brain-burning!

Lin Yuan, who had stayed in the manor for the past two days, returned to his former liver-stricken state.

In these two days, Lin Yuan basically spent all of his time cultivating steel thorny iron shells.

I have reached a cooperation with Jingtao City, and naturally I have to prepare in advance the spiny iron clam that will be delivered to Wang Ce in the future.

Lin Yuan, who had exploded his liver for two consecutive days, was not as exhausted as he did before.

The last time Lin Yuan took Dixin Qiong, his body changed.

Lin Yuan realized that he would not be particularly tired if he exploded his liver.

Even light sleep for a while while sleeping can replenish the energy.

Sun Ningxiang mailed a diamond-level sleepy box to Lin Yuan yesterday.

There are a lot of regular source crystals in this diamond-level trap.

Lin Yuan said that there are nearly 4,000 pieces in detail.

Lin Yuan called Sun Ningxiang after getting this diamond-level sleepy box.

Knowing that this was the material Sun Ningxiang prepared specially for herself, but she forgot to give it to herself when she left.

When Lin Yuan and Sun Ningxiang traded high-quality copper-level spiritual objects, he earned hundreds of regular source crystals from Sun Ningxiang.

In addition to the more than 4,000 pieces that Sun Ningxiang has given to herself now, the total number of regular source crystal reserves in Ninglu Xianpu is less than 5,000 pieces.

This is far from the regular crystallization of Panlong Valley Reserve.

You must know that Panlong Valley took out more than 10,000 regular source crystals without blinking.

It seems that there is often a huge gap between the top forces in a certain material reserve.

About five thousand regular crystals were nothing to Lin Yuan now.

But this allowed Lin Yuan to understand Sun Ningxiang's intentions, knowing that Sun Ningxiang had been thinking about what she needed in her heart.

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Long Tao and Li Xuan called Lin Yuan in the past two days.

After a discussion between Long Tao and Lin Yuan, they decided that the force they formed together was called Dragon Tomb.

The main function is to sell the spiritual materials of the dragon-kind spirit creatures.

As the Young Patriarch of the Valley of Panlong, Long Tao wanted to get the six eggs laid by the Crouching Giant Beast Dragon from his family easily.

Not to mention that after knowing that Long Tao and Lin Yuan were going to form a new force together, all the senior officials in Panlong Valley raised their hands and feet in favor.

However, the eggs of the Hooktooth Giant Dragon are related to the cultivation of the new forces in the early stage of dragon breeding.

Lin Yuan asked Long Tao to deliver the six eggs of the Giant Beast Dragon.

Lin Yuan wanted these Hooktooth Giant Beast Dragon eggs naturally not to see what the Hook Tooth Giant Beast Dragon eggs looked like.

But to hatch these hook-tooth behemoth dragons, and then strengthen them.

Lin Yuan took a long time to inject a large amount of pure aura into the six Hatchtooth Giant Dragon Eggs, speeding up the hatching of Hatchtooth Giant Dragon.

After these hook-tooth behemoth dragons broke out of their shells, Lin Yuan raised the three male and three female hook-tooth behemoth young dragons to the level of legendary copper rank tenth level.

Then people sent six young dragons as a breeder to Long Tao.

Lin Yuan has already laid the groundwork for these six hook-tooth behemoth dragons.

After inducing these six hook-tooth beasts to estrus and breed offspring, UU reading www.uukanshu.com needs Long Tao to operate.

When Long Tao received three males, three females and six small hook-tooth behemoth dragons, he didn't feel anything at first.

But it didn't take long for Long Tao to suddenly discover that the qualities of the six little guys who had been promoted to the Bronze rank were all legendary qualities.

This made Long Tao stunned for a long while.

Long Tao sighed in his heart more than once. It was so cool to cooperate with Lin Yuan.

After being able to cultivate six legendary bronze spirit creatures in such a short period of time, Long Tao's subconscious reaction was that the Moon Queen came to help.

Long Tao looked at these six legendary Bronze level hook-tooth behemoth dragons, and his heart was full of energy.

The quality of the offspring bred by such an excellent hook-tooth behemoth must not be bad.

By accelerating childbirth by cultivating the spirit fluid, Lin Yuan can provide Lin Yuan with the first batch of dragon liver within one or two months.

The newly formed force of Long Tomb can also open its doors for business normally.

Li Xuan easily persuaded the elders of the clan at the elders' meeting.

After all, the elders of Li Yun's bird niche knew how his power came into force.

Because at the night meeting, Li Xuan stood in that small circle and chatted and laughed happily with the four disciples.

This made the Li Yun Bird Niche cooperate with many top forces.

Even Dacheng, which had not cooperated with Li Yun's bird niche before, began to order flying objects from Li Yun's bird niche.

This makes the elders of Li Yun's bird niche feel light on their faces when they go out and walk.

It was Lin Yuan who wanted to ask for the blood of the phoenix's spiritual object for nothing, and many elders in the niche of Li Yun were willing to provide it.

What's more, Lin Yuan still took out the Nirvana in exchange.

The order of the elders of the bird niche in Li Yun was not shot according to strength.

But often the stronger elders can sit in the forefront of the presbytery.

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