Imperial Beast Evolution Chapter 1374

Chapter 1374: Release The News With Tian Ningnings New Assistant

Once he refused to cooperate with Lin Yuan and other elders agreed to cooperate with Lin Yuan, he would immediately face a situation passively.

In this case, other elders obtained a large number of Nirvana flowers through cooperation with Lin Yuan.

The bloodline of the main phoenix kind of spirit creatures continues to improve, and the corresponding strength will continue to increase.

This will cause the elders who agreed to trade with Lin Yuan to continue to squeeze into the forefront of the presbytery.

None of the elders who understand this is willing to decline their status in the presbytery because they refuse to cooperate.

As long as Lin Yuan has the Nirvana Flower, he can exchange the blood of the main phoenix from the niche of Li Yun anytime and anywhere.

But Lin Yuan was not in a hurry to obtain Phoenix Blood.

After all, Golden Wings want to improve their strength, and dragon liver and phoenix blood must be eaten together.

Phoenix blood and dragon liver are no match.

In two days, Lin Yuan looked at the star network.

It was discovered that regarding the changes in the celestial phenomena, the Emperor Sharks tore up the Huihai Treaty, and the popularity of such posts has dropped significantly.

Some people even started to think of the battle between the Miao Family Di Beast Garden and the Bliss Sea Clan, which had no follow-up result.

Lin Yuan knew that it was almost time to intervene in this matter as a disciple after the month.

Like the Huiyao Federation and the Huangshu clan, the conflict between the Free Federation is not gossip news.

There is nothing to discuss.

Starnet netizens are discussing how terrifying the astronomical changes are.

It is this kind of news qualitative that makes the popularity of these three things drop so fast.

The change in the sky that evening was seen by everyone at the same time.

The vast majority of people who do not usually log in to Xing.com have logged in to Xing.com in order to understand the situation.

The last few days have been the time period with the largest number of Starnet users.

At this time, Lin Yuan intervened in the contradiction between the Sky City and the Miao Family's Di Beast Garden as his own disciple after the moon, and indeed he would still be suppressed by the heat of those three things.

But this time period can let more people who log on to StarNet understand the contradiction between Sky City and Miao Family Di Beast Garden.

Moreover, I used the identity of a disciple of the Moon to intervene in the dispute between the Sky City and the Miao Family's Di Beast Garden, which was a gossip event with full stamina.

Because Lin Yuan is the disciple of Yue Hou and the lord of Sky City.

Lin Yuan wanted to let the incident ferment, and he didn't need to do anything.

Just find a star network reporter to post the article.

Star Network has a rigid requirement for public opinion news. This requirement means that the news published by Star Network reporters can be full of their own opinions and can be rhythmic.

But we must ensure the authenticity of the news.

Therefore, as long as the news is sent by the Starnet columnist, Starnet netizens still have a high degree of acceptance.

As for which star network reporter to look for, Lin Yuan chose Tian Ningning without even thinking about it.

Tian Ningning, as a black reporter, is obviously not suitable for publishing column news on this matter.

Tian Ningning has recently built a network of contacts among the star network columnists through Miao He's relationship.

Before Wen Yu needed Starnet reporters to post news, that was the person Tian Ningning asked for.

Lin Yuan intends to tell Tian Ningning about this matter and ask Tian Ningning to find a suitable star network reporter.

This kind of hot exclusive news is enough to make a newcomer star network reporter become an industry leader.

Tian Ningning is not suitable, and Tian Ningning can also give away this opportunity as a benefit.

This will allow Tian Ningning and a reporter to maintain a perfect friendship.

Through Tian Ningning, this reporter can indirectly serve the Sky City.

Lin Yuan immediately dialed Tian Ningning's phone and talked about this with Tian Ningning.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said on the phone, Tian Ningning went straight to Guiyuan Manor without saying a word.

After arriving at Guiyuan Manor, Tian Ning happily handed Lin Yuan three copies of the Xingwang reporter's information.

Let Lin Yuan choose from these three star network reporters.

Lin Yuan took the information and checked it carefully, only to see that the star reporter named Yu Fang for the first material was a new star reporter.

I have just achieved academic success, it is a blank sheet of paper, there is no resume.

When Lin Yuan was looking at Yu Fang's materials, Tian Ningning introduced Yu Fang's situation to Lin Yuan.

Yu Fang is currently internship under Tian Ningning, if Yu Fang is chosen.

Tian Ningning plans to set up a star network reporter studio by himself, sign Yu Fang, and then give Yu Fang this opportunity.

This can ensure that Yu Fang won't turn her face and deny people after gaining the benefits.

The star network reporter in the second document is named Wang Rui.

Seeing Wang Rui's photo, Lin Yuan can be sure that Wang Rui is at least fifty years old.

Star network reporters at this age mixed well and became the editor or even chief editor of Star Network.

Those who don't mix well are usually old guns, and they write the manuscript entirely on their own minds, which offends many people.

In Tian Ningning's introduction, Wang Rui is indeed such an old gun.

Tian Ningning chose Wang Rui because Wang Rui offended the editor-in-chief.

Being squeezed out of the star network, facing a state of semi-unemployment.

Tian Ningning was sure to convince Wang Rui to join the studio he had set up.

Lin Yuan directly screened out Wang Rui in the comparison between Yu Fang and Wang Rui.

The star network reporter Lin Yuan was looking for was just a mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece can deliver the message. It is not good for Lin Yuan to have an old gun~wuxiaworld.online~Lin Yuan looked at the third information, and couldn't help but raise his brow.

The woman in this third data is almost 20 or 30 years old.

The long curly hair was scattered to the back, but not at all bloated.

On the contrary, it seems very capable.

The woman has deep eyebrows and very charming.

The resume is also excellent, and I have interviewed members of the Huiyao Baizi sequence.

It's just that this star network reporter was once blocked by the club guild for reporting on the team of a club guild.

This club guild was the Snake Club guild that Lin Yuan had dealt with before.

This star network reporter Zhou Man, it is impossible not to know that the home team of the Snakes Club guild will be retaliated by the Snakes Club guild for brutal and blackmail.

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But Zhou Manming knew it, but still did so, indicating that Zhou Man had a strong sense of justice and conscience.

This sense of justice and conscience will drive Zhou Man to ignore the danger.

When looking at Zhou Man's materials, Lin Yuan found that Tian Ningning had prepared Zhou Man's materials most thoroughly.

Tian Ningning also said the most when reading Zhou Man's materials.

And also specifically mentioned that Zhou Man has a lot of research on public opinion and public relations.

Before Lin Yuan asked Tian Ningning to be a team reporter for the Dome Club, it was really embarrassing for Tian Ningning to have only one team reporter in a club guild.

Since Zhou Man is capable, Lin Yuan thought that it would be better to let Zhou Man be Tian Ningning's assistant.

As for the Snake Club's ban on Zhou Man, it was just a joke in Lin Yuan's eyes.

When Tian Ningning just introduced, he has already shown a tendency to Zhou Man not only once.

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